Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 338: I’ll Tell Grandpa

“If you do that to mommy again, I’ll tell grandpa!”

His pupils contracted.

Tell his father?

What a good daughter! She was thinking about his family property while wishing to kill him!

Amber had a good daughter!

Sean sneered and talked back, “You think you can scare me?”

He leaned over and picked up the phone, and called Tomas, “Come on, tell your grandpa that I almost strangled your mother!”

“Tell him to come with a whip and kill me. Then everything I have now is yours!”

As soon as Sean finished speaking, the call was connected. Cindy bit her lower lip, and her eyes were foggy, as if teardrops would roll down at any time.

Tomas’s voice came from the phone, “Sean? What’s the matter?”

“Where is Cindy?”

Hearing Tomas calling her name, Cindy broke into tears and cried bitterly with a “woo”.

She was only three years old, and since the first time Sean seized Amber by the throat in front of her, she had been sad and never forgot about it.

Amber prettified Sean’s image in her heart.

So when she saw Sean seized Amber by the throat again, she was scared and sadder!

She had never hated the word father so much. She cried heartbreakingly, which shocked Sean and Amber.


“Sean, are you bullying Cindy again?”

“Cindy, don’t cry. Tell grandpa what happened. Did your dad make you angry?”

Cindy whimpered, holding the phone and saying, “No… I fell over my own feet. It has nothing to do with dad…”

She cried loudly. Tomas was worried and didn’t believe her words at all.

After hanging up the phone, Cindy gave the phone back to Sean, crying, “I didn’t tell grandpa anything. Can you not hit mom again?!”

Sean paused for a moment.

Making concessions to gain advantages. This little girl learned her mother’s skill well!

Sean was annoyed by Cindy’s crying. He stood up, glanced at Amber, and gave a promise that was not a promise, “I never hit women!”

“Director White, I guess you know what a person I am. I hope you can act with propriety, in case your daughter will cry seven or eight times in a day!”

“I don’t want my ward to be flooded with her tears!”

Amber cleared her uncomfortable throat and looked calm.

She didn’t speak. Sean turned and left the ward with his wallet.

When he reached the door, Amber stopped him, “Sean, you have many wounds. If you get infected from drinking, I won’t take care of you.”

“I know you like Lin Man. I will call her to take care of you!”

Sean, “…”

She was really generous. Wasn’t she afraid of reporters making a big issue out of it anymore?

Should he give her an award “The Most Virtuous Wife in the World”?

He sneered and went straight out of the ward.

As soon as he got out of the hospital, the heat wave outside enveloped him.

His injuries were more painful and uncomfortable.

Sean frowned coldly.

He walked to the restaurant opposite the hospital and ordered a few dishes.

Sean rubbed his forehead hit by Cindy, turned around, and ran into a reporter.

“Mr… Mr. Smith…”

The reporter didn’t expect that Sean would turn around, so he stuttered.

Sean ignored him.

His hand was not bandaged. The injury on it looked very serious. His skin was burned, and there was a blister in the palm of his left hand that was not broken.

He looked quite pitiful.

The reporter paused and asked in a low voice, “I’m sorry, Mr. Smith. When you ordered the food, I heard you say you want to take it away!”

“You are going to take it back to your wife and daughter?”

Sean glanced at him impatiently, and the anger simmered in his heart instantly spurted, “If it isn’t for them, is it for you?”

After being mocked, the reporter didn’t get angry but smiled, “Mr. Smith, you got such serious injuries, and you still have to buy the food yourself? Does Mrs. Smith always abuse you like this?”

“Is this the reason why you have so many mistresses?”

Sean turned his head and glanced at the reporter deeply.

The reporter was scared by his gaze.

Sean gave him a thumb up, pressed the corners of his lips, narrowed his eyes, and looked at the reporter firmly.

“If I don’t want to buy food in person, who can force me to? How can Amber abuse me with her small strength? Are you blind?!”

The reporter, “…”

The expression on the reporter was complicated. Sean snorted coldly.

Abuse him? He had just abused Amber before he came out!

She wanted to dominate him, but in this life, she had no chance to do that.

The food was packaged, and Sean took it out of the restaurant.

He glanced at the food in his hand. Buying it for Amber?

Was that reporter hired by Amber?

He didn’t buy it for Amber. He knew that Amber would not go out to buy him food!

He was sick. How could he do without food?

Sean snorted and went back to the hospital.

When he reached the ward, Amber was sitting on the sofa, holding a document in a daze.

She didn’t even notice Sean came in.

Sean turned his head and looked at her. She was sitting with her back to him. A strand of jet black hair hung down beside her ear. The black bruises on her neck were very clear.

Amber looked a little strange. Sean tilted his head and glanced at the file in her hand.

Sean frowned. The document was very ordinary, a proposal for cooperation with the White Group.

Sean paused. The White Group?

Sean hadn’t even heard of it. The Smith Group occupied more than half of the economy of Tong City, and many people were eager to cooperate with the Smith Group!

The White Group was not outstanding and couldn’t bring big benefits. The Smith Group’s president would not pay attention to it at all.

Sean glanced suspiciously at Amber. Amber’s surname was White. Was it related to Amber?

He did not think much about it and then patted on the back of Amber’s seat. Amber immediately came out of her trance and met his deep eyes.

His eyes were cold, but his tone was not, “Eat!”

Amber licked the corner of her lips, thinking Sean was hungry, and asked in a low voice, “What do you want to eat? I’ll buy it.”

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