Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 339: I’ll Be Dead

When you come back with dinner, I’ll be dead!”

Amber, “…”

With that, Sean stuffed the food he was carrying into Amber’s hand and went into the bathroom.

When he came out again, Amber had already unpacked the food and put it on the table.

The dishes on the table were very ordinary.

What surprised Amber the most was they were what Cindy and Amber liked.

Amber stared at the Meat Dumplings in Spicy Sauce, paused, and looked at Sean.

Sean noticed her little movement and paused.

Amber and he had eaten a lot of things together and had eaten together many times in the old house of the Smith family. He had paid special attention to her taste.

Her taste was similar to his, and she liked food with thin skins and more fillings.

Moreover, she controlled herself well and would never eat too much.

Amber licked the corner of her lips and asked Sean, “Sean, you bought this specifically for me?”

Sean reacted, and retorted without hesitation, “Yeah, you wish. I bought it for myself!”

With that, he stretched out to take the Meat Dumplings in Spicy Sauce but was stopped by Amber.

“Sean, you are injured and have a weak stomach. The doctor specially told you not to eat anything spicy when you are in hospital!”

“So give this to me.”

Sean pressed the corners of his lips and retracted his hand.

He was not stingy. Since Amber wanted it, he would give it to her!

Sean thought, pulling the seafood porridge on the table to Cindy, and asked casually, “Is there any problem with the document you just read?”

Amber froze, shook her head, and told the truth, “No, but the White Group’s official company thinking is at odds with that of the Smith Group, and their strength is not enough to cooperate with the Smith Group!”

“That document shouldn’t have appeared in front of me, so I was in a daze.”

Sean took a sip of the porridge and glanced at her.

“Does the White Group have anything to do with you?”

“It’s in Tong City.”

Amber’s hand, holding the chopsticks, froze. She laughed and said, “Yes, the president of the White Group is my biological father.”

Sean was taken aback.

He suddenly reacted. Before Amber married him, she was known to everyone in Tong City.

The rumors about her were everywhere. She was notorious at that time.

Speaking of which, it was related to her father.

Sean suddenly reacted. For so many years, Amber had been supporting her daughter alone. He almost forgot that she was once a famous lady in Tong City.

So, that was one of the reasons why she married into the Smith family?

When she was in real power in the Smith Group, would she take action against the White Group?

Sean paused, then smiled and asked, “Is it your idea that the White Group is unqualified, or the company’s idea?”

Amber paused, took the White Group’s files, and handed them to him.

Sean looked through the content on it. Amber turned the page that could expla in the problem directly.

He raised his eyebrows. It was indeed unqualified.

The White Group was artful, and there were many loopholes in their plan. On the surface, it was a win-win. In fact, they were trying to cheat the Smith Group.

Sean was amused, “Does your dad think that the people in the Smith Group are morons, or that he has no scruples because you are in charge of the Smith Group, so he submitted such a document?”

“Both of them are the reasons, but the biggest reason may be that the person in charge of this file is Marcus White.”

Marcus White.

Her half-brother.

Sean was silent. More than ten years ago, the White family was still a top-notch family in Tong City. At the time, it had declined. He even had never heard of it.

Marcus may not be as competent as Amber!

The corner of his mouth twitched. The White family’s intention to cooperate with the Smith Group was very obvious.

“What are you going to do?”

This was a good opportunity to return to the White family. Maybe Amber could get the inheritance of the White Group. So she would agree to cooperate with the White Group, wouldn’t she?

Even if Amber dared to agree, he would not allow it!

“To follow the normal procedures. The White Group is not qualified to cooperate with the Smith Group.”

Amber took a meat dumpling and smiled at Sean, “I will call Xiaoshen and ask him to send a document to the hospital. Well, a document of high quality. This cannot happen again.”

Sean’s eyebrows smoothed.

After eating, Sean went to bed, and the nurse came in and gave him a drip.

He was unwell and closed his eyes. Cindy, who hadn’t been to school for several days, was sitting at her desk, writing the homework that her teacher sent to her.

Amber sat on the sofa, handling piles of documents.

“Mom, dad’s drip is finished.”

Hearing this, Amber walked to the hospital bed, and pulled the needle out of Sean. He did not wake up. Amber pressed the pinhole on the back of his hand with a cotton swab, and raised her eyes slightly.

Her eyes fixed on Sean’s exposed skin. She clearly remembered that the injury on his chest was not so serious…

It was just such a small wound, but it was very swollen with a dense rash around it. Amber gasped in fright.

She reached out and touched Sean’s forehead.

It almost burned her.

She stretched out, opened Sean’s clothes and glanced at the man’s waist and abdomen. In Paramount, he was seriously injured, especially his back and waist.

Comparing with the wound on his chest, the wound on his waist was also serious.

Amber studied medicine before. Seeing this, she knew he was allergic. She blinked, got up suddenly and tried to run out of the ward.

She was wearing high heels, and she got up too fast, running in a hurry, so she fell to the ground.

Cindy was taken back, “Mom, are you okay?”

Holding the bed, Amber got up and left the ward without answering.

Sean was quickly sent into the emergency room. Standing out of the emergency room, Amber was in a daze.

She was so confused.

Sean had a special physique. Amber knew it eleven years ago. So she had been paying attention to his medication since he was hospitalized.

She was worried about Sean had such an accident.

But unexpectedly, he still did!

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