Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – chapter 33:Daddy doesn’t like me?

After Gu Jinyan finished, he went to Cindy White and held her hand, they followed Sean Smith out of the police station.

As soon as they came out, the outside light was sufficient, Sean Smith’s face was more dazzling in the sunlight. Although Cindy White was injured, she was very satisfied.It may because that she saw her father.

As soon as she approached, Sean Smith asked her with a cold face: “Where do you live, I will send you back!”

Cindy White didn’t notice the coldness in his tone. She smiled and said: “I don’t know. My mother didn’t take me to this place. I don’t know how to go back.”

Sean Smith frowned and said, “Get on the car!”

He wandered to the driver’s seat, regardless of whether Cindy White’s small body could open the door. Gu Jinyan reached out and helped her open the door of the back seat and took her in to the car.

She said to Gu Jinyan politely: “Thank you, uncle.”

Gu Jinnyan, who had just sat down, looked back at her and suddenly felt that she was not Sean’s daughter indeed.

He felt that Sean Smith couldn’t have such a cute daughter.

As soon as the car was driven by Sean Smith, Cindy White put her small pink face on the back of Sean Smith and whispered, “Dad, where are we going?”

Sean Smith couldn’t adapt the word ‘dad’, but to a child, even if he was full of anger, he couldn’t show it out.

But his face was getting darker and darker.

It seemed that Amber White always told her his things,look,she was so familiar with this word.

What did she want to do?

Sean Smith did not say a word, but Cindy White did not mind, she touched her injured forehead, then a little bit of blood was on her palm.

She rubbed her lips and looked at the back of Sean Smith and said, “Dad, my head hurts.”

Gu Jinyan heard that,he looked at her and said: “It seemed that it’s a bit serious,Sean,should we take her to the hospital?anyway,she’s a girl,if the wound couldn’t recovered,it’s not good for her!”

Cindy White widened her eyes and looked at Sean Smith.

Through the rearview mirror, Sean Smith glanced at the injury of Cindy White.

The boy who was hit by her was not sent to the hospital, was she so weak?

He still suspected that it was Amber White’s trick!

In order to cheated him, the woman really paid much, and she even did this!

She had been pretended to be indifferent for three years, was she impatient now?

Sean Smith couldn’t help but look at Cindy White in the rearview mirror.

How wicked the woman was,even hurt her daughter!

Cindy White was also wicked.How could she be so similar to her mother,lied in such young age.

Headache? Did they think that he never saw a three-year-old child, if a three-year-old child suffered such a heavy injury, he had already been crying,but the girl only said hurt at this time.

Well,good enough!

“Just stand it, your mother will take care of you when we send you back!”

He smiled coldly, wasn’t Amber White a doctor? She could survived in that situation, then this was just a small case.

He didn’t have much time to spend on the person who he didn’t care!

Cindy White was very well protected by Amber White. It was the first time that she was so badly injured. She didn’t know what to do if she met this situation. So she just touched it again and again.

The more she touched, the more aggrieved she was.

But it reminded her that her mother said that her father was very busy. In order not to bother him, she resisted the pain. Her face turned pale.

“Dad, the next parent-child activity in our school, can you accompany me with my mother?”

Sean Smith squinted. That’s the point!

Did they want to capture his heart by an interaction?

He sneered in his heart, but unfortunately,he felt sick even give Amber White a glance!

Sean Smith did not answer, Cindy White thought that he didn’t hear that, so the small body came out from the middle of the co-pilot and driving position, she whispered: “Can you? Dad?”

Sean Smith was scared by that, and then he screamed coldly: “Sit well!”

“Oh.” she said sadly, after back to the backseat, she whispered: “Dad, can you take time to accompany me? You have never participated.”

Sean Smith stunned.

It’s true that he never accompany her to participate in such activities, but that was because that she was not his child, he did not think that it was his duty!

There was only Cindy White’s voice in the carriage, and she asked three times.

Three times, Sean Smith did not give her the answer.

Gu Jinyan looked back and looked at him, and he frowned and said. “Sean, the little girl was talking to you, can’t you answer?”

Sean Smith snorted.

His attitude was so bad. After Lin Man was forced to leave, He became like this.

Although Cindy White was an innocent child, in the eyes of him, she was a child of Amber White, she was not innocent!

Gu Jinyan sighed and found that there was some quiet in the carriage, and he looked back at the backseat.

There were tears in her eyes.When she noticed Gu Jinyan’s gaze, she looked at Gu Jinyan.

The tears in the bottom of the eye dissipated, as if her previous grievances were the illusions of Gu Jinyan.

“Uncle, why does Dad ignore me?”

Gu Jinyan was stunned by this question, because your dad did not think that you were his daughter?

This answer was not accurate enough, and he couldn’t said that to her.

Then, Cindy White asked: “Daddy doesn’t like me?”

Gu Jinyan smiled twice, Cindy White looked at him and whispered, “Is it true that everyone is talking about it? I am not daddy’s daughter? So daddy doesn’t want me?”

Gu Jinyan,who was also a famous person in City Tong, was speechless by a three-year-old child for the first time. He was helpless.

“Sean! Answer her question?speak something!”

Through the rearview mirror, Sean Smith glanced at Cindy White, who was about to cry, but tried her best to hold back the tears.

Seeing her like this, he was annoyed in his heart, how did that turned out to be his fault?

Amber White was not here, he deliberately avoided the problem of Cindy White, that was, he was afraid that Amber White would thought that he bullied a child.

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