Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 34: Dad Loves Cindy And Loves Mom More

Now, why did this little child’s question seemed to complain him!

The man vacated a hand, loosen the tie tied on the shirt, and then the eagle-like sight, slammed on Gu Jingyan’s body.

The voice sounded like a thousand-year-old black iron, cold and hard: “Are you sure, that you want me to answer this question?”

Gu Jingyan: “??”

Cindy heard the words, pulled the clothes of Gu Jingyan, and whispered, “Uncle, am I really a bastard? Can you tell me what the bastard means?”

Her eyes were getting redder and her eyes were foggy, but she didn’t let her tears fall. “I checked the dictionary myself. The book said that the meaning of bastard is that Cindy is not a child of Mom and Dad.”

Her voice whimpered, weak and stubborn: “But I asked my mother, my mother said that I am not a bastard!”

Cindy’s words were originally childish, but these did make Gu Jingyan’s heart somewhat uncomfortable. After all, she wasn’t his child, he’s not painful, but a good-looking child can always arouse the pity of others.

In particular, Cindy still reluctantly endured tears, and the tears huddled in the eyes of Cindy, which made the little guy’s words more infectious.

Gu Jingyan compressed her lips and listened to Cindy’s words that she also asked Amber about this problem. She really didn’t know what did she feel after hearing this question from her daughter!

Gu Jingyan frowned and said, “What did your mother say?”

Cindy was very sad, then touched her fingers, but when Gu Jingyan asked questions, she subconsciously thought about it and said, “Mom said that all of them are nonsense and only to deceive children. Dad loves Cindy and loves mom more.”

These words had been heard by Cindy, which showed that in the past three years, Amber had been Sean’s wife, how “colorful “life she had!

Gu Jingyan glanced at Sean’s expression, the sunlight reflected through the car’s reflective glass, mapped on the face of Sean, and his black pupil, plated a layer of maroon halo, it seemed to give a less real illusion.

This kind of unreality, if it must be positioned with a word, it was cold.

“Sean, what Amber did, will you revenge it to Cindy??”


Gu Jingyan’s words had not been spoken yet, and she was interrupted by Sean. He said angrily: “Don’t you think that your sympathy is too much today? I don’t care about those people who are irrelevant. If you want me to take care of them, you just constrain me to do things that are beyond my power!”

Moreover, how did he know that if this Cindy’s self-answering question was a script that Amber White had given her in advance or not?

Three years ago, she was able to be his wife with the bastard. Didn’t she never use this identity to bully others?

The weaker were so many in this world, but Amber White was definitely not one of them!

Sean’s words were justified. Gu Jingyan compressed her mouth and had a feeling that she didn’t know how to continue to talk with him.

Moreover, it seemed that she didn’t put her finger into another’s pie. He was still skeptical, but Cindy was his child, after all, he still knew a little about Gu Xiangxiang, she did disdain to lie, even more disdain to tell a such lie!

Cindy was just a child. The matter between Sean and Amber should not fall on her.

But since Sean did not want to listen, Gu Jingyan wouldn’t speak more.

He comforted Cindy, and Sean reached out again and untied a button at the top of the neckline.

After this series of actions, Sean suddenly remembered that he still didn’t know where’s Amber White’s home, and he took out his mobile phone, then called Xu Lin.

“Give me the home address of Amber White! Send it to my mobile phone.”

When Sean received Xu Lin’s text message, Cindy had already been coaxed by Gu Jingyan. He glanced at the two and sneered in his heart.

Amber White’s daughter was really good!

Sean felt that he was too irritating today, and even with a little child, he was beginning to be dissatisfied.

He glanced at the address sent by Xu Lin on the phone, and the foot pressed against the throttle to speed up the speed.

It’s already half an hour later after arrived the Xingyue Bay.

Sean looked up and saw the place where Amber White lived. It was a small apartment. It didn’t look big. The design style was simple and atmospheric. Although the location was not the place where there was more flourishing in the city center, Sean remembered that Amber White had a car.

At least traffic was not a problem.

Look, she was different since she had been Mrs. Smith!

The environment here was quiet, not far from the location of the Smith group, and Sean actually was somewhat envious!

Lu Yi was also very unhappy to say that Amber White had suffered a lot of grievances in the Smith family in the past three years!

Sure enough, he was bewitched by Amber White!

The bottom of his eyes cracked a layer of fierce fierceness. After a long while, he pushed the door and got off the car. He reached out and opened the rear door.

Cindy was a little drowsy, but was awakened by the cold words of Sean with hail: “Get off!”

She looked around and found that they had arrived in Xingyue Bay, she kept up her spirit and got out of the car, and reached out and grabbed the sleeves of Sean: “Dad, let’s go in together?”

Cindy’s mind was somewhat sensitive. She thought that Sean didn’t like her very much, and the tone of her speech was cautious.

“Just go in yourself!”

Cindy bowed her head and whispered, “But I don’t have a key. The key to my home are all held by my mother.”

Sean frowned and said, “Then you can wait for your mother to come back at the entrance!”

He didn’t feel that he was doing something wrong. After all, he didn’t leave Cindy’s daughter on the street, and he was already doing the good thing.

When Gu Jinyan saw her finish her speaking, he turned back to the car and stunned. He pointed to Cindy and asked: “Sean, she is only three years old. You left her alone, is it suitable?”

“Isn’t it suitable?”

Sean asked in reply, and Gu Jinyan said with a cold smile: “Of course not! This world, there are so many traffickers, you are not afraid that she will be kidnapped?”

“She was only three years old and still injured. Even if you did not send her to the hospital, she would not be allowed to stay alone here!”

After Gu Jinyan finished, he couldn’t help but whispered: “If she’s really your daughter, then you must regret it!”

The deep eyesight of Sean, with the words of Gu Jingyan, suddenly became gloomy and cold.

“Since you are so worried about Cindy White’s life and death, I don’t mind if you stay and to be her father! Anyway, I don’t have such a big daughter.”

After these words, Sean walked to the front of the car with his long legs. He stretched out to open door and got on the car.

Gu Jinyan worried that Sean was in a bad mood and really threw him here. He quickly opened the front passenger’s door and got on the car as well.

He didn’t know if Cindy heard their conversation, in short, Sean just started the engine, Cindy ran in the direction of the car with her small short legs.

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