Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 340: Family Medical History

The door of the emergency room was opened, and the doctor walked out.

“Mrs. Smith, your husband has a massive drug allergy and is in an emergency condition. He is unconscious…”

“Is there any family medical history in his family?”

Sean’s mother was almost going crazy.

When she came back from the temple, she received a call and was told that Sean was allergic to drugs and was unconscious!

Sean’s mother was old and drove to the hospital.

Xu Lin was also here. Mrs. Smith looked around but didn’t see Amber, “Where’s Amber? Her husband is in the emergency room but she is not around?”

“Oh, I see. If my son is dead, her daughter will be the heir of our Smith Group!”

Mrs. Smith said in a bitter tone.

The atmosphere was depressing. When Xu Lin spoke, he lowered his voice, “Madam, Mrs. Smith is in Mr. Smith’s ward.”

Sean’s mother suddenly remembered what happened to Sean, drug allergy!

Her brain was turning fast.

What else could Amber do at this time?

Amber knew Sean’s physique. She must be the one who caused Sean allergic!

She was probably destroying the evidence!

Sean’s mother was so angry.

She turned around and walked toward the ward aggressively.

Amber was also wondering about the cause of Sean’s allergy.

She brought the ointment and watched him get the drip in person…

She couldn’t figure out exactly what went wrong.

When she was looking for clues in the ward, Mrs. Smith suddenly opened the door and came in. Her movements were so big. As soon as Amber draw back her attention, Mrs. Smith grabbed her collar.

“Amber, where’s the evidence? Have you destroyed it?”

Amber looked confused, “What evidence?”

“Don’t play dumb. Was it you? You applied the medicine for my son. Where is the medicine?”

“Mom, you misunderstood me. I didn’t…”

Mrs. Smith sneered, “You didn’t? Who did that then? Was Sean trying to get himself killed by taking the medicine that he couldn’t take?”

“The Smith family has a share in the Tong City Central Hospital. The doctors here can’t kill my son!”

“If it wasn’t you, who was it!?”

Amber was at a loss for words.

A fit of anger flashed across Mrs. Smith’s eyes, “If Sean can’t come out of the emergency room safely, I’ll kill myself at the entrance of the Smith Group’s building!”

“I’ll see if Tomas will speak for you after you get Sean and me killed!”

Amber’s eyelashes trembled, and her face paled instantly.

Mrs. Smith didn’t stop, and her eyes seemed to be arrows, “Sean is allergic, but you are not around him. What are you doing here?”

“Even if you didn’t harm him, you are responsible for it.”

“Amber, let’s wait and see!”

After that, Mrs. Smith stormed straight out of the ward.

Amber sighed and slumped on the hospital bed.

After straightening her thoughts, she stood up and went to the emergency room. At this time, Tomas arrived here.

He looked at Amber and asked, “What’s wrong? Why is he allergic all of a sudden?”

Amber bit her lip tightly and kept silent.

“Amber? Say something!”

Mrs. Smith smiled, “She keeps silent because she is guilty!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Tomas, are you blind? Amber has been in our Smith family for three years. You know how she changed in the three years!”

“You encouraged her ambition. Her child is not our offspring but is the first heir of our family property! I guess it’s not that Sean doesn’t want to have sex with her but that she doesn’t want to give birth to the offspring of our Smith family!”

Mrs. Smith rarely said such acrimonious words. Tomas was stunned immediately.

“If Sean is dead, no one could manage the company. Cindy is young, and Weiwei and Xue’er are not good at managing companies. Then she can dominate the Smith Group!”

“Just keep defending her. Sooner or later, she will also get you killed!”

Tomas paled with anger. He was already ill after he was angry with Sean. Hearing this, he felt his illness became serious.

“Shut up!”

He panted heavily. Amber noticed this. She hurriedly stepped forward and supported him with two hands, “Dad, don’t be anxious. The doctor said, Sean’s allergy was discovered early…”

“He will be okay.”

“Don’t quarrel with mom. You have been with her for so many years. You should know that she has a sharp tongue but a tender heart!”

Mrs. Smith glanced at Amber and suddenly smiled, “Are you serious? Amber, I have asked Xu Lin to return to the Smith Group and draft the lawsuit. I’ll sue you for murder!”

Amber’s pupils contracted. She raised her head slightly and looked at Mrs. Smith.

She looked at Amber arrogantly, “When Sean wakes up, if he wants, you will get a divorce!”

As for the bone marrow, she would figure out a way to get it when Sean was sick. If her son kept being with Amber, he would be killed sooner or later!

Hearing this, Tomas grabbed Amber’s arm, and glared at Mrs. Smith with a cold face, “I’m not dead yet. As long as I’m still alive, you are not the head of the family!”

“If you want them to get a divorce, let Sean break relations with our Smith family first!”

Mrs. Smith was stunned.

Before she could answer, the door of the emergency room behind them opened.

Sean was sent out, with a sheet on him. He looked pale and a little weak.


Sean was awake, turned his head and glanced at his mother.

He saw Tomas behind her, who was being supported by Amber. His face and lips were all a little pale.

Amber was really interesting. She still remembered to fawn his father in such a situation!

She probably thought he was dying, so she was in a hurry to get benefit from his father!

Sean snorted heavily.

The doctor came and said, “Mr. Smith is temporarily out of the danger, but his physical condition is special. To prevent uncertain danger, the patient needs to be observed for forty-eight hours!”

“I’ll do that…”

Amber took a step forward. Mrs. Smith cast a stern glance at her.

“If you do that, I’m afraid I will have to bury my son tomorrow!”

“I will hire someone to take care of Sean. Miss. White, I advise you to go home and think about how to deal with the lawsuit!”


Sean’s eyebrow twitched.

He glanced in Amber’s direction.

Amber’s lips were glowing with pink luster. She was standing in the corridor of the hospital, being beautiful scenery here.

What lawsuit?

Was it true that Amber was responsible for his drug allergy?

She was anxious to kill him, even resorting to such a clumsy method?

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