Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 341: File a Lawsuit Against Amber

“Mom, are you going to file a lawsuit against Amber?”

Sean asked tentatively.

“What kind of lawsuit?”

Mrs. Smith’s eyes turned cold slightly, “Yes, I want to sue Amber for murder. Besides, I’m going to get judges to grant you a divorce!”

Sean’s pupils contracted abruptly, and his nonchalant expression changed.



What exactly did Amber do that his mother said such things regardless of his father’s cold face?

“Mom, you don’t have evidence. If it is a serious false accusation, you will go to jail!”

Amber stopped Tomas who wanted to talk and spoke in a low voice.

Mrs. Smith squinted at Amber, “Are you threatening me?”

“You think I can’t find evidence and can’t win you at the court?”

“The wife of the dean of Tong City’s Court is my best friend. I must win the case.”

Amber smiled, “The presiding judge of the court is honest and fair, and would never wrong anyone! Mom, you don’t have to bluff me.”

“If you want to sue me, you won’t win at all.”

“Because I’m innocent!”

“If you have to do that, the only one who will be affected was the Smith Group!”

Mrs. Smith, “…”

What a bitch!

Amber took a step forward and stared at Sean with burning eyes, “Sean, I have almost never been away from you these days. You know best if it was me. If you believe me, please tell mom clearly! “

Sean’s eyes dimmed.

She had almost never been away from me?

In the afternoon, he didn’t follow her and Lu Xiangxiang to Disney Land!

Moreover, he didn’t trust her at all!

She wanted him dead. She wanted him to give his position to Cindy!

He didn’t believe his allergy had nothing to do with her!

Sean licked his lip, “Mom, Amber wouldn’t do such a stupid thing, and it won’t do her any good if I die.”

“You overthink it!”

“Furthermore, the turmoil of the paternity test has not subsided, and our Smith Group’s stock has finally stabilized. If Amber and I really get a divorce, our Smith Group’s image will be ruined, and the loss will be even greater!”

After that, Sean’s mood was a bit complicated.

He said these things, not because he trusted Amber!

What he feared most was that Amber would think that he did not want to divorce her and that he was very affectionate toward her.

He raised his head slightly and looked at Amber who was looking straight ahead in a daze. She was obviously distracted and didn’t pay attention to his answer at all.

In other words, Amber didn’t care about his answer at all.

Even if he didn’t speak for her, she would be okay with that.

He frowned, and Mrs. Smith misread his expression.

She blinked, “Sean, you don’t have to put up with that. I only have you. I can’t watch you swallow grievance because of the company!”

“I don’t believe our Smith Group will collapse if you really divorce Amber!”

Amber was motionless.

Mrs. Smith sounded resolute, but Amber didn’t react at all.

Sean suddenly felt that it was very boring.

So he closed his eyes.

Anyway, no matter what his mother did, his father wouldn’t allow him to divorce Amber!

No matter how much he explained, it would be pointless.

“If Sean divorces Amber, the Smith Group indeed won’t collapse!”

“But the people on the board of directors will think that the people of our Smith family are unreliable and ungrateful!”

“Any one director who sells his shares is a huge loss to our Smith Group.”

Tomas took a deep breath and said bitterly, “Besides, you think no one knows the real reason you wanted Amber to marry Sean three years ago?”

“Do you think the earth revolves around you? Sean didn’t suffer from blood cancer in the last three years, so you want him to divorce Amber?”

“Aren’t you afraid of retribution?”

The ward fell silent because of Tomas’s sudden anger.

Mrs. Smith stared at Tomas with wide-opened eyes. He changed his previous speaking style. Then he turned around, and left a word, “I won’t interfere with what you are going to do, but you’d better not regret it!”

After that, Tomas went out of the ward.

Mrs. Smith called him anxiously, “Your son is sick. Where are you going?!”

“Can I help if I stay?”

Mrs. Smith stomped angrily. She turned her head and glared at Amber viciously, “Amber, don’t be smug. I won’t let the matter go at that!”

Then, she chased Tomasand left.

After the ward quieted down, Amber slumped on the sofa.

She rubbed her temples and said nothing.

“Where is Cindy?”

Sean suddenly asked, breaking the silence in the ward.

Amber raised her eyes and looked at Sean, “You care about her?”

“Come on. I’m afraid that your daughter will be lost again and that you will blame me for that!”

Sean suddenly regretted asking this.

Amber wouldn’t answer his question. Maybe she would even use it as a sarcastic way to get at him.

“The driver took her back.”

Sean, “…”

After that, the two fell silent again. Sean was in a position for too long, so he moved and turned over.

The drawer was not closed tightly, and Sean saw the ointment through the slit.

He reached out and took the ointment out of it.

This ointment was not the one he could use.

Sean suddenly held the ointment in his palm tightly. When did Amber change it?

Was it true that she harmed him? His mother didn’t misunderstand her?

What a sinister woman!

After cursing, Sean suddenly reacted.

No, this ointment had been taken out by Amber when she was about to apply it for him at noon.

At that time, he took a look at it.

There was no one who knew the seriousness of the drug allergy better than him, so he paid extra attention to it.

There was no problem with the ointment at that time.

Moreover, Amber went out with Lu Xiangxiang at that time.

Sean took a cold breath.

Therefore, there was only one person who probably changed his ointment.

He subconsciously raised his head and looked at Amber who was sitting in the light. She fell down earlier. So, her shirt was covered with a layer of wrinkles, and her skirt was dirty and messy.

She was covered with dust, and the stars seemed to have shattered in her eyes.

Sean’s eyes dimmed. He lifted open the quilt and got out of the bed.

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