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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 343: He Looked Gloomy

Amber nodded.

“The doctor said that you had a slight concussion. Anyway, you should not do anything strenuous like this.”

“If Sean wants to eat anything, you can order takeouts.”

Amber nodded.

Actually, Sean didn’t want to eat Meat Dumplings. His main purpose was to send her away and give Lin Man a call.

“Let’s go. I’ll see Sean!”

“And send you back by the way.”

In the hospital.

After Sean hung up, it rained outside.

The rain came quickly and heavy. Sean waited for a while, but Amber still hadn’t come back.

He snorted. Wasn’t she very capable? It was just rain, and she wouldn’t die because of it.

Maybe she was flirting with some kind of handsome guy!

Sean held the thin quilt, looking impatient.

Two minutes later, he suddenly sat up from the bed, found an umbrella in the ward, and was about to walk directly out.

He was going to ask Amber what took her so long to buy the Meat Dumplings.

Just after he took a step, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Sean’s eyelid jerked, and he threw the umbrella in his hand into the trash can.

Amber entered the door and saw that the umbrella in the trash can rolled to Lu Yi’s feet after the trash can spun around.


Lu Yi leaned over, picked up the umbrella, and smiled at Sean, “Sean, are you going out?”

Sean turned around and sat on the bed with a sullen face.

He shouldn’t have worried about Amber having an accident.

What he should worry about most was when would Amber cheat on him!

The more Sean thought about it, the overcast his expression became.

“Where’s my Meat Dumplings?”

Amber handed the takeaway box in her hand to him. Its outer packaging had been wet by rain, and there were some raindrops on its eaves.

Sean’s eyelid twitched harder. He frowned, and his eyes were cold, “This is the meal you bought for me?”

Amber smiled, “Sean, you really wanted to eat Meat Dumplings?”

Sean suddenly felt a little guilty.

“There are only Meat Dumplings in Spicy Sauce in the restaurant across the street! But you can’t eat spicy food because of your injuries.”

The look in Sean’s eyes changed.

Did Amber know that he called Lin Man?

He glanced up and down at Amber, looked at her shoulders wet with rain, and licked his lip.

He actually felt a hint of guilt towards Amber.

Almost as soon as this emotion developed, it was drove away by him.

Wasn’t Amber very capable? She must have a good way to deal with his mother!

Sean held the disposable chopsticks tightly and glared at her.

Three years ago, she took away the marriage that belonged to Lin Man. At the time, it was reasonable for her to take the consequences for Lin Man!

Sean threw the chopsticks on the table, looked up at Lu Yi indifferently, and asked, “Cousin, what brings you here?”

“I’m here to see you. I heard from my aunt that you have an allergy.”

“Sean, Amber knows your physical condition. You should trust her.”

Sean sneered, “You know much about us?”

“Director White told you that?”

“What did she tell you? Did she tell you something private?”

Lu Yi smiled and glanced at Amber without answering.

Amber lowered her eyes slightly, reached out, and picked up a document. After she read it for a while, Lu Yi suddenly said, “Have you read the White Group’s document?”

Amber paused and turned her head to look at Lu Yi, “It was you who asked Xiaoshen to bring it over?”



Lu Yi lowered his eyes and buttoned up the buttons on his sleeves. His side face was gentle, “Even if you don’t read it, someone from the White Group will come to you another day!”

“I mean, I want you to have a mental preparation.”

He was right.

Her father was a profit-oriented person. Since he had known that she had some power in the Smith Group, he would spare no efforts to contact her and get the cooperation of the Smith Group!

Thinking about it, Amber nodded.

Seeing the familiarity between the two, Sean looked more gloomy.

Look, in his presence, Amber not only exchanged amorous glances with another man, but also openly discussed pulling a few strings for her father.

He looked in Lu Yi’s direction. After entering the door, Lu Yi took off his suit jacket and put it on the chair.

His coat was soaked, and the water droplets kept falling from it, converging into a water stain under the chair.

Amber, on the other hand, only got wet on her shoulders.

Lu Yi shielded the rain for her!

He was probably here to see Amber, not him.

“Director White, do you usually take advantage of the convenience of work to handle personal affairs?”

Lu Yi smiled, “Mr. Smith, if it wasn’t for you, she should be the company and have seen this document!”


“Mr. Smith, it was you who insisted on doing the paternity test!”

Sean’s eyes turned gloomy, and he looked at Lu Yi firmly.

His good cousin firmly believed that he would not tell Amber that he entered Paramount to save her?

He curled the corner of his mouth in disdain and whispered, “She’s my wife. She should be in the hospital to take care of me.”

“Cousin, don’t always think about other people’s wives!”

“You’ll get retribution!”

Amber raised her eyes and glanced at Sean, not in the mood to correct him.

She had told him many times that she and Lu Yi were just colleagues, but he kept turning a deaf ear to it!

She didn’t want to waste her breath on him.

Lu Yi smiled.

After sitting for a while, Amber took out an ointment from her jacket pocket, “Sean, it’s time to apply the medicine.”

Almost as soon as Amber moved, Sean looked at her, and when his gaze touched the ointment in her palm, his pupils contracted.

It hadn’t been opened yet. She might buy it when she was out!

This ointment was sold in a few places in Tong City. It was expensive and ordinary families cannot afford it.

“You came back so late because you were away to buy the ointment?”

Amber nodded.

When she came out of the drugstore, it rained.

Later it was heavy.

Sean licked the corner of his lips uneasily, “Where is the one I used?”

Amber gave him a meaningful look, and her eyes were full of tenderness.

Sean’s guilty conscience reappeared.

He felt that Amber seemed to know something.

Amber stuffed the ointment into Lu Yi’s hand and whispered, “Lu Yi, I’ll wait outside the ward. Please apply the medicine for Sean!”

“He is allergic. Please be gentle and careful!”

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