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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 35: Dad, I knew you would come back

Sean Smith thought that Cindy White would retain him, but he still heard her asking the question with a little childish voice:

“Daddy, will you come to see me again?”

She was very naive, standing outside the car door, looking up with a small plain white face, struggling to ask this question.

The wound on Cindy White’s head was sticky. It should be broken the scab with her hand when she touched the wound again and again in the car, which distributed in her head, and below it were blue and black, which was startling made Sean Smith’s pupil suddenly shrink.

But the man didn’t respond, he directly stepped on the accelerator and drove the car.


The figure of Cindy White in the car mirror gradually far away, finally became a shadow that was smaller than an ant.

Sean Smith suddenly remembered that Amber White’s apartment had no fence, and near the road, the scene of ignorant Cindy ran toward his car appeared in his mind.

Sean Smith worried about Cindy White would ran to other cars like before.

He licked his lower lip corner and said to Gu Jinyan: “You have a good relationship with Lu Xiangxiang?”

This sentence made Gu Jinyan looked at Sean Smith with alert, he thought that Sean Smith wanted to bother about the matter of stealing underwear with him again, he asked suspiciously: “What do you want to do?”

“Call her and tell her that Amber White’s daughter is in the gate of Amber White’s house!”

Gu Jinyan felt it was funny to hear that.

“Smith, you just told me to mind my own business. I think I should listen to you! Are you worried about her?” With some playful taste in Gu Jinyan’s tone: “If you are worried about her, you go back to pick up the child! I still want to say that sentence, we are brothers, and I won’t laugh at you!”

Gu Jinyan said happily, and a playful smile flashed in his eyes, which made the pair of glittering peach blossoms eyes much more rippling.

“It’s a joke! She is not my daughter. What should I worry about?”

He just hated Amber White, who could threaten him to marry her with bone marrow match three years ago, Sean Smith really dared not think, if he lost Amber White’s daughter, what excessive demands Amber White would put forward?

Gu Jinyan was going to tease Sean Smith, but he didn’t seem to have any meaning to turn the car back to pick up Cindy White, and then he turned to see Sean Smith’s face.

It was gloomy, with a chilling cold! With his attitude and state, it was sufficient to show how much he rejected Cindy White!

How could he go back to pick up Cindy White?

Hesitating for a while, Gu Jinyan still fumbled out the phone to find the phone number of Lu Xiangxiang, then dialed it out.

But when Gu Jinyan dialed, there was a cold mechanical female customer service tip: “Sorry, the phone you dialed is not be answered for the moment, please redial later!”

Gu Jinyan: “??”

Gu Jinyan didn’t believe it, and dialed twice, the result was same without exception.

And the atmosphere in the carriage was so silent that the drop needles could be heard, the prompting sound also fell into the ears of Sean Smith, and Gu Jinyan put away his mobile phone and said: “Lu Xiangxiang didn’t answer; it is not very safe for the child to stay there alone alone!”

“Don’t we really go back and have a look, Smith?”

Sean Smith even didn’t lift his eyes, only said: “If you want to go back, you can go back by yourself, am I idle? “

Gu Jinyan couldn’t help but complain in his heart, Sean Smith was the president of the Company Smith, busy or idle, wasn’t it depend on him?

Besides,he only drove only a short distance from Amber’s apartment!

“Smith, you are so cruel!”

While Gu Jinyan said, he showed Sean Smith his two thumbs.

Sean Smith smiled indifferently.

Outside the window, the landscape constantly retrogressed, a layer of invisible folds appeared between Sean Smith’s eyebrows, a moment later, it slowly disappeared.

Forget it.

She was so small and could break the kindergarten classmate, Cindy White was strong, compared to Amber White, she looked even much stronger.

Just let her wait for her mother in her own doorstep, that place was small, and there were few people, what could happen?

Gu worried too much. He didn’t think Amber White and her daughter would suffer something.

Sean Smith thought it, and the gloom on his face dissipated.

Gu Jinyan might feel it was useless to talk with Sean Smith, or felt Sean Smith unreasonable, he simply reached out to turn on Sean Smith’s radio station.

Gu Jinyan felt good about the soft and sweet voice of the female singer. Just after listening to it for a while, the voice of the female announcer was interrupted by a slightly formulaic voice.

“Now we have the latest news. At 2:27 this afternoon, the Police Station of Tong City received a report that a girl had been molested and cruelly murdered in the suburbs. For all the parents, please take good care of your children so as not to lead to tragedy.”


The car tires ruffled against the ground, making a loud, harsh noise.

Gu Jinyan didn’t expect Sean Smith would brake, he leaned over without warning.

“Oh my god! Smith, What are you doing!” A layer of palpitations was on Gu Jinyan’s face.

Sean Smith cursed in a low voice, if he remembered it correctly, the newly house Amber White bought was located in the suburbs!

He suddenly turned the car around and drove to the direction where he came from, with the contents of the radio, Gu Jinyan almost immediately guessed Sean Smith’s idea.

“You don’t have to be so excited when you figure out to pick up your daughter!”

Sean Smith stepped on the brake suddenly, and then the car stopped, Sean Smith glanced at Gu Jinyan, said in a cold voice: “get off!”

Gu Jinyan thought Smith had said something wrong and asked, “What?”

Sean Smith’s big hand clapped on the steering wheel, the car gave a whistle and the man said: “Let you get off and you call your assistant to pick you up!”

The pair of long narrow peach blossom eyes of Gu Jinyan blinked twice and incredibly asked: “You want to leave me here?”

Sean Smith glanced at Gu Jinyan indifferently, and said: “I don’t need to go to company in the afternoon, and there’s no need to go to city center!”

After Gu Jinyan heard that, he opened the door and said: “This cannot be excuse for leaving your good brother in the roadside, go away quickly!”

As soon as he got out of the car, Sean Smith stepped on the accelerator. The car performed well that it disappeared into the road in a blink of an eye.

Sean Smith returned along the same road. Cindy White was sitting on the doorstep crying with her arms around her legs. She heard the sound of the car engine, then looked up across the windshield, and saw Sean Smith from a far distance.

The little face hang on tears suddenly raised a smile, and then stood up and ran to the side of the car with short legs.

“Oh, daddy, I knew you would come back. You wouldn’t leave me here alone.”

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