Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 37: Dad, Let’s Have Dinner

She climbed up from the ground again and patted the door of the bathroom: “Open the door! Let me out! I want to pick up my daughter from school.”

Amber’s tears overflowed from her eyes.

Because of the reason for attending the celebration banquet yesterday, Amber asked Lu Xiangxiang to help her pick up Cindy from the school.

She did not expect that she would not be able to get out tonight.

The kindergarten was out of school at 4:30 in the afternoon. The weather was not cold, but now it was already dark, and it must be more than 7p.m.

As soon as she thought that Cindy might continue to wait for her at the entrance of the kindergarten, Amber could not breathe.

The society was sinister, what if Cindy had an accident??

Amber did not dare to continue to imagine, Cindy was the whole of her life, this moment, her heart’s fear came in from the limbs, tearing her heart and lungs, just tortured her.

“Help! Open the door?? Is there anyone?”

Amber repeated these sentences, put her sound to the maximum, shouted a few times, but did not get anybody’s response.

Within a day, she didn’t drink or eat at all, and Amber’s physical exhaustion was so serious that the body fell to the ground.

She couldn’t find any way to get out from this place. She didn’t know how her daughter was, but she was so desperate and painful. Amber couldn’t help it anymore, and she was crying desperately!

“Let me out??”


When Sean finished his business, the sky was already dark. When he was out of the president office, Xu Lin had not left yet.

His face was a little dignified, and he looked at Sean after hearing Sean was coming.


Xu Lin’s words were stopped, and Sean took a deep look at him, then he opened his mouth intermittently: “Boss, I can’t contact the Director White.”

The eyes of Sean flashed a glimmer of fire. “Oh? I asked you to find her for me. And you just tell me that you can’t contact her, just one sentence, do you think that you have finished your work?”

Xu Lin compressed his lips and didn’t dare to speak. Sean said with a cold smile, “No matter what, let Amber White go to the Hai Wan Xiang Xie tonight and take her daughter away!”

After Sean finished, he walked two steps in the direction of the elevator. He turned back and said to Xu Lin: “After finding her, let her move faster, the Hai Wan Xiang Xie is my home, not a refugee cave!”

Was Amber White crazy? Didn’t she want her daughter? He thought she loved the bastard so much, but it seemed that she was just a tool to attract his attention!

Xu Lin: “??”

More over, Cindy was also the daughter of Sean. They were family members. What would happen if she stay overnight with him?

But no matter how he think in his own mind, he dared not say it. He only nodded to him.

Sean went downstairs. He just drove the car out of the building of the Smith group, and he received the call from Gu Jinyan.

“Smith, I’m in a bad mood, if you are my brother, just accompany me to have a drink in Ye Se.”

Sean tightened his eyebrows and said, “Gu, are you too stupid? Today is Friday, Ye Se is off work!”

After a moment of silence from the phone, Gu hung up the call.

Sean did not call him back. He thought that there was still a little annoying girl in his house, Sean felt that his mood was not better than Gu Jinyan.

He threw the phone into the co-pilot position and drove back to the Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

Parking the car in the parking lot of the villa, and Sean walked to the house under starlight and moonlight.

For a few minutes, he arrived at home. when walking to the villa window, the pace of Sean slightly brought some unchecked stagnation.

There was light in the villa.

In these years, he lived alone, used to the coldness of the dark, and when he had not returned for a long time, there was light in the villa!

But as long as he thought of the person in the villa, Sean’s expression became unhappy again.

As soon as Sean opened the door, the nanny Chen Sao greeted him.

“Young Master, you are back.”

The man nodded and counted as a response. He walked a few steps into the villa, his eyes were falling on the table not far away, there were some hot dishes on the table.

Sean tightened his eyebrows and Aunt Chen followed his eyesights and said with a smile: “Young Master, these are all made by Cindy, have you eaten? If you haven’t eaten, do you want to try it??”

Sean smiled coldly, a three-year-old child can cook so many dishes?

Was he not awake, or was Chen not awake?

He walked towards in the direction of the dining table. Cindy suddenly came out of the kitchen. She was very short, holding three bowls in her hands and her eyes were pure.

The position where Sean stopped was very subtle. It was enough for him to look everything in the kitchen. On the ground near the stove, there was a small bench with a few small footprints on the top. It was Cindy’s footprints.

Sean was speechless and the eyes fell on Cindy sharply.

She put the bowl on the table difficulty, then looked at Sean and said, “Dad, let’s have dinner!”

Sean looked incredibly at everything in front of him, and he never felt so absurd.

After all, in the past, Amber White left him with the deepest impression that she was particularly fond of Cindy.

Caesarean section and block the car with her body. But at the age of three, she can cook so many dishes, was it because Amber White loved her dearly?


There was only one reason!

It was Amber White who deliberately taught her and she had not appeared in the day, and there was a great possibility that she has been planning this trap for a long time.

Otherwise, why even Xu Lin can’t find her!

Amber White’s plan was so excellent, let Lu Ling go to his office to argue with him, lay the foundation of her disappearance, and then let Cindy have a dispute with her classmates!

She knew that he would go to the police station, and even guessed that he would bring Cindy back, so she let Cindy cook so many dishes in his home, so that she can play emotional tricks with him!

Sean was so angry, you’re so good, Amber White!

Even Sean Smith himself had been trapped, did the news on the car radio in the afternoon also Amber White bribed the staff in advance, then deliberately let him hear it?

What a coincidence?

Otherwise, how to explain that Gu Jinyan opened the car radio and this news was playing?

Sean squinted his eyes, his face was sullen, his handsome face became strange because of the lights in the living room.

His eyes glanced at the food on the table, and it was amazing that every one looked very good.

The man’s expression was more gloomy, and his eyes glanced at Chen, saying: “The dishes that a three-year-old child cooked, do you want me to be full, or want me to go to the hospital?”

Chen was stunned and said, “Mr. Smith, when Cindy was cooking, I was watching it, and there was no influx of ingredients. Moreover, these dishes all tasted very well and they were all edible.”

If he ate, he would fall into the trap of Amber White!

Amber White did not have enough time to contact his life, and she was able to use her daughter to validate her own existence in front of him. If he compromised today, would Amber White think that he admitted defeat?

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