Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 38: Mom said eggs have the most nutrition

Sean Smith lifted his eye lids a little and gaze smashed around Aunt Chen unpredictably and said, “What now? I spent money on you, and you don’t want to even make a dinner for me?”

Chen had goosebumps because of his gaze and she said:”Definitley not. It was just the little Miss used up all the materials in this mansion. If sir you can wait, we will go to buy something right now.”

Chen said it really perturbedly because this Hai Wan Xiang Xie community is located at outskirts. It would still take an hour to the nearest market!

“Daddy, my mom complimented to the dishes I made, why don’t you want to eat them?”

Sean Smith was really tall. The kid still couldn’t see Sean Smith’s face even she looked up so hard. And she didn’t saw how angry Sean Smith was when she mentioned about Amber White. Anger was fulfilled in his eyes.

He didn’t answer Cindy White but staring at Chen.

Sean Smith said in a deep tone:” You want me to have dinner or midnight snack if you went to shop food right now?!”

“??” Chen was confused.

Sean Smith took a deep breath and he pointed to the door and said, “Go away!”

Chen knew about how bad personality Sean Smith had so she quickly picked up her coat and went out the mansion.

Now in this big villa, only the two people left, Sean smith and Cindy White. Cindy had climbed onto the chair and gave herself a bowl of soup.

“Dad, aren’t you going to have dinner?”

Sean Smith lifted one of his eyebrows and took off his suit coat restlessly and threw it on the leather sofa in his mansion and said:” Just mind yourself’s business!”

Actually Sean Smith was starving because he was working all day. He walked into the kitchen and looked for food and he ended up finding a cup of instant noodle.

Sean Smith whispered “Damn.” No matter what, he is still the young master of the Smith’s family, the CEO of the Smith’s company and he is now going to have instant noodles because of a kid.

Sean Smith got quite pissed of by this.

He finished boiling the instant noodles in the kitchen and then sat in front of Cindy White.

He had to admit that the dishes on the table were really not like they were made by a three-year-old kid. He kept on smelling the smell of those dishes while he was eating the noodles.

Sean Smith felt even more miserable comparing his instant noodles with the dishes Cindy cooked.

He was resentful. He thought that Amber White was so damn good. No matter he is going to eat what Cindy made or not.

Now he is depressed.

Amber White she hidden herself so well and he wasn’t able to see her till now. And she sent her children to his house and totally messed up his life. Three years ago she said that she’s the one who donated her marrow and three years later, she still used this not reasonable reason to ruin his lift.

Damn it! He really was messed up so he was tricked by that woman to pick up this kid from the police office.

While Sean Smith thinking all the messy stuffs, he suddendly saw a sunny-side-up egg showed up in his bowl. And he follows where the chopsticks led and that kid was staring at him innocently.

She saw him looking at her, she smiled and said:” Daddy, just try the egg I cooked, it is so good!”

She said that and nodded her head heavily, as if she could increase the credibility of her words.

Sean Smith took the chopsticks and threw the egg into the trash can near his feet.

Cindy White’s eyes flashed a bit of grievances. She bit her lip and whispered, “Dad, you are wasting food. The teacher said that it is wrong to do so.”

He snorted at her words. She was using the food from his refrigerator and caused him can only pick instant noodles. And now she even wants to preach on him?

This is how Amber White educated her chiled?

But he understands that her child is the same level as her.

“Us Smith’s family has sufficient capital to do so.”

Cindy didn’t understand much of what Sean Smith said but at least she could tell unpleasantness from the tone and the waay she said it

“But…My mom said eggs have the most nutrition.”

What the heck?!

Was she satirizing that what he ate was not nutritive?

Sean Smith was not in a good mood at all and said:“Don’t talk to me about something that is nutritious or not. I love this no-nourishing instant noodles. What? With your mother, you don’t even eat instant noodles?”

When Cindy White heard what Sean Smith said, she placed the chopsticks on a delicate bowl. “Mom won’t let me eat it!”

Sean Smith’s eyes stayed on the white rice in her bowl for a moment, then picked up a noodle and sent it into the mouth.

Sean Smith is beautiful manly at the same time that even if there is a layer of faint frost on the face, the sputum is mixed with the darkness but his every move can be made free and elegant, his personality was so different.

Especially right now, it was just instant noodles. But the way Sean Smith having it was feasting people’s eyes.

Cindy White swallowed, and stared at the Sean Smith to eat instant noodles.

Because of the adequate seasoner, a kind of aroma is emitted. In addition to being able to fool Cindy White who has not eaten instant noodles, Sean Smith only found it difficult to chew.

This instant noodles are just for watching but not enjoying.

“Dad, can you share me some! just take a bite!”

Cindy White pulled Sean Smith’s white shirt, and her sound was soft, and he can see the simple and direct desire from the bottom from her eyes.

“No way!” Sean Smith pulled away his noodles away from Cindy White and strictly said:”You are too dirty!”

Cindy was not really sure what was going on. She looked at her hands to check. Her forehead is also wrapped in gauze, exude a layer of powder powder blood mixed with the color of the potion, the gauze stained with color.

Before dinner, she also felt she’s dirty.

She thought the dirtly she supposed was the same deal as what Sean Smith metioned. She said:” Daddy, then can you let me eat it after I recoveried?”

Sean Smith paused, he wanted to say something but he realized that Cindy might not understand what he was trying to express and he stopped.

He thought that was a waste of time then he turned his head around and kept on eating his noodles.

However no matter how much he ate, he still thinks this noodles are too oily and sucks. Only the people like Cindy White that doesn’t have hight horizontal will want to eat it!

He eat it some more and blocked the desire from Cindy White and held the bowl to the kitchen and dumped it to the trash can.

Sean Smith’s taste had always been smashed, and some of the things that Michelin’s top chefs have made may not be able to enter his mouth. The instant noodles gave him a feeling of being difficult to swallow.

No matter how much Cindy wanted that , he will not give her this.

Amber White said that instant noodles are not nutritive, what if something went wrong to Cindy White and then Amber blamed all of this to him!

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