Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 39: Don’t Bother Me

As soon as he came out of the kitchen, Sean Smith went to the leather sofa in the living room and went upstairs with his suit .

He just walked two or three steps, Cindy White chased up, three-year-old child, it’s struggling to for her go upstairs, she stretched out her chubby little hand, tightened the trousers of Sean, followed him upstairs and asked:

“Dad, when will my mother come back? Do you know where she go? I haven’t seen her for two days.”

Sean did not have the desire to answer her question.

If he knew the whereabouts of Amber White, he had already put her annoyingly into the hands of Amber.

He didn’t know where she was now, how happy she was, and she had no sense of being a wife and a mother. There was no one as free as Amber White in the world.

When she first hit his car with her body, her words were so reasonable, but she still didn’t care if Cindy well now.


“Dad, I want to see my mother, can you take me to find my mother?”

Cindy’s voice was a bit pitiful, but the pace of Sean did not stop. He said, “I don’t know, don’t bother me!”

The man tried to save his trousers from Cindy’s hand, and then stepped into the door, closed the door before Cindy White entered.

After entering the room, Sean finally found a little silence in his own Hai Wan Xiang Xie.

It’s rare for Sean for coming back so early, he threw himself into the kingsize bed and pulled out a few scripts that had been chosen by the Smith group before, and read them on the bed.

The light was dim, with a few warm colors, and the face of the man seemed to be more handsome.

At nine o’clock, Sean suddenly threw away the script in his hand, and he began to be hungry.

His diet was not regular before, he had chronic stomach problems, and he was hurt when he was hungry.

At noon, he suddenly rushed to the police station to pick up Cindy White. He hadn’t eaten much in the past. Now there was a burning pain from the stomach, which made Sean feel miserable.

Sean endured forbearance, and reached out and slapped the documents on the bed to the ground.

The pain in the stomach spread, and there were a few irritations in his chest.

Just at this time, the door of Sean was knocked from the outside.

The big villa, in addition to him, there was only one Cindy White, Sean’s stomach was pain, so he didn’t want to to take care of the little guy outside.

“Dad, are you sleeping? Can I go in?”

Cindy White’s voice was mixed with a trace of unspeakable trembling. Sean Smith narrowed his eyes and his eyes became dark and gloomy. He said: “I told you many times. I don’t know where your mother is. Can you understand? ”

“If you want to find your mother, don’t ask me, you can find her yourself.”

The face of Sean flashed a trace of pain because of his speech which caused a sudden sharp pain in his stomach.

He wanted to find Amber White more than Cindy White now!

The sound of Cindy’s soft and sweet voice rang again from outside the room: “Dad, don’t be angry, I don’t ask the matter about mother any more.”


The anger in Sean’s heart eased, but he still had some hesitation in his heart.

A three-year-old child, will not look for her mother, was it possible?

He was silent, but he wanted to check when Cindy White can bear it, and come back, then ask him to find her mother.

On this day, he suffered from stomach pain to didn’t have a meal. At first glance, she was the child of Amber White, who could always against him!

There was no sound in the room. Cindy stood outside the door and waited for a while. Sean still did not speak. The little guy simply knocked on the door again: “Dad, you don’t talk, does it mean that I can go in?”

“The villa is too big and it is too dark outside. I am afraid to face it alone.”

After Sean heard it, he changed his posture and lay in bed, and he snorted with disdain.

He can not see that Amber White was afraid nothing and even could threaten his parents would raised Cindy White such a timid child!

Afraid? He thought that she had already looked this place as her home.

Sean still did not speak, Cindy waited for about a minute or two before she opened the door and walked in.

The interior was lighted by a beautiful wall lamp, which made Cindy’s round face more lovely, and Sean’s eyesight fell on the bowl which was held by her chubby little hand.

As she approached, the air scented the porridge of millet porridge.

Because of this rice fragrance, Sean’s empty stomach felt the stinging pain, and the man bite his teeth, his face was pale because of this pain.

He glanced up and down and looked at Cindy, why did he think that she was coming to get even with him and torture him!

Sean was not afraid of Sean’s eyesights. He put the bowl on the bedside table of Sean and said: “Dad, you must eat very little tonight. You must be hungry. I cooked the millet porridge for you, Dad, can you eat it?”

Sean’s eyesight was complex and difficult to distinguish, then he looked at the table. The bowl was the largest bowl he had ever seen in his home, it’s about one inch larger than the normal bowl.

It was filled with millet porridge, and the smoky smog came out of it, with a tempting aroma.

It’s hard to imagine how Cindy came upstairs with the bowl.

The man looked at the child who was speaking. She stared at him with a pair of watery eyes, and her big eyes looked straight at him. The little hand had kneaded her wrist.

The eyes of Sean was deepened, was this also taught by Amber White?

Or was Cindy White herself planning this?

They wanted to conquer him with a bowl of millet porridge, was he so cheap in the eyes of them?

The smile on the face of Sean shattered, and the corner of his lips seemed to smash a lot of broken ice. The coldness was incomparable: “I am not hungry! Don’t bother me!”


Cindy’s small body squatted on the edge of the bed and looked at him doubtfully. Her eyes were particularly good-looking. When she looked at someone, she was focused and well-behaved. Unreasonably he was touched.

It’s also that this little poor child had worked hard to come up. Wasn’t he a little ruthless if he didn’t eat it at all?

What can a three-year-old child know? Like an idiot, she can even look his insult words as the praise.


The stomach of Sean was painful again, it’s like a needle-like pain spreading to his entire stomach.

Was Cindy White’s material from his Kitchen? ! It’s not that he forced Cindy White to cook it. He still didn’t believe that he had eaten it today, Amber White would trap him tomorrow because of this?

If because Amber White, he didn’t eat this porridge, and Amber White knew it later, she would mock at him definitely!

Sean was really unable to find a reason to continue to abuse himself not to eat.

Seeing that Sean didn’t move at all, Cindy’s eyes widened, she closed to him and asked:

“Dad, you don’t eat the porridge I cooked, is it because you are angry with my mother?”

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