Please go away, Mr. smith – Chapter 4 Mom, what does ‘Concubine’ mean?

Amber White felt pleased that she had kept her cute daughter safe in that dark bathroom three years ago. The child used her surname,White. Because Neither her family or Sean Smith’s family admitted her.

That’s good,Amber White never wanted her daughter to be in the danger of the fight of the riches.

“Mom!” Cindy White called her excitedly. “Have you finished your work?”

“Yeah.”Amber White nodded and smiled kindly.

She bent down and picked Cindy from the small bed,and she incidentally saw the magazine on the bed.

In the magazine,for her, the smile of Sean Smith and Tang Tian was so ridiculous.

Where did the magazine come from?

Why was it in the bed of Cindy?

She was stunned. They had no contact in the past three years,but she was just aware that someone would definitely bothered she and her daughter’s peaceful life.

“Mom, what does the word ‘concubine’ mean? What is the meaning of the affair?” Cindy White pouted,she gritted her teeth and said angrily, “The teacher in the next class said that my father has an affair with other woman, and he doesn’t need you anymore !”

Her voice was not loud, it was even weak enough to be ignored, but just such a trivial question made Amber White heart-broken, The feeling could even swallow up all her sense of accomplishment in her job.

“That’s the fake news, You are a child,don’t watch these things!”

She took the magazine and threw it into the trash.

Her fingers trembled, because at that moment, she seemed to see the mark on the magazine. “Sean Smith”, “Amber White”, “Tang Tian”, “Concubine”, “Deserted wife”, these words had been circled by Cindy, and there were question marks in some places.

Cindy White never expected that her mom would be such angry, So her bright eyes were filled with tears.

“Mom, Were they telling the truth? Has dad abandoned you? Has dad abandoned me,too?”

“Fatty, one of my classmates said that I’m not father’s own daughter. Mom,I had looked up in the dictionary, Did they mean that I’m not your own child?”

“Mom, wasn’t you who gave birth to me?”

Cindy White couldn’t help but cry. Her teardrops kept falling down. They were not just falling to the back of Amber White’s hand, but also falling to her heart.

Amber White’s eyes were filled with tears,too.

It turns out that the reason why she used the marker to circle the words was to look up the dictionary. If she did not notice that today, Cindy would probably not ask her for this.

The child was afraid of that she would be sad, so the child did these things quietly.

“Don’t cry, Cindy,Do not listen to their nonsense,either. Dad loves mother, Dad loves you,too.Your dad would never abandon me.” Amber White put Cindy back on the bed, then she wiped her tears, “If your daddy hear this words, he would be sad.”

“would he?”

Amber White frowned. “Why does dad never come to see me? I has never seen him.”

Amber White was speechless again.

Xingyue Bay was a house bought by herself. After giving birth to Cindy, she and Cindy had always been living here. Sean Smith didn’t admired her, so he had never been there.

Sometimes she would showed Sean Smith’s pictures to Cindy and told her that she had dad,which was like other children. It’s just that her father was different from other people’s fathers. Her father had a company which he needed to pay a lot of energies to deal with,he needed to make money for her and Cindy.

She could cheated a kid by these words, but at the moment, Cindy was older and more sensitive.

“Who said that your father has never came to see you? Your father has too many works,he always work late into night.When he comes,you have already fall asleep,so you don’t know.” Amber White tried her best to explain.

Cindy White frowned: “Mom, are you telling the truth?”

“Of course.” She felt sour, “Your father has to work hard for buying a big house for us and he would buy a lot of beautiful clothes for you. We are very happy, they slandered your father because they are jealous of us.”

“All right.”Then Cindy blinked and said to her. “I trust you. So could you ask father to take time to send me to school? I want they know that I have father. He never abandon me, and my father is the most handsome father in the world.”

Amber White was stunned.

“Mom, Could you?” Cindy White stretched at her sleeves and pleaded with grievances.

“Okay.” Amber White could not reject. “I will let him send you to school when your father had spare time. It’s too late,you should sleep first , okay?”

“Awesome! Thank you mom!”

Cindy White jumped up excitedly, then she sneaked into the quilt in the next second and lie down.

Amber White couldn’t calm down herself. She did not stay with Cindy. Instead, she said “Good night” to her,then she raised her hand to turn off the lights in the room, and left.

Amber White sat in the living room, staring at the name on the phone’s address book for a long time, and she did not call him.

forget it!

Let Sean Smith send Cindy to school?

What was she thinking about?


Instead of this, it was better to exchange Cindy to another school.

Amber White returned to the bedroom, but couldn’t sleep,she finally called her best friend,Lu Xiangxiang.

“Xiangxiang, tomorrow, Luoshen Bay will on the exchange, I may be busy till night, you can help me to go to the kindergarten to pick up Cindy?”

Lu Xiangxiang answered with no hesitation: “No problem!”


“Amber,Is there any problem?”Lu Xiangxiang stopped her words for a while.

Then, she continued to asked, “I saw the magazine this morning. Are you okay? I want to say that it was too much,He was such a bad guy! The star was worse than you in anything except age, How shameless he is, how could he leave you at home and flirt with those cunt?He really had a bad taste.”

“Xiangxiang, what I want to tell you is this thing.” She frowned, “I don’t care about their affair, but Cindy has already know that. When you go to the kindergarten,please talk to the teachers,I want to transfer her to another kindergarten.”

“Could this matter be handled in this way?” Lu Xiangxiang complained. “In my opinion, why don’t you talk to him about what happened 11 years ago? You have to tell him!”


She was silent for a long time.

Lu Xiangxiang knew that her tone was too serious, and he quickly said: “Okay! I will do as you say this time! I will talk to teachers after work, but Amber, I don’t the matter which happen three years ago happened again. If Sean Smith is such bad, I prefer that you stay away from him! Even if you divorce with him!”


“With your looks, your ability, even if you have Cindy, You would also be chased by other person.” Lu Xiangxiang pouted “In my opinion, director Lu of your company’s public relations department is good!”

Amber White frowned: “What do you say? Lu Yi is Sean Smith’s cousin.”

“So what? Cousin is good!” Lu Xiangxiang said. “He should know that his wife could be treated as a treasure by others!”

“All right! Xiangxiang! My relationship with Lu Yi is not like that.”

Amber White did not give Lu Xiangxiang the opportunity to continue and she hang up the phone directly.

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