Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 40: I was not quarrelled with her and now and make up in second

The little one was showing her face while asking. You can see her eyes were full of curious and questions.

Sean Smith’s stomach was in pain. His face was serious, and his heart was so irritated.

He was mad!

He got so mad!!

But why the hell he needed to guarantee this before this kid. What if she told Amber White about this and made her thinks too much and what if she thought she means a lot to him?

His face got more serious becuase of his stomache.

But it didn’t tear Cindy and him apart becuase of how he looks right now. Instead Cindy thought he was tacitly approved about this.

“Dad, my deskmate Xiao Pang said that lovers’ quarrels are soon mended. You really don’t need to get piss off so much, it will only hurt you.”

Sean Smith got even more mad because of what Cinday White said.

Amber White and him were quite distinct from each other after 3 years. How can she use such intimate words? And that deskmate said? Bullshit.

It must be Amber White taught her about this, that crazy woman!

“Who said I am mad and who told you I had bad times with Amber and am going to makeup with her at the end?!” Sean Smith said it with huge anger and then still yelled:” Your mom has nothing to do with me!”

Sean Smith stretched out his hand and get the congee that was placed on Cindy’s night table and had a swig.

The temperature of the porridge was just right, the taste of it was full and thick, and his stomach became warm because of the warmth of the porridge.

Sean Smith it was good for a child to cook porridge but he didn’t expect the taste to be good.

He half lift his slender eyelashes, looked at Cindy White.

He had to admit that Amber White was lucky to have such considerate daugther.

Since Amber was willing to send her baby daughter to cook for him, then he won’t be polite for her ‘kindness’.

Less than a minute, he drank the porridge into his stomach, the emptiness in his stomach slowed down, the pain gradually weakened, and the gloomy expression on his face finally dispersed.

Cindy was really happy to see him eat the porridge.

The smile on her face was so clean and bright. Sean Smith looked at her and she blinked her big eyes.

But there was still gloomy on his face and he hummed coldly.

Cindy saw that Sean Smith was in a bad mood, but this did not affect her happiness.

Then Cindy started staring at Sean’s room. Her eyes were fulfilled with curiosity.

She felt that the color in Sean’s room was so simple and plain. Only black and white and grey. And she saw a trophy which is shimmering and gold near the closet is the only attractive thing in his room.

Cindy walked over with a small short leg, and when she was close, she saw that she saw a trophy.

The reason for the close distance, the original appearance on the table was exposed.

The trophies and medals are dazzling, Cindy hadn’t got the chance to see much trophies in her kindergarten.

But there were all over the throphies on his table.

“Dad, are these all your throphies?”

Cindy was showing admiration to Sean Smith while looking at him. He was acutally angry at himself ate the porridge Cindy cooked. But now he saw Cindy, she was showing weakness to him.

Suddendly he felt proud from the deep coner in his heart and he can not ignore this feeling.

He cleared his throat and replied coldly, “Yes.”

With greater interest, she held the biggest one in her hand and asked Sean, “dad, dad, how did you win this trophy?”

With a glance, Sean Smith said, “There are so many trophies, how can I remember them clearly? Isn’t there a certification on it? Didn’t your mother teach you how to read?”

Cindy’s eyes again moved to a table of trophies with more worship shown on her face and said:”I want that kindergarten sports competition trophy for a long time, but I failed.”

“Dad you are amazing for having so many trophies.”

Cindy fondly touched this, and then touch that.

Sean’s lip horned microly the last trace of uneasiness also swept away.

Unexpectedly. In the end, it were all the trophies on the table that he always felt dispensable earned him confidence from Cindy!

The man squinted his eyes and it felt like all the lights were gathered into his eyes and they are so bright right now.

Cindy just couldn’t get enough with all these trophies and have saw all the certifications along with the trophy. She was so amazed by all of this and was whisperring something. Sean Smith can only hear that she said:

“Dad can fencing, playing the piano and.. what is this letter?”

Sean’s face was full of complacent.

He had a wide range of hobbies, and even he had a special hobby. He didn’t like to quit halfway. As long as he likes it, everything must be perfect and best.

There was a room in the Smith’s family that is dedicated to display all the achievements he has made from small scale to large ones. It is just the tip of the iceberg that are right now on this tabel!

It was when he moved out of his family’s house, the aunt who packed his bags thought he had to bring some of this trophies. He felt it was superfluous, so he sorted out and piled up them in the bedroom that was not allowed to enter.

Sean lifted his lips a little. From time to time, he drifted through the praise of Cindy’s one or two sentences. He was fully pleasant physically and mentally.

“Dad can you let me have one of the trophies?!”

Cindy suddendly turned aournd and looked at Sean who was sitting on the bed. Her eyes were so watery and he felt the expectations from her.

Sean twisted his eyebrows and Cindy got nervous becuase of the dark light in his eyes.


Sean said it with a low tone voice:” What, you’re only three years old now and you want to learn how to get something for nothing? Win trophies without effort?”

He said it very strictly, Cindy had to put it down and then seriously said:”When I grow up, I will be just as good as dad and I will get much trophies just as you didn.”

Sean saw that Cindy’s eyes were shining while she was saying that. Then he rubbed his head.


Damn it!

What was wrong with him to spend time to educate Amber White’s kid?

It must be that this bastard sent the food on time and saved his stomach so he was touched.

He looked at Cindy sharply and Cindly put down the trophies reluctantly and walked beside Sean.

She was bout to say somehting but suddenly she saw the photo frame that was placed on Sean Smith’s night table.

Sean Smith followed Cindy’s vision and his pupil jerked.

That was framed the photo of Sean and Lin Man. An old one.

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