Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 41: The newspaper said that such aunt is the mistress

Cindy White reached out her small hands and held the photo frame. She took it in her hand and asked: “Dad, who is this aunt?”

Sean Smith took the photo frame, and he was indifferent again. He closed his eyes and the haze on his face became thicker and heavier.

“It’s none of your business. You are just a kid and don’t care about adult’s things!”

Cindy White was not angry. She buckled her hands together and looked at Sean Smith put the photo frame on the bedside table again, and she felt a little disappointed.

She didn’t know why she didn’t like the aunt on the photo.

“Dad, you are so happy in that photo. What is the relationship between this aunt and you?” Cindy White asked again.

Her voice was soft and sweet, but her voice was much louder than before with questioning.

Sean Smith had run the company many years. Whether he was at HK or Smith Group, he was at the top of the company. For so many years, the first time he was threatened by Amber White. Now, Amber White’s daughter also threaten him? How dare she threatened him?

Sean Smith was so angry and he said coldly: “She is Lin Man, my girlfriend!”

“Oh, is it the same as Tang Tian Auntie I saw in the newspaper?” Cindy White said with innocence: “I know, the newspaper said that such aunt is a mistress!”


If you really wanted to discuss it, Amber White was mistress who broke him and Lin Man !

Cindy White was not qualified to ask him!

And, Tang Tian didn’t have qualification to compared with Lin Man.

Sean Smith was so angry and and he said fiercely: “I will marry to Lin Man in the future! She is not a mistress, and your mother is a mistress!”

Cindy White was puzzled and asked: “Dad, didn’t you get married with my mother? Are we not a family?”

The marriage with Amber White was forced. Amber White should know that donating bone marrow could not threaten him and his mother for a lifetime, so Amber White let Cindy White came to put him on a major guilt trip!

But how can there be such a good thing in the world? Did the thing Amber White wished really come true?

“Mom said, you love me, and love her, isn’t it true?”

Thinking of this, Cindy White was almost crying, and she looked at Sean Smith, and choke on her tears.

Sean Smith did not hesitate to nod and Cindy White saw his nodded and then she cried.

Cindy White’s face was white and tender and with she crying, her eyes quickly reddened and wet by tears, and she looked particularly sad.

“Why? Everyone said that I am a bastard, is it true? Do you only want the child who belonged Lin Man and you, and you don’t want me?”

Sean Smith was heartbreak, he wanted to answer yes!

And he also wanted to tell Cindy White that she was not his child. She was a bastard who belonged to Amber White and other man!

They and him were not a family at all!

But when he saw Cindy White’s tears, these words were stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say one word.

Cindy White saw that Sean Smith didn’t comfort her

She was even more sad. She reached out and rubbed her eyes and looked at Sean Smith. Her voice was a little hoarse: “Dad, because of this, you have been reluctant to see me? Right?”

“I am not a child you like?”

Sean Smith was a little bitterly.

Perhaps Gu Jinyan was right, what Amber White did should be attributed to Amber White. Cindy White was still a child.

“No, I like you.”

As soon as Sean Smith said, Cindy White looked at him with tears. The grievances and sadness were still there, but the tears finally stopped.

“But you just are shouting at me because of Lin Man??”

Just stopped the tears, Cindy White’s voice still whimpered, the man’s eyes were full with darkness: “Lin Man Lin Man! You cannot call her Lin Man? Call her auntie! Do you know!”

Cindy White was wronged again. Sean Smith compromised and pulled the little guy’s shoulder. He said, “Aunt Lin Man is a very good woman. She is not a mistress, do you know?”

Sean Smith was impatience, but his gaze locked her. She blinked several times and nodded.

Sean Smith loosened her shoulder. Cindy White was free, and reached out hands to the direction of the bedside table. She once again held the photo frame in her arms. She looked at the photo. Lin Man leaned against Sean Smith. And she smiled very happy. She matched with Sean Smith very well.

Cindy White was disappointed: “Dad, you have no photos with mother, and you don’t have photos with me.”

Sean Smith frowned and his lips moved, and he was so gloomy.

She suddenly looked up and looked at Sean Smith and said, “Dad, don’t be upset, I won’t say it again.”

Sean Smith still frowned, and Cindy White cocked her head, although her eyes were still red, she smiled: “Dad, Aunt Lin Man looks so beautiful, and can you introduce me to her in the future?”

Sean Smith looked at her, and when he saw the wishes of Cindy White’s eyes, he was a little relaxed.

Cindy White’s aesthetic was better than her mother.

Sean Smith took the photo frame form Cindy White. His eyes fell on the face of Cindy White.

The person he liked, of course, would be the best! However, after Cindy White agreed with him, he had a hint of pleasure.

When Amber White forced Lin Man to leave three years ago, she did not expect that one day her daughter would praise that Lin Man was beautiful?

Sean Smith took down the photo frame and looked down at Cindy White. He felt that this little child was not so annoying!

Pretty cute!

“Dad? Can you?”

Cindy White did not get Sean Smith’s answer, and she asked again.

Sean Smith tugged the neckline of his shirt. The body was no longer tight, and the tone was casual and relaxed: “Yes! I will take you to see Aunt Lin Man.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Cindy White smiled again. Her little body leaned forward and leaned closer to Sean Smith. She pointed to Sean Smith’s phone and whispered: “Dad, can we take a photo together? I don’t have your photo!”

Sean Smith looked at the direction pointed by Cindy White, and at this time, the phone rang.

It was Xu Lin, and Sean Smith was suddenly gloomy.

Xu Lin called this time. Did he find Amber White?

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