Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 42: I’ll Collect Your Mother’s Body

Sean Smith thought of something and connected the phone.

His voice suddenly down: “What?”

“Mr. Smith, I received the news from the company here, they said that someone sent the Director White’s mobile phone and bag anonymously to the marketing department?” Xu Lin paused and said: “The Director White must have an accident!”

Sean smiled coldly and that made Xu Lin felt a little overwhelmed.

“Who gave you the news?”

Although Xu Lin did not know why Sean asked this question, he still replied: “It is the secretary of Director White, Xiao Shen.”

Sean squeezed his fingers and touched the lips. The gloom of the eyes flashed.

Amber White, she had so many tricks!

“Don’t care about her, this thing, maybe it’s her own tricks!”

When Sean’s words fell, Xu Lin had said with some anxious: “But??”

“No but, if she really has an accident, Xiao Shen still has time to come over and tell you this who have nothing to do with her?” The man satirically said, “Do as I said!”

After saying this sentence, Sean had hung up.

He pressed the emotions in his eyes, Amber White, how can she be so interesting!

It’s almost ten o’clock in the evening. She caused such a matter, and why wasn’t she afraid to send things to the company and there’s no one there?

For Xiao Shen, maybe it’s Amber White arranged her to do it in advance, and she was so good at falsification!

Sean sniffed at her, but Cindy’s eyes were bright. Only they were in the bedroom. Although Sean did not mention the name of Amber, Cindy still faintly heard Xu Lin mentioning her mother via the phone.

She looked excitedly at Sean and smiled and asked: “Dad, is there news for my mother? Where is she, are we going to find her?”

Sean glanced at her and shook his head without hesitation, saying, “No.”

Cindy paused for a moment and said, “But I heard my mother’s name.”

Sean snorted and compressed his lips, then he whispered, “Your mother doesn’t want you!”

In order to trap him, Amber did not care about Cindy for two days. Was there any difference that she didn’t want her?

Cindy grinned and said, “I don’t believe, my mother loves me most, she won’t don’t want me!”

Her black eyes, as if washed by the water, as if they were a pool of spring in her eyes, clean and clear.

Sean’s eyebrows picked up. If Cindy was not a child of Amber White, maybe she will be more lovely.

He hung his eyes, his back to the light, and the endless cold light in her eyes.

Amber White was so good at disguising that Cindy believed her was also excusable, but Sean did not think that Amber was easy to deal with.

His lips were picked into a sinuous arc, and the tone was cold: “In this case, why didn’t your mother come to see you these two days?”

“She has something to do!” Cindy did not hesitate to answer.

“For what? Before your departure, did your mother tell you to be busy?” Sean did not stop, and then said: “It seems that I am the leader of your mother, there is no work in the company to let her do that!”

Sean squinted, and the eyes were filled a deep whirlpool.

He suddenly remembered Shi Muzhou and his good cousin.

Amber White was quite busy, but she was busy to entangle with anther men!

How can she have enough time to take care of Cindy? And Cindy still tried her best to help her find excuses!

“My mother won’t lie to me!” Cindy quickly replied, and the small face was already a little unhappy.

Sean almost laughed, Amber White will not lie to Cindy?

At that time, Cindy said that Amber White once told her that he loved Cindy and more loved Amber White. What did she mean?

He may love anyone in his life, and he will never love Amber White, a deliberate and thoughtful woman!

He just wanted to talk, the phone suddenly rang again, and Sean swept a glance at the screen of the phone, and there was a slight of surprise in his eyes.

It turned out to be Tang Tian?

Sean did not intend to pick it up, Cindy suddenly squinted and looked at him and asked: “Dad, why don’t you answer the phone?”

His eyelids jumped and he frowned. The tone was harsh and stern: “What happened?”

Tang Tian was shocked by the deep and cold voice of Sean. After a moment of pause, she cautiously asked: “Sean, are you still angry? Don’t you still work off your anger?”

The gully between Sean’s eyebrows was deeper. In his heart, he was annoying of these women who were rushing to stick to him, and some was especially difficult to communicate.

“What do you mean of work off my anger?”

Tang Tian was a little anxious and said with a slight reminder: “Sean, I helped you teach Amber White a lesson. You always hate her, right? Shouldn’t you give me a reward?”


Sean suddenly noticed something wrong and calmly asked: “What have you done?”

Tang Tian was stunned, which was different from the script she originally thought of! Why it seemed that Sean’s tone was not only unhappy, but with a little questioning feeling?

Tang Tian was hesitant, even though she was talking with Sean, she still became mutter and mumble.

Was she misunderstanding?

“I’m asking you! What have you done?”

Sean’s words were with a few cold feeling: “What happened, you can’t even say a word?”

“No, Sean, the day of the feast, was Amber White that old woman irritating you?? I just want to revenge for you, then??” Tang Tian couldn’t make sure and the voice was getting weaker.

Sean narrowed his eyes and there’s some unspeakable light flashes though his eyes.


“I locked Amber White in the toilet of Ye Se??” Tang Tian’s voice was somewhat wronged: “I said that I helped you revenge that day, I thought you already knew it??”


Sean hung up with a deep anger. He slammed up from the bed and picked up a coat hanging on a hanger and walked outside the door.

Cindy chased him and asked: “Dad, where are you going?”

Sean walked away very quickly. After he disappeared from the stairway, the voice floated from downstairs and said: “Go to collect your mother’s body! And you, just stay in my own house, be honest!”

Dad, what did “collect my mother’s body” mean?

Cindy’s words were blocked in her throat. She wanted to go with him, but before she reached the stairs, she heard the dull sound of the villa’s door being opened and being slammed.

She can only return to his bedroom.

In the big villa, Cindy was alone, she went to the bedside, the eyes inevitably landed on the photo frame on the bedside table.

She reached out, took it and looked at it for two minutes before she squat down her small body and rummaged through the drawer of Sean’s until she pulled out a pen and she stood up again.

When Cindy stood up, she took the photo out of the photo frame and pinched the pen to draw the face of Lin Man in the photo for a long time. Until the face of Lin Man became a black lacquer, she stopped.

She put down the pen, smashed the photo into a ball and threw it into the trash can beside her feet.

Dad was her mother’s!

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