Please Go Away, Mr Smith!-chapter 43:Do not put on a play

After walking outside of Hai Wan Xiang Xie, Sean Smith drives to leave.

He steps the throttle pedal to the end and puts on a cold smile, the award ceremony was held yesterday and Ye Se didn’t do business today, so Amber White must’ve suffered a lot at Ye Se.

Right now, there’s only the lip colour of Sean Smith turns to be colder in this dark night.

As Sean Smith expected, Amber is curling up at toilet with a stiff body right now, her stomach is empty and has spasms of pain. It’s been 20 hours since she has not taken any food, after spending a night at cold floor, her lips get white, her body goes into stiff from coldness, although it’s summer, someone seems to play some pranks of turning on the air-condtioner of toilet at it’s minimum, just like this, Amber spent the night at toilet.

The toilet is all in darkness as if it were playing some horrible movies, Amber feels so scared and hungry, tears cannot stop rolling down from her eyes at this moment. Amber has shivers on the body, she has no any strength left to call for help. She feels so desperate right now, she worries about Cindy, what if she’s lost? Her breathes get weaker and weaker, her eyelids get more and more heavy, when she feels almost unconscious, the door’s pushed open suddenly from outside, then lights flows in. The handsome face of Sean Smith becomes more and more clear.

The moment time looks so alike with 11 years ago, at that day, he pushed open the door and walked towards her like a god. All of a sudden, tears fill in her eyes.

Is it just her illusion? Finally she cannot hang on anymore, her eyes goes blank, her body then falls onto ground.

Before she’s unconscious, Amber mocks at herself a bit.

It’s him who puts her into such poor situation, he hates her so much, how can he come here to save her in such late hour?

Because of the thing that happened three years ago, he so wants to strangle her to die! Now he comes here to save her? That’s impossible! She might be so crazy right now!

He’s no longer the Sean Smith eleven years ago! At least he loved him at that time.

If he knows that she has been locking in such dark place where has no any food or water, he would clap his hands! Right now, her mind is messy, her chest is painful as if it were being teared off. There’s coldness entangling her body thoroughly!

Sean Smith has never thought the first scene when he pushes open the door is to see the terrible look of Amber White! He pulls his lips a bit and puts on a mocking sense.

Hum! Isn’t she always good at playing others? How come she has such day too! She can deal with the scandle of Tang Tian at opening ceremony so well, how come she’s lost in mind when bad things come to her?

He half squats down and shakes Amber:”Amber White? Are you dead?”

Amber remains still there with a pale face. After touching her body, Sean Smith clearly feels the hotness on her, he then narrows his eyes and has a thought. Is she having a fever?

He then squints at the toilet and finds the air-condtioner here is still on, besides, someone seems to turn it down to 16 degree, but right now, there’s only a thin T-shirt on Amber’s body. She has been staying here for so long, how can she not be sick?

Normally, Amber does things with a tough look, it’s the first time Sean Smith sees her being such weak. He then frowns there all of a sudden. She always caculates people with a perfect plan, when she’s having a devious thought for tricking others, she might’ve never thought she would also be caculated by them someday.

Sean Smith assumes that when Amber walked inside of the toilet that time, she didn’t keep close eyes on Tang Tian, or how can Amber be tricked by her like this?

He then smiles coldly and drags Amber up from ground, then he says to her with an indifferent look:”director White? Mrs Smith? Aren’t you good at playing others? Get up! Don’t put on a play!” but Amber still stays still there without giving any reactions.

Shit! Sean Smith curses a bad word and then asks people to carry Amber to the outside.

Amber is thin, so it’s not heavy to hang her around shoulder. When they walks to the car, Sean Smith then throws Amber to the back seat, his face is gloomy right now.

At first, he’s here to ask her to bring the little one away from him, how can she add her own trouble? this fucking woman! He then rubs his eyebrowns for a while!

At this moment, the people in the office all know news about Amber, if it were not to prevent the scandle about Smith company may come out tomorrow, Sean Smith would’ve never been here. After all, Amber is the director of marketing department, and also his wife.

Yes! He’s doing this for the company!

Sean Smith wants to leave right away after he sends Amber to hospital, but then he’s dragged by the doctor to stay for watching the iv-dripps for Amber.

He sits down with anxieties, after all he has to company the woman who he dislikes all night, so it’s a big challenge for him.

Amber feels so weak right now, her head becomes heavy, suddenly, there’s a white light flashing into her eyebrowns. in a daze, she cannot make differences between reality and dream. Finally she falls into endless abyss.

Eleven years ago, it’s also in summer, while Amber slept at domitory, the door’s suddenly kicked open from outside. It’s her classmate.

“Amber, our teacher said that the city leader will be here tomorrow to have a inspection, so you need to take a look at our building.”

At that time, Amber didn’t think too much, she knew that her teacher attached close attention on this inspection. So she did go there.

She then changed her clothes and walked outside with a flashlight, the air on the outside was stuffy, there’s barely a soul can be seen on the way to building, when she finished inspecting, she suddenly was stopped by someone at stairs.

It’s a female classmate, the reason why Amber still remembers her is because the girl has so sexy face. Besides, she’s also one of the pursuits of Sean Smith. Her name is Shen Rouran. The godness of all the male classmates. And also the most beautiful girl in A school.

At that time, she told to Amber with a so cold tone:”Amber White, if you are sensible, just break up with Sean Smith as soon as possible!”

Amber firstly remained silent, Shen Rouran added again:”if you don’t listen to me, i’ll give you a lesson.”

Amber frowned there for a moment.

Shen Rouran roared at her again”Amber White! Are you clear?”

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