Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 44: Dare you tell him that you like him?

Amber White did not know what Shen Rouran was crazy about, but she brought some girls who dressed like bludgers which made her feel a little scared,as soon as she turned around and wanted to leave, she was grabbed by Shen Rouran.

Her strength was astonishing and her eyes were gloomy.

“Can’t you hear me when I talk to you?”

Amber White was a little angry, she stretched out her hand and burst through Shen Rouran and said, “Why!?”

The fierce expression covered Shen Rouran’s beautiful face “Just because Sean Smith is the man I like!”

“Then why are you bothering me? Dare you go to tell him you like him?!”

As soon as she uttered this sentence, Shen Rouran’s face became even more gloomy.

Looking around and finding that there was nobody, she shouted at those girls in a cold voice: “Get this bitch to the rooftop !”

Those girls rushed up and dragged Amber White to the roof of the teaching building.

After all, the people Shen Rouran brought over were bludgers, so she twisted her ankle when they grabbed Amber White to the rooftop rudely. It was too painful.

Amber White frowned and said unhappily, “What on earth do you want to do?”

Shen Rouran suddenly stretched out her hand and slapped Amber White in the face,Amber White was unprepared and then she was pushed back one step by that strength and hit her waist on the guard bar. When Amber White turned her head, she could see the bottom of the building which was dozens of meters high.

Amber White was frightened, she covered her swollen face, not even paying attention to the pain,”What if we broke up? Sean Smith is not blind,how can you think of he would like such an arrogant and ill-bred woman as you?”

Amber White did not know that Shen Rouran had been pursuing Sean Smith for two years, but had never received Sean Smith’s response. Now, Amber White’s words like a knife, pierced Shen Rouran’s heart!

Shen Rouran was so angry that her chest trembled, then she pounced directly on Amber White,”I’ll kill you bitch! you not only seduce Sean, but also scold me! “

Shen Rouran was a second generation of officials,teachers and classmates in the school were all fawning on her. Once she began to beat Amber, the following bludgers were sure enough to follow her behavior.

Amber White never felt so painful. She was so painful and frightened when she thought she would be killed by these people.

Fortunately, someone persuaded Shen Rouran, “Ranran, you’re just trying to vent your anger,If we kill her, we still have to take responsibility,what’s the cost? Look, here’s a small house,put her in and let her suffer for a few days,then when you are not angry, if she was obedient and wants to break up with Sean brother, we’ll let her go! “

“In this way, you can not only vent your anger, but also make her lose touch with Sean brother,you can kill two birds with one stone, right?”

Shen Rouran’s face was still fierce. Seeing Amber White didn’t show any weakness after beating, the anger burnt in her chest,”How can that get rid of my anger?Just hit her,if anything happens to her, I’ll let my dad solve this problem ! Even if you couldn’t kill her, you break her leg somehow.Bitch woman! I don’t believe that Sean Smith will have a crippled girlfriend!”

“Come on!”

Those girls thought she was right, when they were about to hit, Amber White suddenly laughed which frightened these people, Shen Rouran angrily said, ” bitch, what do you laugh at?”

She lifted her hair,when she was beaten, she protected her head, so there was nothing else on Amber White’s face except the palm print left by Shen Rouran.

She laughed beautifully and her eyes were bright.

“Since you like him, you should understand that Sean Smith hates people touching his people and his things.Shen Rouran, you know too little about him. Just hit me,I’m not sure about my relationship with him then, but I am sure that you will give him a cruel impression and you will be impossible forever!”

In fact, Amber White knew that if Shen Rouran really wanted to vent her anger, these words could not stop her at all, but perhaps she liked Sean too much.

She was stunned for only a few seconds, then suddenly sank her face and said:”Throw her into this house and tell the people in the school that whoever comes the rooftop these days is against Shen Rouran!”

Shen Rouran’s eyes widened, and a fierce light flashed in the beautiful eyes,”Amber White, I won’t hit your any more, but if you starve yourself to death on the roof, it has nothing to do with me!”

Sean Smith was a scourge.

Amber White knew it for a long time, but she never knew ,as a student,Shen Rouran wanted her to die, because she liked Sean Smith.

Amber White struggled, but Shen Rouran brought too many people, she was still stuffed into the small house of the rooftop, and even someone robbed away her cell phone!

At last Amber White heard the sound of locking the door outside.

“Shen Rouran, you let me out!”

“Shen Rouran!”

The muggy night left only the sound of her struggling to shake the door,Amber White’s panic and fear overflowed, and finally she burst into tears.

Amber White thought that Shen Rouran deliberately frightened her,but until the next day and until her voice was hoarse, there was no one came up to let her go.

There were many injuries and pains on her body,for the first time, Amber White felt she was so pity.

Worst of all, Amber White suffered heatstroke on the third day of being locked on the rooftop of the school.

She can clearly feel that in these three days, she lost a lot of physical strength,she didn’t drink any water , even the basic consciousness is very difficult to maintain.

Amber White was afraid that she would die like this,she was even more afraid that she would die on the roof of the school,finally, no one even knew about it.

She felt a hot dull pain in her chest, her limbs were powerless, and her body was more like being thrown into a fire, hot and painful.

Feeling the last moisture in the body oozed out of the eyes little by little, Amber White’s fingers trembled and knocked softly on the door: “Help?? Help!”

If no one saved her, she would really die.

Just when she thought she was going to die, there was footsteps outside?

Sean Smith kicked open the door and strode towards her. At that time, Amber White was dying,his dark eyes fixed on her,”Amber, I’m late,are you all right??”

Amber White didn’t say a word and fainted in Sean Smith’s warm arms.

The picture stopped, and time was fleeting.

Amber White woke up in the hospital bed and looked at the snow-white ceiling without any decoration,the fear of dead came up.

She cried uncontrollably, waking up Sean Smith who had been sleeping in her bed.

“Amber, you wake up? Are you all right?”

Sean Smith’s eyes were insensibly tense and gentle,he stared straight at her, waiting for her answer, as if afraid of missing any of her expressions.

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