Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 45: Call his name when you’re sick?

She felt more wronged when she was spoiled, Amber White said in a choked voice, “Sean Smith, I almost died on the roof, it’s your fault, why do you have so many bad romances?”

“I’m sorry, Amber, I won’t let that happen again.I promise!”

Sean Smith held her in his arms and said: “I promise you, Amber, I’ll find you wherever you are, and I won’t let you be wronged.”

Amber White curled up in the arms of Sean Smith, and wiped tears and sweat on Sean Smith’s clothes. Even though he was a neat freak, at that moment, he just wanted her not to cry.

He lowered his head and kissed the tears on Amber White’s face. He coaxed carefully, “Amber, trust me once more, okay?”

Amber White stopped crying and nodded to Sean Smith, giving him a positive answer.

“OK!Sean Smith,If such a thing happened again, you must find me quickly, I am really afraid!”


“Sean Smith?”

In the big ward, the woman’s voice was shallow and low, and Sean Smith suddenly opened his piercing eyes when he was almost asleep.

He looked up at the water in the bottle and it only left half.

The man thought that Amber White woke up and looked at the bed, but she was still lying lifeless, pale, with her eyes closed, and didn’t seem to wake up.

But Amber White’s lips opened and called out his name in an eager voice with affection, as if calling her lover who had been tangled with her for several lives.

Sean Smith suddenly had a strange feeling after hearing her call his name.

But he did not explore the cause, his eyes were lowered and a shadow fell on his face.

Was she still calling his name when she was so sick? Did she like him so much?

Man’s heart sneered. People like Amber White could have true feelings?

If she had, how did she drive Man man away three years ago?

“Sean Smith?Sean?”

Amber White screamed again.Her face was pale and her tone grew more anxious.The gap between Sean Smith’s brows were deeper and deeper.

He changed his position and looked inquiringly at Amber White.

How did Amber White like him?

The question seemed to be taking root in Sean Smith’s heart. Then he pulled his chair forward, and fell his gaze on Amber White’s face.

He didn’t know why would Amber White have a high fever in the summer.

She looked very ill, and her pretty little face flushed.

Tiny beads of sweat oozed from her full forehead, making Amber White even weak.

Her cheeks were covered with a layer of fluff that almost invisible, and the outline of her skin was soft and bright.

Amber White h ad long, thin eyelashes that touched her lower eyelids. Her nose is high, and her lips, once rosy, are pale from illness.

Her facial features are bright even if Sean Smith didn’t like Amber White, he had to admit that she’s a rare beauty. He had been immersed in the business circles for so many years and had seen a lot of women, Amber White’s appearance was one of the best.

She seemed to have been carefully carved by god, without a flaw.

Sean Smith’s eyes fell on Amber White’s lips,perhaps he was rude to carry her to the hospital. Her hair was a little messy on her face.One of the wisps fell on Amber White’s lips and she held it in her mouth.

Sean Smith’s eyes were deep now. He was a very serious cleanliness, watching this scene, he should feel dirty, but he thought Amber White was lively and charming just lying down.

Realizing the thoughts in his heart, Sean Smith was shocked, his eyes were gloomy. Amber White had high skills in seducing man, just lying still like a dead person,her instinct could be showed unconsciously..

He turned his head away for a long time, but finally, he couldn’t help turning back again.

The wisp of hair, which Amber White held between her lips, grew more and more visible in Sean Smith’s eyes.

Sean Smith squinted his eyes and reached out big hand to Amber White’s face, then he curled his little finger, the wisp of hair was dragged out from her mouth.

Amber White was itchy on her face and dreamed of her being in the hospital. But later, the picture changed suddenly, it was still Sean’s handsome face.

They walked hand in hand to the riverside at the back of the school. The sun was shining and the plants were green.

Nearby, a young couple sat on a riverside bench and kissed each other affectively. Seeing this, Sean Smith stared at Amber White meaningfully.

They were very close.And Sean Smith looked at her lips directly without hiding his intention, so Amber White instantly understood Sean Smith’s thoughts.

There were someone around, Amber White was very shy, so when Sean Smith had action, she subconsciously covered her lips, and shook her head in a panic: “Not here.”

He was rejected by her, and Sean Smith was not happy. He squatted and hid his tall figure in the grass, and his body seemed to have a few dim lights.

“Sean, are you angry?”

Amber White leaned back carefully and whispered, “There are many people here, go back and I will follow you, okay?”

Her face was itchy suddenly, it was Sean Smith held asetaria viridis to sweep on her face back and forth. He had a bad smile on his face and there was no trace of unhappiness.

Amber White’s face was itchy more and more, then she stepped back constantly,and even laughed out, “I’m itchy. stop, Sean”

When the itch stopped, Amber White opened her eyes and saw Sean Smith’s back to her.

She calmed her breath and had a pleasant expression on her face to pull Sean Smith’s arm, “Sean, I am hungry.”

The man didn’t move, then Amber White tilted her head and called twice, “Sean? Did you hear me? Sean?”

She tilted her head and wanted to see Sean Smith’s face, but he suddenly moved, his head turned, and his gloomy eyesight fell on Amber White’s face.

Startled, Amber White opened her eyes and awakened from her slumber.

The teenager in her dream disappeared!

At the moment their eyes met, Sean Smith didn’t even take back the hand on Amber White’s face.

Amber White’s eyes were stunned, they were so close that Sean Smith could even feel Amber White’s warm breath coming out of her mouth, tingled with mild discomfort.

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