Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 46: What are you doing?

Time seemed to be stagnant for a moment, maybe because that she just woke up from her dreams, so when Amber White saw Sean Smith, she shouted softly: “Sean??”

This shouting suddenly made Sean Smith wake up. There was a flash of disgust in his piercing eyes and he sat up straight.

Amber White looked at Sean Smith intently, and naturally caught the disgust in Sean Smith’s eyes. She licked her lips and woke up.

She was in infusion. Then Amber White glanced at Sean and whispered, “Where is this? Did you bring me out of the Ye Se?”

Sean Smith smiled ironically, supporting his chair and retreating a large distance. The chair rubbed against the ground and made a loud, harsh sound, as if he was afraid of something unclean.

“How do you know that I am in Ye Se?”

Amber White asked again, the man’s brow smudged a layer of impatience, Amber White, why did this woman have so much nonsense words?

Sean Smith didn’t want to response Amber White, he squinted his eyes and his handsome face showed a little idleness, and had exactly the same expression as that boy eleven years ago.

Amber White suddenly remembered the scene when she just woke up and whispered, “Smith General, what are you doing just now?”

Just finished this sentence, Sean Smith scowled guiltily,”Why do you have so many problems? What can I do? As for you. Director White, don’t you know you have to take Time off if you don’t work? ! Do not ask for leave is considered absenteeism!”

Amber White was frightened by Sean Smith’s sudden anger. She hesitated and said: “I didn’t mean to be absent from work, Smith General. On the night of that party, Tang Tian closed me in the bathroom of Ye Se. I came out of private box without taking my mobile phone.Smith General should be aware of this.”

Ho! What did that mean? Apparently Tang Tian did it? Why should he know?

Amber White wanted to blame him and got compensation from him?

“What should I know? Mrs. Smith, are you not always capable? Can Tang Tian’s little trick get you killed?”

The sarcasm in Sean Smith’s tone was instantly revealed: “How can I not know that director White is so easy to be bullied? !”

Amber White knew that Sean Smith had misunderstood and whispered, “I don’t mean that. I mean, you brought me out of Ye Se, so you should know my situation??”

“It doesn’t mean this, what does that mean?”

Sean Smith was so angry that he interrupted Amber White’s explanation.

He worked hard to save her in Ye Se, and took care of her child for a day, but after the damn woman woke up, she started blaming him?

He must have been kicked in the head to take care of her!

He suddenly stood up from the chair, and his dissatisfaction reached a tipping point, then he kicked down the trash can beside suddenly.

Sean Smith’s eyes fell on Amber White. Her heart was cold, and the man suddenly turned around and strode out of the ward.

Amber White watched Sean Smith disappear in the ward, and her whole heart seemed to fall into the hot oil, which made her extrame hard to breathe.

She looked up and stared at the drop of the drop bottle, and suddenly remembered the scene she had just woken up, Sean Smith’s hand was on her mouth and his eyes were deep and distant.

Amber White licked the dry lips, what did he want to do?

That posture seemed to stroke her face.

As soon as this idea came into being, Amber White shook her head and took away this unrealistic idea.

As early as three years ago, when Lin Man left, Sean Smith had hated her. In the heart of Sean Smith, she was cheap and dirty!

How could he have any thoughts on her?

Amber White was sour and embarrassed. Maybe she had too many dreams before she woke up, when she opened her eyes and there was an illusion that Sean Smith had been watching her for so long.

She lay on a hospital bed, rubbing the corners of her eyes and her lips were pale.

Sean Smith misunderstood what she said, she meaned that since he saved her, then he should know she didn’t mean to miss work!

What she had wanted to explain was interrupted by Sean Smith.

Amber White smiled helplessly, and she knew that Sean Smith couldn’t listen in anyway.

He had already ignored the thoughts in her heart.

The only thing that surprised her was that she was trapped in Ye Se by Tang Tian, and the person who finally rescued her was actually Sean Smith.

She thought it was Sean Smith to let Tang Tian do such a thing. After all, the marketing department decided Tang Tian’s career key. Amber White thought that Tang Tian would not dare to offend her.

If it wasn’t him who saved her, Amber White would really doubt that Sean Smith had instructed Tang Tian to come to trick her and threaten her!

Amber White pinched between her eyebrows. The eyes felt sour for opening for a long time, and her heart was filled with an unspeakable empty silence.

Sean Smith didn’t know what Amber White was thinking. When he got out of the ward’s door, he took a cigarette from his suit jacket and lit it.

The lights in the hospital are bright, everyone was in a hurry, and the atmosphere was overwhelming.

Sean Smith spit out a smoke, which instantly swallowed all the expressions on his handsome face. He shook off the ash with his fingertips. When the action was done, the phone rang.

The man took out his mobile phone and glanced at the caller.

Time was almost late in the morning, at this time, why did Xu Lin call him?

Can’t he still say about Amber White?

He took the phone impatiently and asked, “What’s up?”

Xu Lin was getting more and more careful when he spoke: “Smith General, Miss Tang Tian called me for the heroine of and said that is the reward you gave her? ” Sean Smith’s eyes sank instantly.

was Smith Group’s work that just developed in this month, and the show was flawless in both its setting and plot.Sean Smith supervised it himself, and intended to make it carefully. Sean Smith was going to win an award at this Year’s cannes film festival to open up the market of foreign countries.

Tang Tian had no work, no fans,only a newcomer relying on the gossip, how could she act?

Sean Smith didn’t talk for a long time, Xu Lin asked again in a low voice, “President, do you want to give her the heroine? ?”

“Block her!” Sean Smith said two words coldly.

Xu Lin stunned, only to reflect that Sean Smith said that he wanted to block Tang Tian. But the relationship between the president and Tang Tian was good two days ago.

Just in case, Xu Lin still whispered, “President, do you want to block Tang Tian?”

Sean Smith spit out these words one by one,”Otherwise? Am I a person who would regret?!”

When he finished, he directly hung up the phone.

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