Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 47: Why did he leave

A cigarette burned out, and Sean Smith put out it with his fingers and threw them into a trash can in the hospital hallway.

Sean Smith glanced back at the ward, frowned and marched downstairs.

He went to the parking and sat in his car, thinking of the moment he had arrived at Ye Se and found Amber White.

Sean Smith saw Amber White miserable for the first time!

She lay dying on the floor, her face pale and bloodless. Her body was so cold in such a hot day and the doctor who diagnosed Amber White said she had a fever.

She didn’t seem to be faking it. Was she scared?

He took a deep breath, started the engine and pulled out of the hospital parking lot.

Amber White was stubborn, and she deserved to suffer!

Moreover, Tang Tian decided to trick her, but not him. What did it have to do with him?

Is he responsible for the actions of Tang Tian? And did he have to get back to the hospital to take care of Amber White?

He was not crazy. Why should he took the blame for a woman’s jealous mistake?

Sean Smith drove the car and the roadside scenery flew by. Tong city was beautiful at night with colorful lights. He could not find any words to describe it. The day’s flat road was covered with a veil of pretty beauty at night.

The man was in no mood to enjoy it, so he punched the steering wheel and hit the horn.The car with excellent performance made a crisp noise.

He applied the brakes and a mist rose again from his eyes.

Oh shit!

Why did he leave?

Where was he going?

He went to Hai Wan Xiang Xie to help Amber White take care of that bastard?

Why? She was not his child!

That woman was lying in a hospital bed. Could she leave her own daughter alone?

Sean Smith turned around and backed up in the direction he was coming.

The colorful night had become foil of this man, his handsome face was much brighter than the night.

Sean Smith was in a bad mood, or in very bad mood.

He felt that Amber White was bleak, he was even more bleak, He didn’t have the decency to go home or not because of a nasty woman.

Whether Amber White intended it or not, whether in the past or now, Amber White could always effect his mood.

With a cold hum, he pulled out the key and spun it around with his finger on the metal ring, until he entered into Amber White’s room, did he took the key away.

A series of movements made him cool and attracted many women in the way.

In particular, Sean Smith had a charming face.

Amber White had no idea Sean Smith would be back. She looked at Sean Smith with deep, silent eyes, but Sean Smith was distraught after finding her gaze.

“Can’t I stay here?”

Sean Smith dissed.

If it weren’t for Amber White, he’d be wandering the streets in the middle of the night wondering where to go.

Amber White coughed and noticed that Sean Smith was in a bad mood. She did not refute, but looked at Sean Smith anxiously and asked him in a low voice, “Mr. Smith, what time is it?”

She was locked up in Ye Se for a day, and she spent that day hard as if it had passed a long time.There was no watch in the ward. She didn’t even know what time it is, let alone where Cindy White was.

Amber White felt black in front of her eyes when she was in a hurry. She did not drink water for more than twenty hours. She had no energy. It’s like hypoglycemia.

Sean Smith ignored Amber White and looked at her with piercing eyes. He didn’t seem to hear her words.

Sean Smith didn’t say a word, except for his angry words when he walked in the door.

He did not sit, and his face wore a very evasive expression. Normally, Amber White would not offend Sean Smith. But now, she was worried about Cindy White, and cannot take care of Sean Smith’s Mood.

“Smith boss, can I borrow your phone?”

Amber White put an imperceptible mist over her eyes, and her heart and lungs burned with worry. She just wanted to call Cindy White’s teacher to ask about the situation.

When he heard Amber White, Sean Smith glanced at Amber White, His eyes caught Amber White’s burning face and he raised the corner of his lip.

She remembered her daughter? Want to call someone by phone?

Sean Smith sneered. He wanted to know what expression she had if she can’t find Cindy White.

Sean Smith didn’t forget Amber White’s desperate efforts to get him to meet the little bastard.

Sean Smith neglected to mention Cindy White’s situation at Hai Wan Xiang Xie, leaving his phone in Amber’s hands.

He then sat down on a stool beside the hospital room and waited for Amber White to burst into tears.

“Thank you.”

Amber White thanked, took the phone and lit up Sean Smith’s phone screen.

The image of Lin Man nestling in the arms of a handsome Man made Amber White feel sad.

She could hardly hold the phone in her hand and her joints were white.

Sean Smith didn’t like to take pictures very much. When Amber White was with him, there were very few photos. But she saw Sean Smith smiling on screen.

He loved Lin Man very much, or he would not have this photo. He was mature and prudent, but he would choose such a picture as his wallpaper.

Is this set by Lin Man? or himself?

Three years after she left, Sean Smith still couldn’t forget her. He chose this way to release his thoughts on Lin Man.

Amber White was desperate to find out that she had been abused by Sean Smith for three years, and she still cared about Sean Smith’s feelings for Lin Man.

She thought her heart was dead.

Sean thought Amber White didn’t know the password.He waited for the show , so subconsciously wanted to tell Amber White his phone lock code.


As he said the word, he saw Amber White open his phone screen quickly and expertly typed in the code.

“Ka Ca,” the phone was open.

Amber White was very familiar to do this, like doing it thousands of times, Sean Smith stunned.

His eyes stared at Amber White, and he was shocked and angry.

How did Amber White knew his mobile phone password?

He’s always been so domain-conscious, Even Man didn’t know.

But when Amber White acted, she subconsciously typed the password.How …

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