Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 48 Why do you know my mobile phone password?

Sean Smith thought for a while and his face became gloomy.Amber entered the password so quickly as if using her own phone.

He suddenly remembered that three years ago, Amber White touched her belly and said that the child was his.

Damn it!

He had a strange feeling that it had passed for a long time!

Did he have a past with Amber White? Did he forget it?

Sean Smith searched in his memories hard, however, the twenty years’ memories showed in his mind clearly and completely.

Except when he was still young, some of the memory is not clear, he was sure that there was no Amber in his previous memory.

Amber White was so beautiful that if he had met her he would have been impressed.She is the kind of beauty you could’t forget if you saw her.

Even though he has met many beautiful women in the entertainment industry, he was impressed when he first met Amber White.

But this kind of surprise turned into hatred after she drove Manman away.

Moreover, even if there is really a relationship between them before and he forgot it, then why didn’t Amber White remind him?

He disdained her and made her life very difficult. If there was anything between them, how could she be willing to be wronged?

Sean Smith’s heart was full of doubts, since neither of them were the reason…

So Amber White was crazy about being Mrs. Smith and looked for someone to investigate him?


Who on earth was so bold in Tong city dare to decipher his mobile phone password, and told Amber White who he hated most!

He really looked down on Amber White’s tricks and guts!

She dared to make such a thing!

Amber White was worried about Cindy White, but as she looked up, she saw Sean Smith’s burning eyes. He was staring at her direction, or was staring at his cell phone.

She was shocked and found that she had unlocked Sean Smith’s mobile phone password too quickly, and maybe she had been suspected by Sean Smith.

Amber White bit her lip and looked in the direction of Sean Smith.

Sean Smith’s mobile phone password had not changed in eleven years. The relationship between them was particularly good, but now she and Sean Smith are not like that eleven years ago.

He was not her Mr Right! He was just Sean Smith!

No matter what she did, no matter she was right or wrong, Sean Smith would only guess her maliciously.

Her actions to unlock Sean Smith’s mobile phone password were so natural that she didn’t know how Sean Smith thought about her.

Amber White clenched the phone again, took a deep breath, lifted her long hair hanging down in front of her eyes, and she glanced at the direction of Sean Smith, but she found a touch of thoughtfulness from Sean Smith’s faint and sharp eyes!

Amber White was a little nervous. But she hid all the expressions on her face to pretend to be calm. She was ready to pre-empt and explain to him.

“General Smith?”

Hearing Amber White’s voice, Sean Smith opened the thin eyelids and looked at her. His eyes were too direct. It seemed to have read all her thoughts.

“Director White, should not you explain to me, why do you know my mobile phone password? Don’t tell me we have the same password!”

Sean Smith said this sentence gently,but what Amber White got from his words was ruthlessness.

He was angry.

Amber White quietly blinked and smiled lightly: “I had accidentally seen it once, I didn’t expect you haven’t changed your password.”

There was a strong fire in Sean Smith eyes!

Amber White thought he was a fool? Was he so easy to be cheated in her eyes?

He suppressed the dissatisfaction in his heart and said in a cold voice: “You have seen it unintentionally? When? I have not met you twice a year, director Qin, please tell me, when do you say it?”

Amber White’s lips moved and looked at Sean Smith’s increasingly gloomy face, she didn’t know what she should say.

Wasn’t Amber Whitey always very smart? Didn’t she feel shameful when she take such a bad excuse?

Or did he have a face that looked like he was easy to be deceived, so Amber White deceived him again and again?

Last time she said that the child was his, this time was the mobile phone password, what about next time?

Sean Smith smiled ironically and aggressively: “Just say it, Where did you see it? How did you see it? Why didn’t you forget the position I licked on the phone after such a long time?”

Did Amber White think he is stupid?

Sean Smith stared at Amber White, he was fierce as if there was a beast in his eyes.

Amber White couldn’t say a word.

Their mobile phone passwords were originally the same. When he asked this question, he sneered to exclude this answer. She gave a reasonable reason, but Sean Smith refused to believe it.

What should she do?

Amber White’s silence was like a guilty conscience in the eyes of Sean Smith

Sean Smith smiled and said in a cold voice: “Why don’t you talk? I think you are deliberately looking for someone to investigate me!”

Amber White closed her eyes and she knew that Sean Smith would think so.

But she was too lazy to entangle with Sean Smith, she still did not know where Cindy White was now, just wanted to call to ask the child.

Amber White took a deep breath and simply admitted: “Whatever. Anyway, I have always had ulterior motives in your eyes.”

Amber White’s tone was with a bit of helplessness, which made Sean Smith have nothing to say!

What was her attitude? As if he had wronged her!

He did not force her to admit it! Every time she puts out such a pretending look, it made him sick!

She didn’t want to admit it because he had caught her!

Sean Smith’s eyes were full of disgusting: “You…”

“Smith general, I want to call, can you please be quiet for a while?” Amber White suddenly turned her head over, looked at Sean Smith and interrupted his unspoken words.

Sean Smith’s breathing was stagnant, he always felt that if he stayed here again, he would be mad at Amber White!

The man was sullen and pulled out a cigarette. The air was silent, and the sound of the lighter was especially crisp in the ward.

When he lit his cigarette, Sean Smith took a big drag, the line of sight directly fell on Amber White’s face passing through the smoke.

Was she calling to ask about the child?

Ok, he wouldn’t bother her!

Why was he so angry, but she didn’t have any reaction! He waited to see if she couldn’t find that bastard, what was Amber White’s reaction!

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