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Please go away, Mr. smith – Chapter 5: Don’t you feel there’s already enough ‘green hats’ on you?

On the second day morning.
Here comes small rain while Amber gets the phone call from Shi Muzhou, Shi Muzhou complains immediately when he gets in the car: ”you are too slow, i have been standing in the cold windy for like ten minutes, don’t you know i am a superstar? Ah?”

Amber then takes a look at Shi Muzhou, they two went to the same college together for four years, she never thought her good friend would someday be such famous.

He dresses in a punk-style jacket and Martin boots, he has this white face, charming features and a good manner, especially when he smiles, his small dimple on the right side of his face makes him be more attractive.
Amber is not seduced by his outside look, she only puts on a perfunctory smile.
Shi Muzhou then ticks his eyebrows and says with a high pitch:”is this your right attitude to ask me to be an endorsement? Ah? If it weren’t our good friendship, i would not be here, i feel so bored the moment when i see the face of your husband, it’s so gross to see news about your husband and other flirty girls, now you expect me to watch in a close distance?”
Amber knows he’s talking about Tang Tian, because he’s not the only one who speaks for Luo Shen Wan, she has already get used to the casual look on him, so she don’t feel angry at all.
She drives the car cautiously and says with a low voice:”big brother, i only late for ten minutes, please stop complaining about me, okay? I am still driving!”
Shi Muzhou then cold hums a voice, seeing she admits her faultness, he then changes the subject.
The union place is not far from Luo Shen Wan, it’s still raining slightly when they comes there.
Noticing Amber is about to pull the door, Shi Muzhou then says:”wait, let me cross over to hold you off the car, if you slip down later, that will not be good for my image.”
He then walks on the side of Amber and holds her off the car.
Amber wears the high-heels right now, so Shi Muzhou puts his arm on her shoulder and slaps close the door, he then says to her with smile:”hum, big brother hold you well, my good Amber, feel moved?”
Amber then laughes loudly:”Shi Muzhou, please stay low, there’s media in the front!”
The two people plays together and forgets the occassion now.
Sean happens to see this scene of they two when he gets off the car.
For three years, it’s his first time to see Amber in such near distance.
She wears a formal pink and white suit with a waist-closing design, which perfectly outlines her body, the colour of the suit makes her skin be more whiter than before.
Her hips are wrapped by the cover skirt, her legs are slim and long, she leans on Shi Muzhou’s arms with a deveil face.
Standing at the side of the man who is popular all over the country, she has no tendency to be shadowed by Shi Muzhou, on the country, they two look so matches together.
Sean then pulls his thin lips, it seems that three years of staying in the empty house did not affect her life at all, she now hooks up with the superstar Shi Muzhou, she’s more and more adept at picking up men.
Amber is small in strength, she cannot get off from Shi Muzhou’s arms, when she’s about to swear at him, there comes a female voice.
The two then looks at the woman the same time.
Amber dazes there when she notices Sean.
He standing beside the car with his tall straight figure, his face is impeccable. The black suit traces his body line so perfectly. His slender legs are wrapped in trousers.
Amber pinches her fingers together subconsciously, though she has seen him on TV all the time, she still thinks he looks more mature in real life.
He stays still there, seems everyone around him are all his foil.
But the words he says out are not that cute:”director White is really impressive, holding closely with the superstar, maybe i should hand out you a award of Best Employee for publiciting Luo Shen Wan?” he says the word impressive with high pitch, it sounds a bit ironic and cutting.
Amber blinks her eyes and smiles so formally, Tang Tian then leans over before she makes any response, she then holds Sean’s arms and says with a arrogant tone:”Sean, the opening ceremony is about to start, let’s go inside, i don’t want to get wet.”
Tang Tian pinches her throat while she says the words, she sweeps her sight occassionally at Amber.
Obviously, Tang Tian still hold an grudge on Amber.
Amber is the wife of Sean, he’s supposed not to hold Tang Tian’s waist in front of Amber, but back into the reality, he do hold her closely and says to her:”okay, be careful, it’s slippery.”
After they left, Shi Muzhou then puts on a gloomy look:”your husband sucks, why you still keep him?”
Amber then smiles and pushes Shi Muzhou:”you go, Sean and Tang Tian enter the field together, if we two follow them behind, tomorrow’s headline will be the divorce news about us, that will do damages to Luo Shen Wan. ”
Shi Muzhou then pouts his mouth and drags Amber to walk on the red carpet:”everyone in this feild all knows our relations, you should find yourself some cute guys too like Sean Smith.”
Amber fails to argue with Shi Muzhou, besides, she’s already at the red carpet, she has to walk through the way.
Sean and Tang Tian appear together on the red carpet, which arises many attention from the media, Amber sees the camera all aims at they two.
But as for Shi Muzhou, though he’s more famous than Tang Tian, there’s few camers on him now.
Because they follow behind they two, so Amber sees Tang Tian holding Sean casually.
The place where she stands right now is supposed to belong to Amber, the media surely won’t want to miss such big news.
“Miss Tang, was it ture that you had a night with Sean at Hai Wan Xiang Xie?”
“Miss Tang, you are now amount to a popular girl, how do you feel now?”
Amber clearly knows who askes such questions, but it’s her who wants to publicit the Luo Shen Wan, so she has to wait there with Shi Muzhou patiently.
But still she’s not be able to get off with the sharp questions.
There’s a voice coming up suddenly:”Mrs Sean is here too.”
Hearing this, those medias all rushes towards Amber.

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