Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 51: The last call

But Amber White knew it’s impossible!

How is that possible?

Sean Smith took Cindy White as a bastard with an unknown father, what’s worse, Cindy White was born by her. He hated Cindy. How could he pick Cindy up from school?

From the beginning, the answer to that question was fixed !

But Amber White took out the phone, although she couldn’t ask Sean Smith, she invited a nanny to take care of Cindy White because she was busy at that time.

She wanted to call that nanny at home and asked if she had picked up Cindy.

What made matters worse, Amber White’s phone ran out of battery and automatically shut down.

She borrowed a mobile phone from Cindy White’s teacher, but she couldn’t remember the nanny’s mobile phone number. She tried to call Lu Xiangxiang again and asked her if she knew anything about it. Then she realized she didn’t remember Lu Xiangxiang’s phone number, either.

In short, it was a mess!

After this incident, Amber White memorized everything about Cindy White. Kindergarten teacher, her deskmate‘s parents, Lu Xiangxiang, the nanny, everyone related to Cindy White and all the phone numbers were engraved in her mind.

Even if they changed their contact information, she would memorize it immediately.

“Director White, you don’t let me speak in order to be in a daze? It seemed that the bastard is not so important to you!”

His sarcastic words pulled Amber White out from her memory. Instead of paying attention to Sean Smith, she looked thoughtfully in his direction.

Sean Smith was uneasy to be stared by Amber White. He frowned and his eyes became gloomy.

Why did Amber White stare at him? what did she want to do? Did she calculate something?

Amber White pressed her lips. Cindy’s kindergarten had a good reputation. The teachers were all selected and were responsible.

If she didn’t pick up Cindy and they couldn’t get in touch with her, the kindergarten would definitely contact Cindy’s father.

Amber White looked at Sean Smith. The first day when Cindy went to kindergarten, the kindergarten asked Amber White to leave the Cindy’s father’s mobile phone number.

Afraid of Sean Smith’s resistance, she dared not to leave his cellphone number, so she called Xu Lin and left his cellphone number after getting his permission.

Amber White’s eyes lit up, and she glanced up and down Sean Smith in confusion. He seemed to be unclear about Cindy from his expression.

“Do you still use my phone? if not, give it back to me! you are comfortable in the hospital, but I don’t want to accompany you!”

Sean Smith said angrily, then stared coldly at Amber White.

Amber White tightened the phone, frowning. Since he didn’t want to accompany her, why did he go back just now?

Amber White didn’t think it deeply, Sean Smith’s style was always changing. She was not so narcissistic to think he came back for he was worried about her.

Amber White looked back at the screen and said, “I’ll make one last call. Mr. Smith, just wait a moment.”

Sean Smith gave a cold snort, and his pupils were blurred, refracting the light in the room.

The last call?

Amber White was sure she can find that bastard with the last call?

Few people knew that he took bastard away from the police station!

Sean Smith’s lips were lifted ironically, and then still kept silent. He planned to continue watching Amber White’s show.

Amber White estimated that Xu Lin may be the only person who knew what happened.

Xu Lin was an assistant of Sean Smith and Sean Smith should have his phone number.

She lowered her head and opened Sean Smith’s telephone contacts .

Sean Smith waited to see Amber White’s show.Her actions were watched by him.As soon as he saw Amber White’s action, Sean Smith’s pretty face became dark.

Amber White dared to see his contacts in front of him!

She said she was worried about the safety of that bastard, but she always distracted while she only called twice. Now she unexpectedly had the mood to check his telephone contacts?

What did Amber White think she was, dare she interfere with his personal life?

Did she deserve it?

Sean Smith was furious and was about to reach out to the phone. Amber White suddenly turned her head and caught his eyes.

There was fire burning in his eyes, just as sharp as the knife and as if cutting her into pieces.

Amber White was shocked. Sean Smith had only a few contacts in his phone book. He didn’t have Xu Lin’s phone number.She wanted to ask him for Xu Lin‘s cell phone number, but when she looked up, she saw Sean Smith’s murderous look!

Her fingers trembled with nervousness. “Mr. Smith, could you give me secretary Xu’s cell phone number?”

It was like a pot of cold water poured over his heart.

The corners of his mouth twitched. Was Amber White finding Xu Lin’s number?Wasn’t she trying to pry something into his phone?

Was she not looking for mistress?

He glanced at her suspiciously with his eyes ambiguous.

Sean Smith asked: “What do you want my secretary’s cell phone number for? The last call to secretary xu?Are you sure?”

Amber White nodded and said: “When Cindy entered the school, the school required her to fill in her father’s contact information. You are so busy every day. I communicated with secretary xu and filled in his cell phone number.”

Sean Smith sneered.

Amber White had a good plan. He was so confused that why that bastard’s thing could involve him in. It was originally the woman’s trick!

Paternity test, and today’s drama, she wanted him to recognize Cindy White?


He didn’t have the habbit to bring up other’s children!

Sean Smith sneered, “my secretary? when can he be ordered by director White? Many of the women in the company have children. Director White,If everyone is like you to fill Xu Lin’s information as children’s father,the company will make a mess!”

Amber White felt bitter.

Sean Smith did not recognize Cindy. If she had filled in Sean Smith’s cell phone number, it would have been messed up.

Moreover, Cindy was Sean Smith’s child. She wrote down his secretary’s cell phone number, isn’t that reasonable?

Sean Smith could really embarrass her at any time.

Sean Smith always paid no attention to things and people around him.She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry that she left a bad impression to him.

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