Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 52: Don’t make trouble for yourself

“If it is not convenient for you, I will change secretary Xu’s cell phone number tomorrow.I will not affect the normal operation of the company, ok? Smith Boss?”

At this point, she remembered to discuss the matter with him. Why didn’t Amber White have this consciousness when she wrote down the phone number?

Sean Smith gave her a gloomy smile.

Amber White took a deep breath and tried to control the anxiety. She fawned on Sean Smith and said, “Smith Boss,Secretary Xu may be the only one who knows Cindy’s position, It’s so late now, you don’t want to spend time with me in the hospital, right? Please tell me secretary Xu’s cell phone number. After I find Cindy, I will definitely not waste your time, OK?”

The man’s eyebrows were rising. This woman deserved to be the marketing director. After being locked up in Ye Se for so long, how could she react so quickly when she was supposed to be exhausted?

He felt ashamed!

He noticed that when he admired Amber White, a nameless fire rose up inside Sean Smith.

He hated Amber White’s self-righteous look, just like now,did she think that she knew him well?

He stayed here not because he loved her, but waiting to her fail.

The man removed the phone from Amber White’s hand, “Director White, pay attention to your tone.I can go anytime I want. Besides, bastard is not my baby, I don’t care if she’s alive or dead。”

Amber White’s face went pale because of Sean Smith’s words。

She knew that Sean Smith always cared about Lin Man,and he still thought she drove Lin Man away three years ago.

Now she begged him, but Sean Smith may have a good laugh at her.

Amber White was not aggressive because Cindy White was missed. She whispered, “Smith boss, I beg you, can you tell me the secretary’s cell phone number, I want to ask him if he knows where my daughter is.”

Three years ago, she had chosen to accept her fate。

She compromised again and again just wanted to know Xu Lin’s cell phone number.

Sean Smith smirked, “Aren’t you stubborn? Just now, you mocked me that I’m impolite.Amber White, don’t you feel embarrassed to beg a person you just mocked?”

Amber White had no expression on her face, but she was still begging, “Smith boss, I… It’s my fault. You are so generous, don’t quarrel with me any more, ok?”

She stared at Sean Smith’s phone, which seemed to please Sean Smith.

The man smiled, clicked twice on the phone and dialed out a cell phone number.

He pressed his finger on the screen and pressed the speakerphone before the call was connected. But he didn’t mean to give the phone to Amber White.

Mechanical beep was strange and it spread out in the ward.

Amber White thought it would not get through when suddenly the call was answered。


His voice was hoarse because of being waken up. Amber White was stunned and then said quickly, “Secretary Xu, it’s me. I’m Amber White.I’m sorry to bother you so late. I want to ask if Cindy’s teacher contacted you today?”

Xu Lin held the phone away from him, then looked at the screen.

White director? Why was director White together with the President at this time?

When Xu Lin heard Amber White’s words, he couldn’t think it carefully but answered, “Yes…”

But ,was not Miss Cindy together with the CEO?

Xu Lin hadn’t finished words, but then was interrupted by Sean Smith’s cough. The man’s voice was light, but it carried a great deal of menace。

“This was director White’s daughter. You’re responsible for losing her. Secretary Xu, please think carefully about what happened. Don’t make trouble for yourself if you don’t pick up the baby!”

Xu Lin choked and all the words stuck in his throat.

Miss Cindy was lost? Be responsible for her losing?Was she not in Hai Wan Xiang Xie?Miss Cindy went to the public security bureau with her classmate in the morning. Wasn’t she picked up by the President?

He was worthy of Sean Smith’s secretary. He rolled his eyes and understood what Sean Smith meant.

Did Smith boss want to play a trick on director White?

Amber White didn’t catch Sean Smith’s hint.The man was making sarcastic remarks again, she thought and frowned. Xu Lin didn’t say anything. She asked him again, “secretary Xu, did you pick up Cindy this afternoon?”

Amber White had a delicate smile on her face, she thought she would know her daughter’s situation later.

This smile was light, just like a hundred of flowers bloomed in the same time. Sean Smith raised his chin and stretched his body, then thought:”Just smile now! You’re going to cry later!”

He wondered how Amber White would react when her last hope broke.

There was a moment of silence on the phone. Xu Lin didn’t say anything. Amber White had a bad feeling.

“Secretary xu… “

Amber White was about to ask again, but she was interrupted by Sean Smith, “Xu Lin, why didn’t you answer director White’s question. Is that a hard question to answer?”

Xu Lin smiled and whispered through the radio waves, “Director White, miss Cindy’s teacher called me.Unfortunately, the President is not in the company this afternoon, and I need to host the summer summary meeting of the company, so I asked the teacher to contact someone else to pick up miss Cindy.”

Xu Lin was guilty. Although he knew where Cindy White was, he couldn’t say because of Sean Smith’s pressure.

She was targeted by the president. Although Xu Lin sympathizes with Amber White, Miss Cindy was well along with the President, what the president wanted was making Miss White worry. So it was not serious to cooperate with president, right?

Instead, he was sure that the President would fire him immediately tomorrow if he revealed one word.

Amber White’s brain went blank when she heard the news.She paused for a moment and asked anxiously: “secretary xu, did the teacher say who picked Cindy?”

Whether Xu Lin was Cindy’s father or not, but since he said such things, the teacher must tell Xu Lin who would pick Cindy up, right?

Amber White asked anxiously and hopefully.

Xu Lin gave her a negative answer: “director White, when the call came, I was supporting the meeting, so I directly hung up when I finished speaking. Sorry… I didn’t know this was going to happen.”

Amber White’s heart contracted as she listened, and the sudden chill of hell gripped her.

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