Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 53: He waited for her to beg him

Her eyes fell on the mobile phone screen of Sean Smith, it was two o’clock in the morning.

The last time when she found Cindy White, it was two o’closck, too.

Amber White’s mind was all the scenes of Cindy White’s crying in the small alley near the kindergarten.

The breath of Amber White seemed to be stopped, her eyes were congestive, and her body trembled fiercely.

She didn’t know which corner Cindy White was in and crying now. Her body was stiff like a stone, and her ears were full of Cindy’s voice: “Mom… Mom… I am afraid… …”

Amber White felt heart-breaking, and she remembered what happened a year ago.

After she found Cindy mistakened her father, for the first time, Amber White talked with Cindy about the word “Dad.”

Her voice was hoarse and muttered to her, “Mom, what is Dad? Why do other children are sent to school by their mom and dad, but I only have mother?”

“Why Xiao Pang call Dad and someone will answer him, but no one answer me?”

Amber White didn’t know how to answer Cindy White’s questions, and she also figured out the reason that why Cindy got lost.

She regarded other people’s fathers as her father.

She followed them outside the school.and went to a strange place. She didn’t know the way home. She only waited in the alley fom the dawn to the dark, from sound to silence.

Amber White’s eyelids ached, and the tears fell down.

When Cindy was two years old, she lost her once, Now Cindy was three years old, she lost her again!

She really hated such a powerless self, could not give her a complete home, and now, she even did not play well the basic role of mother!

When Xu Lin’s words were finished, Sean Smith put his eyes on the face of Amber White.

She took two heavy breaths, her lips were so pale that it seemed like she didn’t have any vitality. Her forehead was bleeding out of countless cold sweats which made her like just out of the water.

She was trapped in some sort of magical obstacle. The tears fell down endless, and the eyes were almost bleeding.

Amber White now seemed to be a ghost!

Sean Smith twisted the eyebrows, he asked the Svip ward for Amber White, the indoor temperature was low enough. So Amber White was really scared now but not because she was hot.

He sneered with disdain. The bastard was so important in her heart?

Or is it that Amber White was just pretending in front of him?

When this thought appeared, it was vetoed by Sean Smith. If it was a play, Amber White was really a good actress.

Seeing the reaction of Amber White, it was strange that he didn’t feel any happy but a little upset. It seemed that the mourning of Amber White was infected with him.

The man blinked his eyes. Amber White was not worthy of his sympathy. Since three years ago, she had the means to drive away Man Man and become Mrs. Smith with a bastard, then this kind of little trouble could not overthrow Amber White!

Sean Smith looked at Amber White, but in a second, Amber White suddenly opened the quilt on the bed. She did not hesitate and directly pulled out the needle on the back of the hand without hesitating, as if she did not feel pain.

Her movements were rude,

The blood bead immediately oozed out along the back of her hand, and a drop fell to the ground in the blink.

Sean Smith’s eyelids jumped, watching Amber White put on shoes and rush out of the ward door.

The man squatted for a moment, then looked down at the phone. Xu Lin’s phone had not been hung up. Amber White had left the ward, Sean Smith stood up straight, subconsciously wanted to chase Amber White.

” Director White…”

Sean Smith heard the voice coming from the phone, and his eyebrow wrinkled a deep gully. He said, “What’s up? Is there something else?”

Xu Lin didn’t expect the phone to be in the hands of Sean Smith. He cautiously tried to ask: “President, Director White is very anxious. Do you want to tell her that Miss Cindy is all right?”

The face of Sean Smith instantly condensed a layer of frost, and the tone was cold and incomprehensible: “Do you teach me to do things? Do you want to be the president of Smith’s tomorrow? Um?”

Xu Lin’s was shocked and stopped talking.

Sean Smith was more angry. When his words came out, the pronunciation was extremely heavy. It seemed like he was venting anger: “Since you care about Amber White so much, and like to take care of her. It is better for me to transfer you to the marketing department tomorrow, so that you can be with her every day. how about this?”

After talking about it, he didn’t want to listen to Xu Lin’s thoughts. He directly hung up the phone and strode to Amber White who was like a headless fly.

He wanted to see when things developed to this point, what would Amber White do.

Amber White went to the entrance of the hospital, the lights were blurred, and the summer night was quite. The light fell on Amber White’s hand, making the blood particularly horrible.

She couldn’t wait still, but as soon as she stopped, her ears were all Cindy’s voice yelling at her mother.

Cindy was timid, as long as she thought about the time she lost a year ago, she was shocked and shuddered with fear.

There was only one taxi at the entrance of the hospital. This hospital is not a hospital in the city center, so it was remote. Amber White noticed this detail and she felt sour in her heart.

She knew the reason. Sean Smith had always been ashamed of her. All the people in the downtown hospital know him. How could he take her there and let everyone know that.

He didn’t want her to live well, and he wouldn’t reveal anything about he had helped her, nor would he give anyone a chance to talk about him and her!

Amber White had no time to care about that, she subconsciously walked in the direction of the taxi.

As soon as he came out, Sean Smith saw this scene.

He raised his eyebrows, “what is Amber White doing?”

Going to find the little bastard?

Ready to take a taxi to find?

Tong city is big enough for Amber White to find at least three days.

Even if she was too worried now, she shouldn’t be so stupid to use such a stupid way?

Moreover, Did Amber White have money?

Sean Smith looked down, and the light from the hospital gave a magic color to the the hair of Sean Smith. The lights all fell into his eyes which turn to endless starlight. Under that, it was disdain.

The man’s movement paused, then took out a cigarette from his suit jacket and put it into mouth. He used his fingertips to play with a lighter. There was no tendency to smoke, and his expression was cold like frost.

Xu Lin called before and said that Amber White’s bag and mobile phone had been sent to the company, and she would soon realize that she had no money.

He waited for her to come and ask him!

When Amber White was about to go to the taxi, she suddenly stopped. She reached out and touched the pocket on her clothes. It was empty.

Her mobile phone and bag were not here, there was no money, and the taxi would not carry her.

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