Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 54:Say you are a bitch, I will lend it to you

Amber White subconsciously turned back and trotted back to the side of Sean Smith, the man just lit the cigarette, and the fingertips were covered with sparks, dyed with thick fog, and his handsome face was even more impersonal.

Amber White stopped her step, and she opened her mouth in a low voice: “Mr. Smith, can you lend me some money? I will pay you back tomorrow.”

There was no wind around, although her voice was not high, it was also very clear. And Sean Smith looked at Amber White without interest, just spit out smoke from his mouth, with the smoke curling upwards. The smell of tobacco scattered around.

The man’s tone was slowly and a little fractious: “What did you say? I just didn’t hear it clearly.”

Sean Smith always remembered that she had driven away Lin Man. Today, he would definitely humiliate her in different ways.

Amber White’s eyes were a bit vacant and a bit desperate.

She lowered her face and bit her tongue.

She once wanted to maintain her own self-esteem in front of Sean Smith, but at this moment, it had vanished.

“Mr. Smith, could you please lend me some money? I’ll pay you back tomorrow as soon as I get back to the company.”

The tone of Amber White had been higher. She looked directly at Sean Smith, and some of the things in the light of eyes shattered into inches of light and dissipated in her eyes.

Sean Smith stunned for a while, and the pupil contracted.

This was Amber White. She had always been very ambitious. Even if she was notorious at first, she never looked down in front of anyone. She even could coerce his mother and married Family Smith.

At the moment, she humiliatingly asked him for a few Yuan.

She could do anything to achieve her goal.

Three years ago, what Amber White asked for was to marry into the wealthy family. Three years later, what Amber White’s asked was a few money that she didn’t put into her heart at all.

The nature had not changed, the only change was attitude, three years ago was a threat, three years later was begging.

Sean Smith was more depressed in his deep heart, did she want money?

He gave it to her!

Sean Smith carried the cigar between the deep lips, and the hands stretched out to touch the pockets up and down, and finally found the wallet from the inside pocket of the suit.

When Amber White saw that, she licked the lips and involuntarily stepped forward.

The man did not hesitate to pull out a stack of bright red banknote from the wallet. He didn’t count it, and put it in front of Amber White. His wrist waved in the air and the friction of paper money sent out the rustling sound that is not easy to detect in the silent night.

Amber White’s eyes were bright, and she subconsciously reached out for it.

Sean Smith raised his hand and avoided the action of Amber White. This move made Amber White’s heart instantly cold down.

The man’s tone was shallow, and a layer of coolness appeared in the sultry summer because of his words: “Do you want it?”

Amber White licked her pale lip and nodded. “I will return it.”

How ironic a sentence, she and Sean Smith were the couples who got the marriage certificate. Just a few banknotes, she actually used the word “return” three times.

But Sean Smith laughed even more ironically. He pinched the money and shook again in front of Amber White. His expression was even more ridiculous: “I don’t need such a little money, Director White, say you are a bitch, I will lend it to you!”

Amber White’s mind was roaring. Looking at Sean Smith’s lips open and close, the heart seemed to be pinched by a big hand, and she was painful almost to scream out.

She looked at Sean’s face, which made her feel much stranger. She couldn’t think this is the teenager who held her and promised her 11 years ago.

There were tears in the eyes of Amber White, and she stared closely at Sean Smith. The heart was broken into a hundred pieces.

There were a few unpleasant feelings between Sean Smith’s eyebrows. Didn’t Amber White love the small bastard very much?

Wasn’t she willing to do anything for the small bastard?

Reasonable trade, as long as she could say those words, he could let Amber White take away so much money from him, she would win!

Or was it that bastard could not be comparable to the illusory dignity in her heart?

Sean Smith sneered at her in his heart, and what he ashed her to say was nothing but facts. He only wanted her to admit a thing that all people in Tong City know it well, and then she could take the money to find the bastard.

Was it so difficult for Amber White?

Sean Smith’s thin lips opened for a while, but before he spoke out Amber White suddenly looked in the direction of Sean Smith and said firmly: “Yes, I am a bitch!”

The man’s pupil suddenly shrank, from the words he said to Amber White admitted, less than three seconds, she admitted so fast.

As she said, she was really a bitch!

What a woman Sean Smith married?

She had no backbone, but had conspiracy and tricks, and there were many tricks. What kind of woman, what did she had except the useless appearance?

Sean Smith smiled coldly and raised his hand to throw the banknote to Amber White’s face which was like white porcelain.

There was no wind in the air, and the subtle sound banknotes sounded out, spinning from the air to the ground.

The last trace of blood on the face of Amber White also dissipated. The strength of Sean Smith was relatively big. Her face was marked with a red mark by a new banknote. She bit her teeth and did not make a sound.

Even if she was still standing in front of Amber White, she slowly lowered her body to pick up the banknotes scattered on the ground one by one with her head lowered.

Unable to control herself, the moment she lowered her head, her tears fell on the ground.

She knew that from this moment on, her soul had knelt before former lover, and she could no longer have dignity in front of him.

She got a lot of achievements in Company Smith, all because she worked hard for three years without asking for Sean Smith. She did not ask Family Smith to maintain her pride. But now all her efforts were easily defeated by Sean Smith’s sentence.

But, at this time, she didn’t even have time to grieve.

After picking up the money, Amber White turned around without hesitation and walked toward the taxi driver.

There were two people, Amber White and Sean Smith, at the gate of the hospital. The taxi driver noticed they two when he heard the movement, and when he saw Amber White coming over, he cut down the window and blew a whistle at Amber Smith.

After the driver’s eyes touched the beauty of Amber White, they turned to bright. His eyes were constantly looking at Amber White. Seeing her approaching, he laughed and ridiculed, “Miss, quarreled with boyfriend? Don’t bother with such a boyfriend. You are so beautiful, there’re many men are waiting for you on bed!”

Amber White’s pace suddenly stagnated; she looked up at the taxi driver. He is very ugly, and the greasy fat was accumulated on the face. His mung bean eyes reflected a filthy light.

She had already walked to the taxi, the window slid down, and the man had a few sour smells.

Amber White endured the nausea in her heart and looked around in a circle.

There were not many buildings around, so there was also emitted sporadic lights in addition to the hospital’s light. It was dark around.

There were a few trees planted at the gate of the hospital. The shadows of the trees fell on the ground, layer upon layer. It seemed that the ghost could emerge from the cracks in the ground in the next second.

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