Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 55: He was worried about Amber?

In addition to this taxi, there was no shadow of the car around, and even the street at the entrance gate of the hospital was dark and in a dead silence.

Amber White moved the eyelashes, and the breath gradually became shallow. From here to the school of Cindy White in the urban area, it took more than an hour to drive.

Sean Smith was only waiting to watch her make a figure, he still hated her deeply, and he would not send her.

Not to mention if she knew the way to Cindy White’s School, even if she knew that and she was willing to walk on foot, it was almost dawn.

She had time to walk to there, but Cindy was only three years old, could she afford to wait?

“Miss, are you leaving? Here is only my taxi. I came over to send people. You are lucky. I dozed off a little while before. If you don’t want to leave, I have to go now!”

The driver grinned and looked at Amber White with a smile. He also learned Sean Smith’s action to light a cigarette.

However, Sean Smith was very temperamental and beautiful, and the movements were so fluent and attractive, but the driver’s every move revealed obscenity with unsatisfactory appearance .

Amber White even thought it was needless to use the idiom Dong Shi Xiao Pin on him.(Dong Shi Xiao Pin:blind imitation with ludicrous effection )

But after thinking again and again, Amber White did not have a better way than to get on the car, she nodded and bit her teeth and said: “Yes, I’ll leave!”

The driver smiled smugly and unlocked the central locking on the car. “Get in, miss, I have good skills.” He said with a flirtatious tone.

Amber White paused to pull the door open, she hesitated for a few seconds, but still got on.

She had no methods now, and it was only one life-saving straw, how could Amber White be willing to throw away?

Amber White only wanted to find Cindy, so naturally, she missed the obscenity and ferocious on the driver’s face!

When Amber White got on the car, the driver turned on the lights, and then the car left the hospital.

The taxi drove from the side of Sean Smith. The man reached out and rubbed his eyebrows. Before Amber White getting on the taxi, he clearly saw a flash of the obscenity on the driver’s face.

It was not a good person at first glance.

He did not believe that Amber White did not find the strangeness of the taxi driver!

Sean Smith felt that today he was really strange. He not only meddled in matters from the public security bureau to pick up the small bastard, but also to Ye Se to save Amber White.

He really should go to the hospital to check himself!

The man glanced at the exquisite wrist watch. It was more than two o’clock in the morning, he had stayed with Amber White for almost four hours!

It was a waste of his life!

The man put his hand down and walked into the parking lot of the hospital. There were not many people in the hospital, so there were not many cars. As soon as he went in, he saw his own Maserati, which was incompatible with the surrounding vehicles.

Sean Smith opened the car door and started the car engine. He drove the car out of the hospital. The location of the hospital was not very good. The road ahead was dark and he could not see his fingers in the darkness.

The inexplicable irritation appeared in his heart, and the driver’s smile always haunted on his mind.

The gentle music sounded in the carriage, but it did not smooth the ripples in the man’s heart, on the contrary, it made him more and more bored.

When he was about to turn off the music, it suddenly stopped.

There was a piece of flat news broadcast: “Respected listeners and friends, I’d like to repeat the evening news. According to our reporter, three female corpses have been found raped and killed on different occasions in this city. The victims were killed in a taxi in the early morning without exception. The police have not locked down the suspects yet. Please be vigilant, listeners and friends…”

Sean Smith reached out and grabbed the steering wheel, making a loud noise.


The man cursed in a low voice and reached out to turn off the car radio. What is this special shit radio station? In the afternoon, it reported girls were murdered; in the early morning, it reported the woman were raped ? !

What a coincidence!

Sean Smith sneered coldly and stepped on the accelerator pedal with one foot. The car with excellent performance was flying on a wide road like a string of arrows.

The car had driven out such a long distance, Sean Smith had already seen the street lamp, but he did not see the taxi.

There is only such a north-south road at the gate of the hospital, south to the urban area and north to the mountains.

Was Amber White going to the mountain to find that bastard?

The man tightened a pair of narrow eyes, his temple suddenly jumped up and down, and suddenly the driver’s smile flashed out.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt the taxi driver had a problem!

Damn it, was Amber White retarded? Unexpectedly to get on the car. Obviously, the driver had a problem!

Wasn’t she always smart? For the small bastard, she would get on the car although she knew that the man was bad?

Didn’t she afraid of being killed and thrown into the wilderness?

Why didn’t he find Amber White was so bold?

If she was bold, why did she perform a dying look when he rescued her in Ye Se? Compared to the taxi driver,Ye Se was safer!

When Sean Smith was depressed to the extreme, the phone suddenly rang.

The man clicked on the brakes, took out the phone from his pocket, and glanced at the screen. His memory was always good. This number was called by Amber White before.

He was irritated and accepted it then: “Who are you looking for?”

On the phone, he heard the sound of Lu Xiangxiang: “I am looking for Amber White, the person who just called me with this mobile phone? Is it convenient for her to pick up the phone?”

“No! Who is Amber White? I don’t know!”

The voice of Sean Smith was with a little anger, he vented his anger to Lu Xiangxiang, and he directly cut off the phone when he finished.

He was annoyed in his heart, how could he treat Lu Xiangxiang good? and after hanging up the phone, his heart seemed to be blocking by a breath, and he could not vent it.

Sean Smith re-launched the engine. He thought about it carefully. Whether at the opening ceremony of Luoshen Bay or married him successfully three years ago, Amber White’s means were superb!

Shit! Maybe, Amber White got in the car deliberately in front of him!

She wanted to tell him that she loved her child very much to give him a good impression!

He was not Gu who is mentally retarded, he wouldn’t be deceived!

Sean Smith was driving angrily, and the handsome face was hidden in the boundless night, which hidden all the depressed color on his face.

He took a heavy breath and once again reached out and rubbed his own eyebrows. The temperature at his fingertips was low. The man frowned, the chilly and shimmering light flashed across his face.


Was he worried about the damn woman, Amber White?

As soon as this idea appeared, Sean Smith sneered at himself!

He was worried about Amber White? How could it be?

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