Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 56: Is he mentally retarded?

That woman was cheap and every man could sleep with her. Even if she went to bed with that taxi driver, he wouldn’t care!

He didn’t let Amber get on that car and he didn’t say he refused to drive her!

This was her own choice, no matter what happened, Amber White deserved it! It had nothing to do with him!

Sean Smith’s car got faster and faster, and two seconds later, there was a shrill sound of brakes on the empty and silent road.

Maserati, with smooth lines, suddenly turned back on the narrow path. After turning the corner, the car was speeding to the extreme and driving to the coming direction.

The night was getting darker and darker, and there was nothing but the roar of the car engine.

The car quickly passed the hospital, the lights flashing through the hospital reflected to the face of Sean Smith through Maserati windshield, who was with a faint look of frightening.

The road grew darker and darker, and Sean Smith drove so fast that he reached out and turned the near light into high light, but he still couldn’t find that taxi.

His eyebrows frowned and countless absurd feelings spread from the bottom of his heart.


Is he mentally retarded?

Why would he want to catch up?

What did Amber White have to do with him? why did he care about her?

He had always hated her, and if she had something wrong, he would control himself not applauding and laughing, that was the last mercy he left her.

Yuck! No!

He’s still the legal husband of the woman. What if she does do something wrong, then what about the little bastard?

Did Amber White want to leave the father’s unknown child to him? And let him take care of that bastard?

Then let her call him father, take his last name, enter his account, and inherit his property in the future?


She had a nice try.

He’s not gonna let that happen!


After Amber White got on the taxi, she directly reported the address of Cindy White’s Kindergarten. She came out a few hours a day and did not see Cindy for a few more hours.

She carefully pondered the details after Cindy White lost last time. Her child was very clever, when she could not find the way, she would not run around. Despite her fear, she would still be waiting for her to find her in a place!

Amber White infiltrated a cold sweat again, Tong city was not peaceful these days, and there were stray cats and dogs in the city, so far there was no whereabouts of Cindy White, Amber was almost crazy.

Her mind was full of the positions that Cindy would stay near the kindergarten while putting her crossed hands on the trembling lips.

Cindy, where are you?

She was trapped in a closed world and did not find the driver driving her in the opposite direction of the city.

There was no air conditioning in the car, the window glass had come down, but the sour smell in the taxi still did not dissipate. There occasionally sounded crickets’ chrip in her ears. She suddenly regained her mind and wanted to see where she went.

The night outside was dark and could not see any environment clearly. The faint light emitted by the taxi seemed to have turned into a ghost fire, and the chrips of unknown insects were more like a death warrant!

Amber White suddenly felt terrible in her heart, whispered: “Sir, are you in the wrong direction?”

The playful voice came over from the driver’s seat, “No, weren’t you in a hurry? I found a path and it would be faster, but… Hey hey, I promise there will be no one! “

Amber White was immersed in Smith’s for three years, and she had met countless matters, so she reacted violently.

Her heart was overwhelmed by panic, a pair of beautiful eyes squinted tightly, then said coldly: “you are going in the wrong direction!”

Seeing Amber White find it, the taxi driver laughed, then his obscene and disgusting were all showed, “Yes, you just quarreled with your boyfriend? Brother will take you to have a good time. Aren’t all women keen on face-saving? Don’t worry, there will be no one where I take you. What, am I considerate? “

Cindy White had been already three years old, Amber White was not a girl without any experiences, of course, she could understand the driver’s words.

There was fury in her heart, but the surrounding environment was really bad for Amber White, and she could only endure it.

She paused and her mind racing up at a high speed, then she said calmly: “Sir, do you know Smith’s company? I was the director of marketing, my daughter lost , and I was in a hurry to find her. If you send me back now, I can give you enough money to spend in Ye Se! At that point, you can get no matter what kind of woman you want “

The taxi driver didn’t mean to stop or turn around. As soon as she said it, he suddenly laughed a few more times. His voice was loud and dispersed farther and farther in the silent night, and there was even a faint echo. It sounded terrible.

“All in all, you want me to go whoring some high-end hookers?I’m not interested in that. I, ah, like a man’s wife like you, Miss, don’t be afraid. When you got in the car, I told you. I have good skills!”

“you’re not a little girl anymore, can’t you understand?”

Amber White paused, at that time, she thought the driver meant that he was very good at driving!

How could she know his disgusting idea?

And what she thought all was Cindy White, how did she have time to think about something else?

“don’t you just want a beautiful woman? I give you money, you can find a woman to accompany you, if you offend me, you will commit a crime, it is not a good deal! ” Amber White smiled and said, “I have a good friend who is a lawyer, and he has never failed a sue!. Once you are in prison, there would not even a sow, not to mention woman!”

The driver smiled again, but did not speak.

While negotiating with the driver, Amber White’s eyes fell on the road ahead, the lights were dim, the road was rugged, and both sides were high-built rocks.

And looking at the driver’s familiarity, it was not his first time to do it!

Amber White tried all the ways, but the driver did not care at all. She only felt afraid.

She was afraid of what happened to Cindy White, afraid that she would be raped by this driver, and she was even more afraid of death!

In her mind, the frosty face of Sean Snith flashed through. If she really had something wrong, would he take care of Cindy?

Sean Smith always felt that Cindy White was just a bastard. Because of her, maybe he still hated Cindy, how could he be willing to act as a father in front of Cindy?

Amber White’s hand touched the door handle subconsciously, thinking about how likely it was that the she would survive and escape by jumping off the car.

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