Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 57: I am the wife of Sean Smith

Next second!

Her body tilted forward and crashed into the back of the chair in front of her.

Amber White suddenly became nervous and immediately heard the sound of the driver’s seat opening.

Did he park? !

Without thinking of the countermeasures, the door was suddenly pulled open from the outside. Through the moonlight, the expression on the driver’s face became more and more ferocious.

“Little baby, hurry up and let me have fun!”

Amber White subconsciously hid him, she screamed scaredly: “Go away, don’t touch me!”

The driver didn’t catch Amber White at first, then he lowered his body to drill in the rear compartment. Amber White was so scared that she looked pale, she unconsciously stretched her feet to kick that driver. After a few wild kicks, her ankle was grabbed suddenly.

His strength was great, he clasped her leg, and dragged her out of the rear compartment. His movements were so rude, that when Amber White was pulled out of the taxi, her head hit the door, instantly Amber White was dizzy.

For Near thirty hours without eating, Amber White’s head was dizzy, and she felt disgusting.

She bit the tip of her tongue hard to clear her up, Amber White stood up and took two strides as the driver closed the door.

However, her physical strength had long been overdrawn. When she had an action, her legs went weak and almost fell to the ground.

“Haha, where are you going to go?”

The driver’s voice sounded obscene as he sped up to her and grabbed Amber White’s arm.

His movements were rude and his strength was great. Amber White only felt that her arm was caught by the talons, and it hurt and she could not escape.

“I didn’t find that you are quite interesting! If you are sensible, you should enjoy it. After I released myself, I will let you go!” The driver laughed and bowed his head to Amber White. “Come on, let me kiss you!”

Amber White was worried about Cindy White, and she was scared. When the driver came over, she was shocked and angry, raising her hand and slap on the man’s face.


She used all her strength, and in the quiet late night, it was exceptionally loud.

After she finished, she pushed the driver away. Don’t know if her desire to survive was too strong, or the driver was hurt by her suddenly that he didn’t react, Amber White actually broke away from the man’s restraint.

She barely hesitated, turned and ran to the darkness.

But just after two steps, the scalp suddenly hurt, her hair was caught by the taxi driver from the back, and the pain made Amber White almost scream.

She held back the pain, with her teeth biting her lower lip and the sweat oozing from her forehead. The night covered the whiteness on her face.

“Bitch, shameless!” The driver’s voice was harsh. He tuged Amber White’s hair back, and with his other hand touched his slapped face. He scolded aloud: “dare to slap my face!”

Amber White only felt the tingling of the scalp, and even heard the sound of broken hair in her ear. She took a deep breath and could not make a sound.

On the way while being dragged by the driver, Amber White could detect that the bare calf was forced to rub on the uneven ground and even notice the sting of the ankle being scratched.

Amber White only felt pain, and it hurts all over her body. Her mind was blurred. In the next second, the man grabbed the placket on her chest and pulled her hair hard. She was forced to look up.

The lights are not too bright, but it was enough for Amber White to see the taxi driver’s face, fat and disgusting. There was a scar between chin and neck that cannot be found without looking at it carefully.

This moment is especially terrible!

Suddenly, the driver raised his big hand and slaped on her face twice.

She was dizzy being hit, feeling her face was burning. Amber White endured the pain, and subconsciously caught the man’s face.

The man took a sigh of air, and he stood up straight, touched his face with one hand and snarled: “Fuck!”

Seeing Amber White was still not quiet, the man threw Amber White heavily on the ground.

There are many small stones of different sizes on the ground. She suddenly fell to the ground, and the bones and muscles were filled with pain that could not be ignored.

The man threw himself at her, pushed her head down and banged her head on the ground.His voice was grim. “You hit me! Stinking shameless bitch!”

Amber White’s consciousness became weaker and weaker. When she opened her mouth, she cried out in pain.

A warm liquid slid down her scalp, and the force on her head became light. The driver kicked her again on the next second.

“I’m going to fuck you today! Bitch!”

The driver said as he tugged at Amber White’s dress. she was still wearing the small suit she wore to the party, and Amber White’s coat was half torn off as soon as the man had an action.

Amber White took a sigh of relief and struggled and said, “Do you dare to force me? I am Sean Smith’s woman!”

She reached out and picked up the messy hair when she was entangled with the driver. The good looks were exposed. Her voice was very light, but the taxi driver who was close enough to her could hear clearly: “If you don’t want to get into trouble, just let me go!”

The driver suddenly smiled and taunted: “Lies!”

“Do you think I am stupid? would Sean Smith’s woman come to this broken place to see a doctor?” The man once again reached for Amber White’s clothes and said: “Do you think I’m blind? That man at the Hospital door just now threw his money in your face, you are a cheap toy for sale.Sean Smith couldn’t like you.”

Amber White was very beautiful. The faint light of the taxi shined on her face. It is stained with a few bloodstains. The black hair sticks to the white porcelain-like face, and the black and sleek eyes were full of fear.

Her look now let the driver have a feeling of abuse.

Amber White didn’t know anything and whispered, “I am Sean Smith’s wife!”

Amber White resisted all the pains of her body, clutching her neckline and breathing heavily: “The man at the hospital entrance is Sean Smith! If you dare to rape me… he won’t let you go!”

Amber White’s mind was very messy. She had been married for three years. This is the first time Amber White mentioned the name of Sean Smith, but it was used to save lives.

In fact, she knew that it was useless to say this to the driver who had lost humanity, but she still wanted to delay the time.

To wait hopelessly… wait for that person to save her.

The driver seemed to hear a funny joke, he laughed loud and bowed his head: “Oh? Sean Smith’s wife? Then you tell me, how’s Sean Smith in bed?”

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