Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 58: Pest

After that, Amber White heared a short, tearing sound in her ear. Suddenly she felt that the skirt was loose. Her clothes had a good quality, the driver didn’t rip open and didn’t feel annoyed. He pressed Amber White’s struggling body and said in a low voice,

“I have played a lot of women, but I haven’t played Sean Smith’s wife yet, It’s really exciting!”

He finished, and reached out to tear Amber White’s skirt.

Amber White was trapped in Ye Se for a long time. Her physical strength was already overdone. Then she was beaten by the taxi driver. Now, she had exhausted all her strengrh.

Not to mention that men and women are unequal in strength!

Amber White’s brain was blank and her eyes were dark. The sound of cloth being torn came to her ears again. All she could think about was Cindy White’s lovely face.

This unwilling emotion made Amber White feel uncomfortable. She touched a stone on the ground and smashed it toward the driver’s head: “Don’t touch me!”

But not until did she touch that person, her hand was pressed tightly, “Shit, don’t move!”

Amber White was slapped again, the man’s strength was really big that Amber White’s face was beated to sideways, there was a glare of light appeared, Amber White could not even open her eyes.

The driver didn’t notice that, but clasped her shoulder with hands, and the words were more and more obscene: “Hey, I don’t know how about Sean Smith in bed, but I can let you try me!”

He excitedly reached out and touched the chest in front of his eyes. When his hand was about to touch the breast, his body was suddenly thrown away by a tremendous force and he was punched hard in the face.

The handsome face of the man reflected coldness in the night and the blurred headlights,he punched out: “Let you know that my skills!!”

Sean Smith’s strength was extremely strong. And every punch fell on the face of the taxi driver. It seems to vent his anger. He asked, “How about me? Em?”

There was a layer of anger that could not be calmed down in his heart, and the flames burned.

The taxi driver let out a sudden pig – like howl

“Help… I am wrong! Forgive me!”

Sean Smith gave him another punch, slamming him to the ground. The gloomy face flashed through a ferocious murder. He kicked into the driver’s heart and watched the man faint. Then he strides over to the cab and pulls out the key.

With the gloom on his face, he raised his hand and threw the car keys in the direction of the mountains.

Oh shit!

Since the driver likes this place so much, let him stay here before going to jail!

Finishing this, Sean Smith looked at Amber White. The woman supported the tree to stand up, and the clothes on her body were loosely attached to her body, unable to cover the scenery of her good body.

The man’s eyebrows were twisted out of a deep fold, and he glanced disgustedly, then quickly turned away.

Damn, this sly woman, she was so smart on usual, how could she not see the strangeness of the driver. Maybe she would think that he destroyed her good chance!

Sean Smith was very annoyed. He stood there for so long, and Amber White didn’t have any movements. The fire in the man’s heart rose again.


Was this dead woman still going to let him beg her to get in the car?

Was she taking herself too seriously?

If it wasn’t because he didn’t have the tendency to be a green tortoise,he didn’t care about her.(In Chinese, people always indicate someone’s wife or husband had affairs outside with ‘green’)

Oh shit!

Wasting his time and feelings, since she is willing to feed mosquitoes here, he will not accompany her!

Sean Smith scowled as he took a step, his strong wrist caught by a small, greasy hand. Sean Smith looked back subconsciously but saw a bloody face!

Sean Smith’s temple jumped and cursed: “Fuck!”

He worked hard to waste his sleep time to save Amber White,but she even showed such a damn face to scare him! ?

Sean Smith suddenly pulled back his hand, Amber White had no support, her body swayed twice, and before she had no consciousness, she shouted two words: “Cindy Cindy…”

Sean Smith felt a little sinking and Amber White fell into his arms.

The man’s face was full of anger, and he resisted the desire to throw Amber White out and took her up and walked over to his car.

Sean Smith took Amber White to the lighted place to see what Amber White looked like at the moment.

Her face was pale, he could clearly see the finger marks on her face. He didn’t know where her head was hurt, and there was dry blood on her face.

The hair was messy and stuck on the face, the clothes on the body were wide open, and there was a clear fingerprint on the neck.

Sean Smith’s eyes were deep, pulling the door and putting people into the rear compartment, going to the driver’s seat, getting on the car, and making a phone call while turning around.

The person on the other side picks up and scolds a voice: “Fuck! Who is that! Don’t let me sleep in the middle of the night!”

The expression on Sean Smith’s face was more serious. After a while, he said: “Uncle Shen, it’s me, Sean Smith.”

“General Smith?” The voice on the phone smiled and asked carefully: “It’s too late, why do you call me?”

Sean Smith licked his lips and looked sullen: “I heard that there was a taxi case in Tong city. I found a suspect here. In the mountainous area east of the suburban hospital, you sent someone to come over. Bring him back and question him.”

“Hey? General Smith, is that true?”


Sean Smith said a word coldly, and then he cut off the phone. He threw the phone into the co-pilot position.

After hanging up the phone, the man looked at the woman in the rearview mirror calmly.

Was Amber White killed by that man?

His eyebrows were twisted.

If he ignored her now, would there be ‘ the wife of the president of the Smith group was killed and thrown into the wild’ in tomorrow morning’s social newspaper headlines?


Who is Amber White?

Did she deserve to match with Smith Group? He doesn’t want to be shameful!

The man stepped on the gas pedal and stopped in the parking lot of that broken hospital.

For such a profligate woman, he had come here for several times in a day!

Oh shit!

He shouldn’t go to Ye Se, so that this woman wouldn’t come out and seduce a taxi driver, causing a bunch of broken things!


Sean Smith cursed in his heart, and took Amber White out of the rear compartment. When he just took two steps, the woman in his arms screamed in confusion: “Cindy…”

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