Please go away, Mr. smith – Chapter 6: She is my good sister

“Mrs. Smith, how do you feel that Mr Smith took Tang Tian to the Hai Wan Xiang Xie at night?”

“Mrs. Smith, in what capacity did Miss Tang attend the opening ceremony with your husband on her arm today?”

“As everyone knows, you are the young lady of the Family Smith. Your relationship has been not well. Tang Xian appeared this time. Is there any indication?”

The reporter’s question is more and more tricky, and Sean Smith and Tang Tian don’t have the intention to explain. Amber White’s eyes lies on Sean Smith’s face.

He looked cold and looked like he was listening to what Tang Tian was saying .

When Amber White saw that they’ve finished questioning, she smiled and said: “I know everything you said.”

In a word, the spotlight flashed insanely, which is too shining that Amber White cannot open her eyes.

“Today, I have three announcements to make. The first is, of course, the top priority. Everyone knows that Luoshen Bay is opening. As one of the leaders of this project, I would like to thank all the media for joining us.”

“Secondly, I would like to welcome Tang Tian to join us as one of the guests and spokespersons of the Luoshen Bay. Third, it is also a private matter between us.”

“Everyone should be aware that Tang Tian doesn’t have a very good family. For so many years, she has always been subsidized by Sean and I. Speaking of Tiantian, she is my good sister, we two have always loved her. It is common for her to go home to live, isn’t it, Tiantian?”

When Amber White’s words fell, there was a reporter who was close to Tang Tian passed the microphone to her.

Tang Tian is indeed born in poverty. The screen image that Smith Company created for her is inspirational. If Tang Tian denied what Amber White said, it would be equivalent to admitting that she was subjected to the hidden rule of Sean Smith and did the third person in their marriage!

She hated the appearance of Amber White, easy to say a word to say clear the relationship between her and Sean Smith, is also a sentence, can let her agent let her lose weight twenty pounds!

Tang Tian bites the posterior alveolar, and in the heart hates her to die, but her face is pulled out with a reluctant smile, saying: “Yes, I have always been very grateful to sister-Amber.”

In the past three years, the rumor of Sean Smith continued, Amber White was speechless from the reporter’s questioning, and now the answer is perfect, she feels incredible.

The matter was explained clearly. The reporter did not find the explosion point, and they were not willing to come in vain. He naturally shifted his attention to the opening ceremony of Luoshen Bay.

Family Smith invited a well-known host in the industry, three words and two sentences will be active up the atmosphere of the audience.

When the interest was high, the host asked the technician to play the concept video of the Luoshen Bay property.

At that time, Amber White was looking down at the documents handed by Xiao Shen. The scene suddenly became noisy.

She noticed that the sleeves were caught, and Amber White rubbed her eyebrows and glanced at Xiao Shen. Xiao Shen’s face was white and his voice trembled: “Director White, do you see?”

When Amber White looked up, she was facing the picture of the white body entangled on the big screen. The heroine in the picture is one of the spokespersons.

Tang Tian.

In the photo, she has a seductive look on her face that is inconsistent with her pure appearance.

Amber White smashed her eyebrows, and the lips and corners were sarcasm. She remembered that Sean Smith was an overly tidy person. Now is good,

or is he has begun to take care of it?

This thought only flashed through her mind.

On the other side of Tang Tian, when she saw the photos on the big screen, she was surrounded by reporters and asked countless questions.

Her inspirational, jade girl’s label was torn down in an instant, naked in front of the public.

“Miss Tang, may I ask who these men are, is it not convenient for you to explain?”

“Mr. Smith, Luo Shen Bay chose such a spokesperson without ethics. Is it because Miss Tang has taken a shortcut? Is there any truth of Mrs. Smith’s explanation just now?”

Tang Tian’s emotions became more and more impetuous with the reporter’s problems. She was arguing in a hundred ways, and she subconsciously hid in the direction of Smith Yun’s deep.

As soon as she had an action, Sean Smith’s guards, who were behind him, stopped the persons, including the reporters.

Tang Tian suddenly cried out, kneeling on the ground, grievously embracing herself, trying to resist the reporter’s questioning.

When Sean Smith seeing the situation , his eyebrows flashed a little impatiently. Amber White saw Sean Smith far away, saw that he seems won’t give a hand.

She hesitated for a moment, said to Xiao Shen: “You took the guards to stop the reporters, and then brought Mr. Smith and Tang Tian to the lounge, I will be there later.”

After Xiao Shen left, Amber White and the host calmed the reporters at the scene together.

Returning to the sales department, it is already half an hour later.

Amber White has some troubles. There are Luoshen Bay’s competitors, but for a moment, she really can’t think about who will release Tang Tian’s naked photos when it opens.

Tang Tian’s spokesperson and special guest’s identity are all just determined by her yesterday!

When Amber White entered the door, she saw Sean Smith after the huge green plant in the sales department.

He had a half-burning cigarette on his fingertips, almost invisible ash under his feet. The man should have just spit out a ring of smoke, and his face was still covered with a white mist, enough to blur the expression on his face.

Amber White stopped, such a man like Sean Smith, sexy and mature, and very handsome.

He leaned against the doorway, and the slender thighs were randomly placed, just blocking the way to the lounge. Seeing that he didn’t let it go, Amber White asked: “Tang Tian, how is she?”

When Sean Smith heard the movement, he raised his head. Amber White was dressed in a formal dress and looked clean and tidy.

In fact, the means are also very cleaver, and Sean Smith glanced at the exquisite men’s watch in the wrist. In just half an hour, the emotion of the reporter can be comforted and appears here, and the public relations means can be seen.

He licked the narrow scorpion, and it was not right. Amber White, a woman who had been disgusted by her three years ago, could solve his bothering mother and be appreciated by his picky father.

Otherwise, she can’t easily destroy his love.

“Didn’t you plan this great play for a long time?” Sean Smith’s lip angle deep hooked, unspeakable irony. “I knew that I would ruin Tiantian’s reputation, and you ran over and asked her how.” Amber White, are you very proud?”

“You misunderstood me??”

Amber White just said three words, Sean Smith smiled, but this laugh without temperature.

“What a person Director White is I have realized it three years ago. There is no need to play a simple and kind part n front of me. It is useless!”

In the end, Sean Smith use a rising tone towards the end, use a rising tone towards the end. The content of the words did not leave a bit of affection for Amber White.

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