Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 60: A terrible scar

With his hands empty, the man reached out and loosened his tie and unfastened the button at the top of his shirt.

After a series of actions, Sean Smith suddenly wakes up for a few minutes, he then turns around and stares at Amber White on the bed with burning eyes.


Was his brain kicked by a donkey?

Otherwise, how could he bring Amber White into his room?

The man’s hand paused and then he tightened his body involuntarily.

He took care of Amber White’s child for a day! And then he went to Ye Se and that moutain to save her, but there didn’t have a ‘thank’ from her. Although he needn’t that, it didn’t mean that he had to give his bed to her!

The man was upset and half bent down to pull Amber White out of bed.

Before touching Amber White’s body, his eyes fell on the dust on the stone-gray sheets.

Amber White struggled in the moutain for so long,in the process, that driver dragged Amber White’s hair and walked for a long way, so there were many dust and small scree on her body.

The man’s pupils shrank violently!

Amber White, a dirty woman, had dirty his bed! Was he going to throw her into the second bedroom or the guest room to make another bed dirty?

Is Amber White responsible for washing his sheet?

Sean Smith took a few deep breaths,suddenly, he remembered that his clothes were dirty because he held Amber White so often.

The man’s body was stiff again, and then suddenly stood upright.

Damn it, if he had time to sulk here, it was better to take a bath!

With a curse, Sean Smith straightened himself and suddenly felt a soft touch on his arm.

He glanced back. Amber White was grabbing his arm and her beautiful eyes were closed tightly. There were many sweat on her forehead and she was whispering, “Cindy… Don’t leave…”

Sean Smith twisted his eyebrows violently with impatience in his heart.

Don’t leave? Then stay here and listen to Amber White’s mother and daughter’s affection all night?

Did he look idle?

Thinking so, Sean Smith shook his arm, but Amber White’s hand tightened, and he did not throw her away.

The man’s dark eyes were dyed with anger, his lips were lifted, and a low curse was uttered: “Fuck! Damn woman! Let me go! “

Sean Smith’s grasped hand pulled back with great force,and directly pulled Amber White off the big bed.

The man looked down at the woman lying like a dead on the ground and frowned.

Listen to the voice she fell down, it must be very pain.

His eyebrows jumped suddenly,can’t he be blamed for that?

Would Amber White fall down if she hadn’t held him?

She deserved it!

Besides, if he didn’t leave, would he sleep with Amber White, a dead woman?

Sean Smith’s eyes narrowed slightly,he looked up and down at Amber White with some malice,didn’t this shameless woman wake up?

She wanted to seduce him pitifully with her wounded body?

He stretched out his foot and kicked Amber White’s body, frowned and spoke calmly: “Are you dead?”

Except for the words she blurted out just now when she held Sean Smith, Amber White no longer responded.

Sean Smith scolded dirty words again. The good cultivation he had developed over the years was burned by Amber White today.

She was really powerful!

With a sneer, the man squatted down and touched Amber White’s body with his hand,he twisted his eyebrows and looked at Amber White carefully,his eyelashes, as thin as cicada wings, were reflected on his lower eyelids, laying a thin shadow.

The whiteness of her face and the ferocious marks of her fingers became more and more horrible.

It didn’t look like she’s pretending!

Sean Smith couldn’t vent his anger, so he raised his feet to kick the trash can beside. Regardless of Amber White, he stood up and walked out of the room.

Now that Amber White didn’t like sleeping in bed, just stay on the ground!

He had already lowered himself to hold Amber White, but the woman was still so ignorant!

She soiled his clothes and bed, it was lucky for her that he didn’t look for her troubles!

Did Amber White deserve that he breaks his rules again and agian?

As soon as Sean Smith went out, his footsteps stopped.

There was no light in the corridor on the second floor. The moonlight seeping through the window was intertwined with the light on the first floor,a layer of orange shadows was made on the second floor, especially beautiful and chic.

Even Sean Smith’s dark face was softened a little.

The man stood at the door of the bedroom, thinking with indignation.

The air-conditioner in the bedroom was on, Amber White was injured and overdrawn,what if she got a fever after he left her on the ground?

Hai Wan Xiang Xie is his personal field,if Amber White had a good or bad situation here, wouldn’t he have to serve her?

Oh, by the way, and that little bastard!

He was not very clear after being annoyed by that bitch Amber White.Originally, he wanted to bring Amber back and let her send that bastard to school!


Damn it, it’s Saturday after dawn!

If Amber White can’t wake up tomorrow, that bastard would must chase him and ask questions.

No matter Amber White or the bastard, they were both troubles. From the beginning, they were not well-intentioned!

He didn’t want to serve any of them!

Maybe the little bastard would think that he had deliberately abused Amber White.

Sean Smith licked his slightly dry lips, and the thin lip flaps reflected a watery light,it adds some charm to the man’s frosty face.

The man’s foots moved, turned back and bent down to pick up Amber White from the ground and throw her on the bed.

He looked left and right, and his eyes fell on the blanket on the bed.

Suddenly ,Sean Smith had an idea, he covered Amber White with blanket, then it would not be so cold or so hot, and her ill wouldn’t be more serious.

When Amber White woke up tomorrow, he would let her take the bastard out of his place!

It was no way for Amber White to stay at here on the pretext of her illness!

Sean Smith therefore picked up the lip corner, and his gloomy mood turned good.

When he reached out to pull the quilt, he saw her body.

When he pulled her just now, Amber White’s fragmented skirt fell down completely.

The little suit jacket was also wide open, and the last buttons of the shirt inside burst open, exploring the fair belly in the air.

Amber White’s abdomen is flat, and the orange light falls on her abdomen, which gives her body a bright white and compact luster, like fine milky white satin.

Sean Smith’s eyes shrank sharply,his cold and sharp eyes fell on the scar of more than ten centimeters on Amber White’s lower abdomen.

The scar, like a centipede, winding lay on her lower abdomen. It is this scar that breaks the perfection of Amber White’s abdomen and makes her lower abdomen look particularly ferocious.

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