Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 62: Dad, are you awesome when you fight?

When Sean Smith woke up again, it was daylight.

Even though he slept late last night, the biological clock he had developed over the years still made him open his eyes.

His head stung because he had stayed up late, and he stayed in bed for five minutes to get better before getting up to wash.

No sooner had he gone downstairs than he heard a noise coming from the kitchen. He paused, licked his lip, and reached up to button his sleeve.

Amber White woke up?

She was going to make him breakfast to thank him for saving his life last night?

Or was she going to stay a little longer at this house?

Sean Smith thinks the latter is more likely. After all, when he pulled Amber White out of the darkness yesterday, she was saying his name.

He thought for a moment and strode towards the kitchen. Bay champs-elysees was his personal domain, and now that she was awake, she should take her child out of his domain!

Or they would affect his mood!

As soon as he reached the kitchen door, he saw little figures bustling about inside.

Cindy White stood on a stool on the floor, leaned forward, and her hands poised on a plate of freshly prepared food.

Cindy White’s long eyelashes shivered twice in the air, just like a butterfly’s wings about to fly.

Her cherry pink mouth was tightly pressed, and he saw seriousness in her face.

She has the demeanor of Amber White and is very ingratiating!

He gave a cold shucks. Cindy White turned her head after hearing the voice and saw that it was him. Her eyes brightened and a layer of light came into her dark eyes.

“Daddy, you’re awake!

Sean Smith grunted and said, “I’m not like some people who sleep like pigs!”

Cindy White had no idea she was talking about her mother.

Cindy White came down from the stool with the plate of dishes. She tilted her head and whispered, “dad, I have made breakfast. Let’s eat!”

He froze.

Last night, he was so angry with Cindy White that he refused to eat the rice cooked by her. By nine o ‘clock, he was so hungry that he had a stomachache.

He wrung brows, this is his home, why should he wronged himself?

His body loosened at the thought. He followed Cindy White to the table with her plate.

She bustled about and brought things to the table. He touched the bridge of his nose in a slightly embarrassed way.

A three-year-old girl who walked around the kitchen and table. Luckily, people didn’t come here very often, otherwise, they think he was abusing Amber White’s daughter.

He was stunned for only a moment. Cindy White had moved a stool to stand by his side. She took a spoon and gave him a bowl of well-boiled White fungus and lotus seed porridge.

Since Cindy White used up almost all the ingredients for cooking last night, there were not many things on the table. There were two Fried eggs with sugar hearts, one rice ball with shrimp and one egg cake.

It was simple. It was just the two of them.

He frowned and turned his eyes away. His eyes stared at Cindy White’s face with scrutiny and suspicion.

Didn’t she get up in the morning and go to his bedroom? She didn’t know Amber White was here?

As the thought showed up, the gap between the man’s brow deepened a little.

Why does it matter if she doesn’t make Amber White breakfast? He wasn’t hungry!

He pressed his lips, and then he held out his hand to stir the soup spoon in the bowl. The fragrance overflowed.

After Cindy White sat down beside him, she grabbed the chopsticks and put a rice ball on the empty plate in front of him. “dad, when did you get back last night? Did you carry me into the room?”

He held his peace as he delivered the rice ball to his mouth. The soft, glutinous rice aroma mixed with the umami of shrimp swept through his taste buds.

He couldn’t find fault with a three-year-old’s breakfast!

Sean Smith’s face darkened for a moment, and there was silence at the table.

Cindy White didn’t care if Sean Smith ignored her. She met her dad for the first time in three years, and even if he didn’t talk to her, she couldn’t stop her from trying to talk to Sean Smith!

On the wall opposite the dining room table were several pictures of Sean Smith in fencing and boxing matches, some of him accepting prizes, and one or two of him punching his opponent in the face.

Cindy White saw them at dinner last night. She pressed her lips together and looked at Sean Smith innocently, “Dad, are you awesome when you fight?”

Seeing Cindy White’s eyes constantly looking up at the wall, he glanced at the pictures on the opposite wall.

Mrs. Chen put up these pictures. Bay champs elysees is located in a remote location, is a single-family villa, and there are no neighbors around, Mrs. Chen worried about the villa’s security system is not safe enough to turn out these photos of his hanging in such a prominent position.

He scoffed.

Besides adding a little psychological security, what else could there be? He’s not afraid!

He just didn’t care, and he didn’t think Cindy White would ask about the same thing twice.

He’s always been cold, he’d laugh off questions like this, but now it’s Amber White’s daughter!

His eyes deepened involuntarily. He remembered the little fellow’s admiration of his certificate last night, and he involuntarily replied, “isn’t it great that you can still win awards?”

Then his head ached. Nothing else, because there was something ostentatious about it, and it didn’t sound like him.

He tightened up. Is he neurotic? How could he answer a three-year-old’s question like that?

But Cindy White didn’t stop there. When he answered her question, she went on excitedly, “did dad learn boxing to fight bad people?”

Probably every child has a fairy tale about their father is omnipotent, and is an invincible hero.

There was impatience in Sean Smith’s long, dark eyes. His voice dropped, and there was a chill in his muffled tone, “Hit people I don’t like.”

A few words stopped Cindy White.

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