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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 63: Dad, don’t hit Cindy

There was a flicker of guilty conscience in her round eyes, and her rosy lips were tightly pressed together. Suddenly, she remembered that she had screwed up the picture of her father and Lin man into a ball and lost it.

Cindy White is a little scared when she thought of that.

Dad… He’s not hit her for a picture, is he?

The kid looked at Sean Smith and thought with a shudder.

She subconsciously grabbed an omelet for him, and carefully asked, “dad, breakfast is good?”

Sean Smith gave Cindy White a glimpse.

He looked down at the pie she had picked up, and he frowned.

He was a severe case of neatophobia, and she used the used chopsticks to pick something for him. His face did not show it, but there was a gleam of disgust in his dark eyes.

Admittedly, she made a good breakfast, but why should he praise Amber White’s daughter?

Isn’t it enough to clean up their mess?

Hum! He didn’t see them praising him!

And Amber White is a ungrateful woman. She humiliated him in the hospital last night.

He took a bite of the cake unconsciously. Finely chopped green peppers perfectly mask the egg smell and the soft broccoli inside, and he didn’t expect the humble pie to taste so good especially with porridge.

When Cindy White saw Sean Smith take a bite, she leaned over with her furry head and asked, “how’s it going, dad? Is it good?”

He was unprepared. When Cindy White’s face was suddenly close to him, his handsome face suddenly drew and he let out a cold snort.

Cindy White was upset by Sean Smith’s reaction. She grabbed a rice ball and took a bite. She blinked her eyelashes and looked at Sean Smith in confusion.

It’s delicious!

Doesn’t dad like shrimp and eggs?

Why do mom and dad react differently? After mom ate her breakfast, she would not only give her a kiss, but also praise her, but dad…

“Daddy, don’t you like my breakfast?

Cindy White asked again. Sean Smith: Amber White’s daughter is so annoying. She can ask you a hundred different questions. It was obvious that he would not answer, and she would keep on asking.

Cindy White asked again. Sean Smith felt that Amber White’s daughter was so annoying. She can ask you a question with a hundred different ways. It was obvious that she would keep on asking if he would not answer.

He disdained to lie, and could not reconcile himself to their complacency. He had to nod and give an ambiguous answer: “almost.”

Cindy White was hiding something, so she just saw that Sean Smith nodded and ignored the last part of the sentence.

She bit her lower lip and asked seriously, “if it’s delicious, dad, can you promise me something?”

He sneered, and when she asked for his answer, she wanted him to promise something else!

What does a three-year-old know?

She’s going to ask him for a commitment. She must have been taught by Amber White.

He was helpless, “what is it?”

Cindy White put her finger to the right, then lowered her head and whispered, “I am young and ignorant. If I do something wrong, you must not hit me.”

Every now and then, as she spoke, she looked up at him as if she feared he would not consent.

Sean Smith pinched his eyebrows. That’s it?

He touched his chin. She wasn’t scared by his trophy photographs, was she?

Does he look like he can punch a kid?

He smiled. Not only can he not punch a child, but he can’t punch a woman! Otherwise, he would have beaten Amber White to death when she drove away Man man.


But since Cindy White has so many questions, Sean Smith thinks it’s better to make her afraid of him than to keep asking questions!

He didn’t have the time to talk about it.

He glanced at her and said, “it depends.”

He sat at the head of the table, his back to the sun, his eyes pressed down by their long lashes, and he could not see the mood in them. From Cindy White’s point of view, it seems that he is not very happy.

he little fellow’s lips moved, and at last she said nothing.

When Sean Smith was looking at Cindy White, he caught a glimpse of the porridge in Cindy White’s bowl.

He pressed his forehead and said, “eat quickly. Nanny Chen will take you to school later!”

He pretended to pull out his cell phone. “Daddy, it’s Saturday and I don’t have to go to school!” Cindy White looked into Sean Smith’s face and stammered, “and… “

He put down his cell phone and tapped the desktop twice.

He remembered last night that it was Saturday, and he slept it off. It was because of them that he forgot.

He drank all the porridge in the bowl and then looked at Cindy White and asked, “and what?”

“Dad, yesterday wasn’t resolved. The teacher told me that if my parents don’t go to school on Monday, I won’t go to school at all.”

Cindy White was worried that Sean Smith had not promised not to hit her. She was afraid that he thought she was not a good child. She wrung her little White hands unconsciously and slowly said what the teacher said.

The wound on her head is still looking particularly aggrieved and pitiful.

He muttered a curse.


What does she mean?

She’s going to let him meet her teacher at school?

Is Amber White mentally retarded? She sent her to a school like this?

She’s only three. She did something wrong and they accepted responsibility. That she wouldn’t be allowed to go to school?

The anger in his heart was fierce.

For a moment it occurred to him that she was not his child, and why should he think of himself as her father for her words?

Why should he worry about the kid now that he’s found Amber White?

Amber White just passed out, not dead. Why don’t she send Cindy White to school on Monday?

Even if she can’t go to school, it’s Amber White’s headache. What does that have to do with him?

Before Sean Smith could open his mouth, the phone on the table rang. He was distracted and glanced at the screen.

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