Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 64 You’re gonna stay home and take care of your daughter?

It’s Gu jin yan.

It was still early. He couldn’t have called him for breakfast, could he?

Sean Smith picked up his cell phone and answered, “what’s wrong?”

There was a faint sleepiness in his voice, “Sean, I’ve called, ‘Ye Se’ is open tonight, you have to go out drinking with me today!”

Sean Smith had a little bump on his forehead. That’s all he did!

When he came to his house, he would open a bottle of wine.

“Isn’t it only open at night? Gu jin yan, you mentioned drinking as soon as you opened your eyes, why don’t you drink it to death! I have something to do today. Don’t bother me!”

He said unhappily, “it opens early on weekends. You get married and still live alone. What can you do? Oh, I forgot you were a father! You’re going to stay home and take care of your daughter?”

At the end of the speech, Gu jin yan began to ridicule.

In the end, her tone turned to ridicule.

When he finished, Sean couldn’t help looking at Cindy White sitting next to him.

His daughter? He didn’t remember when he had sex with Amber White. Cindy White is a bastard!

“A filthy mouth can’t utter decent language.”

Sean Smith scolded him without mercy.

Friendship between men always mixed with curse words, so Gu jin yan will not be angry. He added, “Sean Smith, if you really want to take your daughter with you, I’ll go to your house for a drink. I’ll be a free laborer for you and a diversion for your daughter.”


Sean Smith yelled, “Stop yapping! Wait for me at your place!”

He just wants to drink.

He said and hung up the phone. If he really doesn’t keep the appointment, Gu jin yan will come to his house and he will see Cindy White. How humiliating must he be?

Sean Smith looked at Cindy White, who is a little upset. A three-year-old child can’t hide things in her eyes. He only looked at Cindy White and knew that she was worried about to call her parents.

When Cindy White saw Sean Smith’s face, he wasn’t very happy. “dad, I didn’t mean to hit him. He scolded me first and then pushed me… “

Sean Smith said, “come on, your mom won’t let you miss school. She’s definitely going to drop you off on Monday!”

Sean Smith didn’t want to talk to Cindy White because he had promised to drink. He went upstairs and got the car keys.

By the time he came down, Cindy White had already cleaned up the mess on the table.

When she saw him coming down, she ran over to Sean Smith and grabbed his pants.

“Dad, did you find mom when you said mom would take me to school on Monday?”

Sean Smith pinched his eyebrows. He leaned half down, grabbed his pants, and pulled the fabric out of Cindy White’s hand.

The girl’s grip on his clothes was so strong that it left a shallow crease in his well-made trousers.

His eyes were dark. Cindy White was about to grab it again, but when she saw Sean Smith, she was scared and pulled her hand away.

When Sean Smith saw that she wasn’t grabbing, he sneered and said, “Yes.”

Cindy White’s eyes were bright and she whispered, “where is mom now? I haven’t seen my mother for a long time. I want to see her.”

Where is she?

Sean Smith licked his lips. The bitch was in the bedroom on the second floor.

“In the bedroom… “

Sean Smith stuck on the last word and stunned.

He vaguely remembers the name that the doctors and nurses at the hospital had pinned on him after he rescued Amber Whiter from the taxi driver and took her to the hospital last night.

Abuse of his wife!

Their conversation was in his ear, and the doctor, in particular, analyzed it as if he had really punched Amber White.


Cindy White called again. Sean Smith hung his head. His eyes seemed to be frost, then Cindy White felt chilly.

Sean Smith said impatiently, “what for?”

Cindy White was aggrieved. Even though she is young, she can realize that Sean Smith doesn’t like her very much.

Her lips moved and she did not speak, but her eyes, like black grapes, looked straight at him.

That’s why he didn’t like children. They had to have answers.

The scar on Amber White’s body flashed through his mind, his brow furrowed.

Although Amber White’s injuries have nothing to do with him, he can’t help what’s on other people’s minds.

What if Cindy White sees Amber’s injury and thinks it’s him?

He glanced at Cindy White again. She loved her mother so much that she might want to fight with him if she saw her mother’s appearance.

Why should he bore himself by telling her?

He might as well wait until Amber White wakes up and let her explain to Cindy White herself.

Amber White is a good liar. She has a way of reassuring Cindy White.

He’s just too lazy to waste his mind!

He pinched his eyebrows, then pointed irritably to the living room sofa and said: “you stay here, and your mother will come to pick you up in two hours!”

Then he fastened the top button of his shirt and went to the door of the villa.

When Cindy White heard what he said, a pure smile flashed across her face, radiating a glowing light in the dark room.

He stood in the porch and changed his shoes. When he caught Cindy White’s smile out of the corner of his eye, he paused for a moment.

Is she so happy that Amber White is picking her up?

Cindy White did not know what Sean Smith was thinking. She followed Sean Smith to the porch with short legs and a dazzling smile. “where’s dad going now?” she said. “Is daddy going to pick up mommy now?”

When Cindy White asked, Sean Smith just changed his shoes and laughed.

He’s picking up Amber White?

Cindy White is not crazy, is she?

Does he look like loving Amber White very much?

Instead of answering Cindy White, he opened the door, wanted to the garage to pick up his car and have a drink with Gu jinyan.

He was about to leave when Cindy White came after him.

“Dad, xiao pang, my deskmate, said that his father takes his mother to work every day. Dad, is my mother still working overtime in the company? Dad, are you doting on mom now? “

Sean Smith froze.

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