Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 65 He loves Amber White?

He loves Amber White? Did he get kicked in the head by a donkey?

The bitch ruined his love when she eluded Man man to become Mrs. Smith. She’s so calculating that such a bitch deserves to be pampered?

He turned his back to Cindy White. He looked like a dark cloud in the sky.

Who is xiao pang?

Why is her classmate so weird? He doesn’t study hard and talk about his parents’ affairs at school every day?

He is as annoying as Cindy White!

Sean Smith remembers telling Cindy White at the dinner table last night that Amber White doesn’t need to work overtime.

He did not know whether she had really forgotten or was acting stupid!

Either way, Cindy White managed to make Sean Smith feel depressed!

He suddenly turned around, strode to the table, reached out to the garbage bin out of the garbage, and said, “I go out to throw garbage.”

Sean Smith never did that.

He has a cleanliness, hired nanny Chen to clean every day, and he rarely eat in the villa, so the garbage is not much!

Cindy White not only cooked dinner last night, but also Sean Smith got angry and threw nanny Chen out. Nanny Chen was in a hurry and didn’t take any garbage with her.

Sean Smith felt sick when he picked up trash!

Damn it.

If it weren’t for Amber and Cindy White, would he be taking out the trash?

When Sean Smith came back from taking out the trash, Cindy White was sitting on the couch in the living room and reading a children’s story book.

Hearing the noise, Cindy White looked at Sean Smith. Her delicate features make her look like a little angel, but Cindy White’s injury is too serious, which destroys her beauty.

Sean Smith pinched his eyebrows. The medicine on her head was the same one he had given her the night. It’s time for a change.

Sensing that he’s worried about Amber White’s daughter, Sean Smith sniffs that he’s being nosy.

Why should he care about Cindy White when he found Amber White? Amber White won’t leave her when she wakes up anyway!

Sean Smith dimly withdrew his eyes as if he had never seen Cindy White’s, and went straight up the stairs.

With the papers still unfinished, he went upstairs to his study.

As soon as he opened the computer, his eyes fell on the dustbin in the study.

Sean Smith’s eyebrows skipped. Everything in the trash can looked like a picture.

His study was so clean that there was only one picture in the trash can.

Sean Smith strode forward and bent down to pick up the picture from the trash can.

The whole picture was crumpled and ripped apart where the two men were next to each other.

The woman’s face was painted with markers, and even his face had been rubbed out of shape.

Sean Smith was stunned, and a palpable anger rose in his eyes.

Shouldn’t this picture be on the head of the bed in his bedroom? Why is it in the study?

He recalled that he had been distracted by Amber White when he dropped her into his bedroom last night, so he hadn’t noticed something was missing.

The veins in his hand were bulging.

When he left the Hai Wan Xiang Xie last night, Cindy White was the only one left in the house. He knew who did it.

He held the photograph tightly, and his anger could not be contained in any way. He stood still for a few minutes, the curtains of his study open, and the sun came through the window, but it did not warm him in the summer.

He strode out of the study door, strode down the stairs, walked to the sofa, and stood beside Cindy White.

Cindy White just saw something interesting in the book. She noticed that her body was covered with shadows. She looked up her little face and looked up.

The smile on her lips was like melting sugar, sweet and soft.

“Dad…… “

Sean Smith crouched down and snapped the photo on the coffee table with all his strength.

The voice was dull and loud. The smile faded from Cindy White’s face.

“Why is this picture like this?”

Sean Smith’s throat seemed to have a piece of ice in it, which was so cold that Cindy White felt afraid.

She looked at Sean Smith sheepishly. She wondered how he had seen the picture.

Last night, she apparently threw the photo into the trash can in her father’s bedroom and then picked it up and took it to the study.

The dustbin in the study was so clean that she could tell that her father did not often go to that room.

Cindy White was smart enough to think that nanny Chen would come and take away the trash…

She didn’t want to see pictures of dad with other aunts. Xiao pang said his father would not be ambiguous with other aunts.

Although she didn’t know what ambiguous meant.

Cindy White’s silence completely ignited Sean Smith’s anger.

It just occurred to him that at breakfast Cindy White said she was too young to hit her if she made a mistake. It’s not like he’s got a hole in his head. How could he not know what’s going on?

He really felt like a fool. At that time, he still felt pity for Cindy White and thought that she was frightened by his award and certificate.

It turned out that she was worried that he would hit her if the picture came out.

He bit into the back socket, grinding the words in his throat for a few minutes before slowly spitting out two words, “speak!”

She had stood before his bed the night before, admiring Man man’s beauty and asking him to introduce her to her.

The child did such a thing at such a young age.

He wouldn’t have believed it if Amber White didn’t give her advice!

He just hated himself for trusting Cindy White so easily that he forgot she was Amber White’s daughter.

Amber White hates man man, and Cindy White certainly doesn’t like her.

Amber White is the daughter of Amber White. She has a vicious mind at a young age. She tore up the photo of him with man man and knew to destroy it.

If it were not for someone in his bedroom, he might not have gone to the study. If he had not gone to the study, he might not have known about it today!

Cindy’s little body shook, and fear grew in her eyes. It was only when she saw her father’s eyes, which almost burst with fire, that she realized that she was really making him angry.

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