Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 66: Dad, please don’t hit me!

He’s just because of a picture that he didn’t take with her mom.

Amber White is not here, so Cindy White’s eyes are red immediately. A thin mist hung over her large watery eyes.

“Dad, I tore up the picture of you and aunt Lin man… “

Sean Smith sneered and took Cindy White’s small arm. It hurts.

“You learned to lie at a young age? That’s all you learn in childcare?”

Sean Smith was angry and his face was cold and calm. Cindy White’s body was shaking and her tears fell down.

Her eyes were full of fear.

Sean Smith was angry by Cindy White. At this time, he is the most aggrieved.

Now, she’s crying?

Like Amber White, she’s cunning and pathetic!

In the bedroom,

Amber White’s consciousness was blurrily blurred, but she still thought of Cindy White. She slept uneasily and woke up in a daze. She opened her eyes and paused when she saw the gray ceiling.

Before she knew where she was, Amber White heard Cindy White crying.

Amber White got dressed and went to the bedroom door.

As soon as she went out, she heard Cindy White crying out for mercy, “Dad, please don’t hit me!”

Her voice was so pathetic, she forced herself not to cry, and every word she said trembled. Amber White knew she was frightened.

“Cindy!” Amber White blurted out.

As she stumbled down the stairs, she saw Sean Smith holding up his hand. From Amber White’s point of view, he was ready to hit Cindy White.

Cindy White was facing Amber White. There were some scars on her forehead, and some dried up blood, which occupies her whole forehead.

Amber White was shocked. Over the past three years, she has taken care of Cindy White and seldom made her hurt. However, when she suddenly saw that her injuries were so serious, Amber White’s heart seemed to be broken in two.

How much does it hurt Cindy?

She loves her because Cindy White is premature. Her physical quality is not as strong as that of other children. She loves her for fear that she will be injured.

Now someone had left such a serious scar on her face!

Amber White’s pupils contracted when she saw Sean Smith’s uplifted hand and shouted, “Sean Smith! What are you going to do? “

Amber White felt weak, but she lunged at Sean Smith and wrapped her arms around his raised hand. She stared at him as if she could fight him if he made a move.

Sean Smith didn’t expect Amber White to wake up at this time, and he didn’t expect Amber White to jump into his arms.

She was still wearing the ragged clothes that the driver had torn up yesterday, which showed her body. A strong fragrance came from her, and Sean Smith’s consciousness was shocked.

He felt Amber White was familiar. It gave him a sense of familiarity.

But such awareness is fleeting.

Sean Smith, on the other hand, was outraged by the emotion in Amber White’s eyes.

The woman looked at him as if she were going to kill him!

Did he go out of his way to save her twice yesterday just to wake her up and face him with that horrible look?

Sean Smith throws Amber White out with an angry wave of his hand as a thick chill coats his long eyelashes.

The woman was so defenseless and exhausted that she fell down and hit her wrist heavily on the cold ground. The sharp pain spread from her wrist to Amber White’s limbs.

Her face went suddenly pale.

Sean Smith was surprised to find Amber White so vulnerable. He knew Amber White hasn’t eaten in a while, and his face froze for a moment.

He turned his head and caught a glimpse of the picture on the coffee table.

That woman has always liked to cheat him!

Who knows if she was too weak, or if she did it on purpose?

Before Sean Smith could figure it out, Amber White pulled herself up off the floor. Amber White’s dignity has been shattered since Sean Smith started hanging out with linman.

But a person to protect their self-esteem and personality is instinct.

In the presence of some people this kind of subconscious behavior is always done by accident. Even Amber White is no exception.

Sean Smith frowned. He was just wondering if she was faking it when she got up.

Amber White really likes Cindy White. So that she’s started doing this.

Amber White took a small step in Cindy White’s direction. When Cindy White saw her approaching, she held Amber White’s hand and said, “mom!”

Amber White is heartbroken.

Cindy White is a brave child. She is so frightened now and the man is the father she has always wanted to see. Amber White can’t imagine what Sean Smith did!

Amber White looked down at Cindy White and looked at the cut on the baby’s forehead. She grinded her teeth and looked back at Sean Smith, “Mr. Smith, shouldn’t you explain to me why my daughter is with you?”

Sean Smith sneered angrily.

The bitch ordered her daughter to tear up the photo of him and Man man, and kept silent about his help. The first thing she did when she woke up was to ask him about his sin!

Did she really think that with blood cancer, he would be really afraid of her?

“Director White, you filled out her father’s contact information. I forgot all about it and went to pick her up. Was I wrong?”

Amber White, who was at the scene last night when she was almost killed by the driver because she was worried Cindy. And Sean Smith, who was also there.

He was so upset about Lin man’s leaving three years ago that he thought Cindy White was Amber White’s bastard with others.

She can still remember what happened eleven years ago. But it wasn’t until today that she realized that Sean Smith had changed. His mind might be as small as a pin someday. He would even get angry with Cindy for those things that are not true!

Her lips quivered, she braced herself, her eyes locked in her face, and she asked, “so you were at the hospital last night watching me worry about not finding Cindy? And watching me get into that driver’s car!”

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