Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 67: Mommy, Are You Quarreling With Daddy?

“Sean Smith, tell me, what are you planning?!”

Sean was silent for a moment.

The air was thin and separated into two halves by the dim light in the room, making it difficult for Amber to breathe.

Sean’s silence made the heart of Amber cold.

In the hot summer days, she would be able to keep shaking because of Sean’s silence.

“Why, want to see my misery? Hate me? Want me to die? Then why were you going to save me?!”

Sean was angry because of Amber’s words. He was equivalent to staying up all night, and his head was like a computer that crashed at this moment. He couldn’t say a word when he was angry.

He can only look at Amber with an indifferent look, and let the woman’s heart cold.

“Mommy, are you quarreling with Daddy?”

Behind Amber’s body, a soft voice sounded, and the woman’s body suddenly stiffed and turned back.

For so many years, she had been making a lie to Cindy, telling her that she and Sean were in love. Now Cindy’s question made her dare not to answer it.

Cindy was only three years old. Although her family was so broken, how could she let her know?

Amber compressed the lips and looked at the big eyes of Cindy, who still shed tears. She subconsciously denied: “Of course not, my spirit is not so good, so the attitude is not good…”

Cindy seemed to understand and nodded. She looked at Sean with a little fear.

Despite the lack of spirit, but when she faced the matter about Cindy, Amber did not want to be careless, she held Cindy and whispered: “You go upstairs, mommy and daddy have something to discuss, it’s weekend, you should have homework. Go ahead and do it, ok?”

Cindy nodded. She held the story book and walked around the coffee table, then she lowered her furry head and went upstairs.

Amber looked at Cindy’s action, actually, Cindy did not need to detour. She went straight and turned a corner, then the stairs were in front of her, but, Sean was standing in front of her.

Amber even didn’t dare to think about it, what did Sean do in the end, and even Cindy was so fearful to him!

She closed her eyes, and her mind flashed through the wounds of Cindy, and her heart hurt.

If she had some precautions against Tang Tian on the day of the celebration, and she was not trapped in Ye Se, wouldn’t her baby be so badly hurt?

Amber did not speak, she had been paying attention to Cindy, so she did not find it at all that Sean walked towards front of the coffee table, and extended a big hand to pinch the photo which was on the table.

The haze of the eyes were layered, and the smoke of the emotions was covered through his eyes, which was reflected into a broken light.

Amber White was really good!

She knew that she should strike first to gain the initiative, and made troubles for him!

No matter how long it took, he felt that she was a woman who was so annoying!

A sound of closing door came from upstairs and Amber finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Sean’s lips moved, and the eyes were slightly raised, and the tone was mocking.

“Director White, is it right for you to explain to me, when did I become this bastard’s father? Your daughter call me Daddy so familiar, did I teach her that when I midnight sleepwalking?”

Amber did ate nothing for a long time. When she just woke up, she did not feel hungry, until Cindy went upstairs, then she reacted that the stomach was empty, a burst of pain made brain lack of oxygen.

Sean’s ironic words made Amber sneer, but this sneer was too weak, and it sounded that didn’t have much power!

She pressed the butterfly-like long eyelashes slightly, and the lips were pale to the extreme.

Sean went on to say, “What, couldn’t you think that I would admit the bastard that you born with another man after get married?”

“You have a good plan, but Director White, I remind you, the condition to let you marry me is to let you give me the bone marrow in case of any danger! Instead of letting you casually give birth a bastard to divide my property!”

Amber’s eyebrows were tightly twisted and saying: “Sean Smith, don’t be excessive! If I had this idea, I had came up with this condition as early as three years ago! Do you think anyone cares about your money?”

Don’t care about his money? Bearing the burden of humiliation and marrying him, was it because she loves him?

Sean sneered with deep disdain, because the man laughed out the sound, Amber could not help but had a heart contraction again!

“Tell me, why was Cindy so badly hurt, and does the injury on her have anything to do with you?”

When Amber’s words were finished, Sean subconsciously twisted his eyebrows.

This was the first time that Sean insulted Cindy was a bastard in front of Amber, and she had no rebuttal.

It seemed that Amber would deal with matters and kept a sense of proportion about all this.

Sean wanted to deny, but the palm of his hand was full of photos’ silky touches. It was such a bastard, and only bitch liked Amber could teach her and loved her dearly.

Oh, yes, he didn’t know how long Amber White’s love for Cindy lasted, and how much interests was included.

“A bastard, eating and drinking my food in my place, but was not obedient, tampering with my things, can’t I give her a lesson?”

Sean rolled up the sleeves on the white lining, and the eyes became more and more distant and deep.

His sentence was to default his behavior for Amber! He defaulted that he hurt Cindy! The wounds on Cindy were all left by him!

Cindy’s brain roared and blurted out: “Sean Smith, Cindy is only three years old! What does she know? How can you do this? And, every day, you describe her as bastard, you are a person! Can’t you do a correct thing that human do?”

This was the first time that Amber wasn’t calm.

Sean suddenly stood up from the sofa, and the eyes seemed to carry the ice, turning into a sharp-edge knife, and cutting the heart of the Amber.

He strode to the side of Amber, a pair of iron palms tightly locked Amber’s arm, the sound was cold and suppressed to the extreme low: “Tell me clearly, what do you mean by these few words?”

Amber White dared to imply and insult that he wasn’t a human?

He went to the police station and was ridiculed. He came back to deal with the wounds of the bastard, and saved Amber White back. Then he sent the bastard to the room!

He thought that he had enough patience with Cindy!

What did Cindy give him?

She made him confused, so that he can’t tell what she really thought for a moment. She praised Manman, but what she gave him was to tear the only photo left by Man Man.

He wasn’t angry, but why the bitch Amber White dare to accuse him here?

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