Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 68: You Don’t Have To Say That And I Will Leave Here

Why? !

Amber tried to withdraw her arm, but the strength between men and women was naturally disparate. Her movements were nothing for Sean.

She loved Cindy dearly and said angrily: “Am I wrong? Sean Smith, because I trapped you before, so you will do this kind of things to Cindy?! She doesn’t know anything, when you beat her, don’t you feel guilty at all?”

Amber stared at Sean angrily, she was very angry, and she thought about what happened after Sean took Cindy back.

She always felt that Sean always cared about things three years ago because he liked Lin Man.

He had no bad thoughts.

However, at this moment, she only knew how innocent she was!

Sean Smith was not Sean Smith 11 years ago, no longer the one whose kindness and hatred are clearly distinguished, even if he was facing a child, he can absolutely without consideration for others and treat Cindy like that.

For so many years, he was immersed in the rich family and Smith family, walking in the high-class society, and lived a wickedly sensual life, he had became the one who she could not recognize.

Amber was sad and desperate.

The distance between the two was very close, and Sean can clearly see her struggle and disappointment from the eyes of Amber.

Her eyes were very beautiful, but these beautiful eyes made his heart tight, so he said subconsciously:

“For so many years, Director White admitted finally, and you indeed deliberately trapped me before!”

Amber snorted.

As a mother, she must be strong. Just because of Cindy, when she looked at Sean, there’s no fear, she was depressed in her heart.

In the past three years, she can bear all the suffer and sneer, but she can’t bear that Sean Smith will treat Cindy like this. No matter what the reason, she can’t forgive him!

Amber calmed herself down, pressed down her voice, and the thin breath spread on the face of Sean: “Is it important that it’s me or not? Anyway, you have already determined that I have done this in you heart! Don’t you?”

What Amber said, it seemed that he misunderstood her.

The sneer of Sean came out from his eyes, and he said, “Everyday you pretend that you are very innocent. Director White, are you not tired? I have known it three years ago what kind of person you are ! Amber White, I won’t be trapped by you again!”

“Take back your fake look, I am sick!”

The words of Sean were excessive, but in the past three years, the bad words heard by Amber had been the same thing.

She felt nothing after hearing it always except feeling boring.

Amber gradually did not care how others think about herself. At first, she thought that at least Sean was different, but now, she didn’t know if she was too disappointed, or because of anything else.

In her mind, Sean had been the same as others!

She blinked, and the two were close, Sean could even see her eyelashes with distinct roots and tremors.

This level of bad words, in Amber’s heart, were nothing.

She can bear everything, and all kind of grievances, but only Cindy, she couldn’t involve in it.

Amber calmed down for a while, and her mind was a little clear. She pressed her anger and looked at Sean, then she asked: “You think that Cindy is not your child, so you treated her like this?! Even she was only three years old! ”

In the black eyes of Amber, a layer of warm light was reflected, and Sean was deeply irritated.

He slammed the hand of Amber, and the strength of Sean was not small. Amber’s body shook and her calf slammed into the sofa. This collision happened to hit the place where the calf was scratched last night.

The pain on her calf was like being hurt by the pins, made Amber involuntarily take a deep breath.

She blinked and her face was so pale.

After hearing her sighing voice, Sean looked back and looked at the woman’s pale face and grinned.

This was Amber White!

When he rushed to the mountains to save the Amber last night, she was beat like that, and she did not make any noise at all. In front of him, she was like a porcelain doll, and she could not be touched!

Three years ago, she tried her best to become his wife, not he begged her to be Mrs. Smith!

Now she thought that he should be guilty, did not Amber White feel ridiculous?

“Of course, a bastard! I can do what I want to do!” Sean’s fingers tightened, and he did not feel relax. He sneered and said: “Three years ago, I was kind to let her be born! Director White, I advise you, if you don’t want me to treat that bastard like this, don’t let her appear in front of me!”

Sean swang the arm which just touched Amber, as if there was something dirty on his arm.

It seemed that Amber did not see his action, all her thoughts, all stayed in the first half of the words of Sean.

“A bastard! I can do what I want to do!”

She pressed her eyebrows, and the explanation that almost blurted out was taken back by his words. There were tears in Amber’s eyes: “Sean Smith, one day, you will regret!”

“I will regret it?!!” Sean sneered. His eyes slammed over and landed on Amber’s body, replying her with every word was cold: “Then tell me, how can I do that I won’t regret it? Should I love that bastard dearly? Holding her on the palm of my hand? Trying my best to do a father’s obligation to her?”

“A bastard that you can’t figure out about her father, then you wanted to let me accept her! If I admit, is it that I have to admit everyone in the street that claimed to be my child?”

Sean single-handedly picked up the story book of Cindy on the coffee table, and threw it into the arms of Amber, pointing to the door, and said coldly: “Pack your things, and get out!”

He was a damn idiot, so he would be kind enough to manage the life and death of Cindy and Amber.

One entered his house, tore his photo, and the other one nearly wanted to fight with him after waking up!

Three years ago, he was trapped by Amber. Maybe it was not pain enough so that he gave Amber a second chance!

Amber’s face was very pale, but she just sneered, picking up the story book on the ground, straighting up the waist, and saying coldly, “You don’t need to say that, I will leave here!”

She said, and walked away to the position of the stairs.

No matter what she said, what she did, Sean did not believe that Cindy was his daughter. Every time he said that Cindy was a bastard, it was like using a knife carving on her heart!

Amber’s heart seemed to have been crushed with a pound of stone, so that she can not say a word at all!

She didn’t know why would Sean be like this, and he would involve a three-year-old child in because of personal grievances.

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