Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 69:There’s some spicy news about you on Weibo

Amber suddenly glanced sideways at Sean the minute when she climbed a step, then she said to him in a very cold tone:“Sean Smith, I’m so disapponited in you!” after that, she went upstairs to find Cindy and took her hands:“let’s go home!”

Cindy was just a kid, she was dragged forward by Amber to go downstairs.

“Mommy, where are we going? My daddy’s here, isn’t this our home?” Cindy’s voice was so soft and sweet, but as for Amber, it was like a pair of big hands wringing tightly her heart. Cindy had been longing for daddy kind of love since the moment when she knew the meaning of the word ‘father’. it’s something Amber couldn’t offer! But Amber never thought Cindy would still aspire for Sean’s love even if he hurted her again and again. At the thought of this, Amber’s dangling arms trembled a bit there, her eyes instantly filled with tears.

From the second Sean hit Cindy, he had already lost the qualification to be Cindy’s dad.

Amber took a deep breath, her heart as if to be split by the pain, at this moment, she even was unwilling to say a word about Sean Smith in front of Cindy! She felt desperately disappointed!

Amber didn’t answer Cindy’s question, when they came downstairs, Cindy suddenly struggled off Amber’s hands and ran towards Sean.

“Daddy, did you have a quarrel with mommy?”

Sean then cold humed a voice. He specially brought back this little bastard from XingYue Wan yesterday in case Amber would think he failed to take good care of her daugher, but now he finally understood that this bad woman would always blame everything on him. The c-section happened three years ago and the wounds Cindy got now were all good examples. The woman only wanted to get even with him for the thing he drove away Manman three years ago! But as long as he still got the life, he would never let it happen!

Cindy didn’t know what was Sean thinking, she then reached her hands to pull Sean’s big hand. “Daddy, mommy let me go back home with her, here’s not our home, let’s back to our home together, okay?”

Sean directly fell his sight on Cindy’s cute face. Maybe it’s because she still remembered she tore the picture, there’s sense of terror in her eyes. The bruises on her head made people feel more heartrending.

Sean blinked his eyes. This little bastard was really bold, how could she came closer to me when I’m still in furious! Even Xu Lin dared not to do that!

But at the next second, Sean pulled off his hands. Director White always took this little bastard as precious, but he hadn’t even touched her, how could Amber say he abused her? If they stayed closer, she probably might think he would do some bad things to this little bastard, well, that would be not good! At the thought of this, Sean smiled coldly without saying a word.

Hearing no answers from Sean, Cindy came closer to him while said with some sobs:“Daddy, are you still angry? Please don’t be angry, okay….”

Amber thought at first that Cindy only wanted to say goodbye, but the little one said so many words all of a sudden, the worst thing was that she got no reactions from Sean. Cindy had always been a good behaved little girl. That’s why Amber took her as precious. When did she let the little one feel so wronged like this? She then walked over with strides before Cindy finished her sentences and pulled her hands:“let’s go!”

Amber didn’t even take a look at Sean, instead she pulled her daugher to walk on the outside directly.

Cindy was forced to follow Amber’s steps, actually the little one didn’t want to leave her daddy so soon, after all, it’s the first time she saw her daddy in person, although her daddy’s a bit aggressive and didn’t like her, but he’s still her daddy, no kids would want to leave their parents.

After walking forward few steps, Cindy suddenly looked at Sean with a sweet smile while said:“daddy, when you’re free, can you pick me up from school?”

Sean didn’t answer the little one.

Amber had already pushed open the door, the smile on Cindy’s face suddenly went stop, she just stood at the doorgate and said:“daddy, goodbye!”

The door was closed now.

Sean dazed there all of a sudden with a gloomy look.

The air even turned to be so quiet after the two people left, for a time, there’s some lights flashing out from Sean’s eyes.

After a while, Sean rubbed his fingers in a daze.

After a long quarreling with Amber, Sean felt a bit thirsty, he poured a cup of water and took a sip, at the next second, he suddenly remembered Amber’s words. “Sean Smith, I’m so disappointed in you!” these words kept resounding in his mind for so long.

What did she mean after all!

Did she mean she had been blind the whole time for loving a wrong person?


Hum! That woman only loved herself and the little bastard, how could she love others?

Everyday she put on this affectionate look, but whenever bad things happened, she would blame everything on others!

At the thought of this, Sean cold humed a voice. How could he be so bitchy to come between the thing of those two people! He knew clearly what kind of person she was, but he still came closer to that evil woman!

Suddenly, he felt a bit stuffy in the heart!

If he were not be so pity yesterday, there would not be so many problems coming!

Sean took a long breath and sat on the sofa with a very gloomy look.

All of a sudden, his phone was ringing, he took a glance at the screen. It’s again from Gu Jinyan.

He then gnashed his teeth, for the first time, he felt Gu Jinyan’s really bored, how could he do nothing a day except looking troubles for him!

He then picked up the phone and said in a cold tone:“You go to Night yourself, I felt a bit headache today, I need to rest at Hai Wan Xiang Xie!”

Gu Jinyan paused there for a while and added:“I’m not calling you for drinks, I just want to warn you that there’s some spicy news about you on Weibo!”

Sean narrowed his eyes, wasn’t that the normal thing happened everyday? after all, Bo had entertainment companies below, there’s so many actors coming in and out everyday, those paparazzi would even take pictures when he picked up the car at underground garage so that they could make publicity stunts!

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