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Please go away, Mr. smith – Chapter 7: Give you two hours

Amber White did not move, helplessly explained: “If I want to ruin Tang Tian’s reputation, there are many ways. But Luoshen Bay is my hard work, I don’t need to do it at the opening ceremony, isn’t it? Sean?”

Sean Smith’s eyes flashed, and Amber White thought that he believed her words. The man slammed a smile and asked: “You said that Luoshen Bay is your hard work?”

Amber White’s words are sealed in the mouth.

Sean Smith’s eyebrows are tightly twisted like a blade. His eyes are full of anger. If his phone doesn’t ring, he will lose his temper.

He reached out and touched the phone and glanced at it, then immediately cut off the phone.

With his movements, the screen of the mobile phone illuminates, and a thin blue light is applied to the face of Sean Smith’s face.

Quiet for less than a minute, Amber White’s cell phone also rang like a rush. She touched the phone from her suit and glanced at the caller.

It is the father of Sean Smith.

The opening ceremony of Luoshen Bay is a live broadcast of the whole network. Amber White knows that Father Smith has always valued the project of Luoshen Bay. That is to say, he must have seen the live broadcast and called to ask the situation.

Sure enough, as soon as she answered, Father Smith opened his mouth: “Amber, how can the opening ceremony of Luoshen Bay be embarrassed, I heard that the spokesperson was added by you later? What is going on?”

“You said Tang Tian? Dad, this is a misunderstanding. I can handle it, will you rest assured that I can handle it?”

When Amber White’s voice slowed down, it was very affable, but it was a big deal, and Father Smith did not let go.

Amber White said: “The reporter and the media on the scene, I have temporarily stabilized, I will handle this matter immediately, you just wait to see the news.”

She said this, and Father Smith thought about what she had done before, and he nodded.

Hang up the phone, Amber White looked up and looked at Sean Smith, said: “Just your call, should be called by Dad? Sean, our father’s heart is not good, I remember he just did a bypass surgery years ago, he has been very valued Luoshen Bay, if the things in Luoshen Bay can’t be dealt with immediately, he will definitely not be able to stand this stimulus.”

“I mean, clarify immediately, what do you think?”

Sean Smith frowned. The eyes of Amber White are very clean, he can see a few more sincerely lingering inside, so? The thing happened in Tang Tian really has nothing to do with her?

As soon as this thought rose, Sean Smith thought it was ridiculous.

Amber White is used to pretending. The truth of this matter is like compliment after criticism, it should become the stepping board that she climbs up!

“Isn’t it something you’ve always done to please people? Just stand here and do what you want me to do, and learn from you how to please the media and give my career a shot!”

The words of Sean Smith are ridiculous, Amber White is accustomed to his cold words, but her heart is still uncomfortable.

But she is still patient, saying: “If this thing can’t be settled, Tang Tian can’t be spared. Sean, I know you don’t like me, but you don’t care about Tang Tian? After all, she is your new favorite.”

After Amber White’s words were finished, Sean Smith’s cell phone rang again. He looked down at the phone caller, and Amber White looked down at her head.

It’s still Father Smith.

Sean Smith is still as strong as ever, and he cut it off.

When he looked up again, his eyes were full of irritability and impatience: “I will give you two hours, within two hours, solve it.”

Two hours??

Amber White’s eyelashes moved, thought of Cindy, tightened the brow: “Although Luo Shen Bay is my hard work, in the end the beneficiary is you. Sean, if this time I follow your request, dealing with this matter and holding the reputation of Tang Tian and Luo Shen Bay within two hours, can you promise me one thing?”

Sean Smith said with a cold smile: “Whoever plays with the mouth, Amber White, after things are handled, come over and talk the conditions with me. You have not done anything. How do I know if Miss. Smith has any abilities?”

He has always been very hard on her. This requirement is reasonable, she has no reason not to agree.

Amber White said: “Okay.”

Seeing her promise, Sean Smith stood up straight and walked in the direction of the lounge. Amber White followed closely. As soon as he approached the lounge, Amber White heard the buzz from inside.

When Sean Smith opened the door, Amber White saw Tang Tian shivering with anger.

After Tang Tian saw Sean Smith, her face changed instantly. She wrongly rushed into the arms of Sean Smith, crying and said: “Sean, someone deliberately hacked me, you must find out??”

When she didn’t finish her words, she saw Amber White standing behind Sean Smith.

“You?? What are you doing here? You bitch, are you deliberately publish my photo, you’re jealous that Sean Smith loves me so much, so you want to ruin my reputation, and you deserve to be hated by Sean Smith, you black-faced bitch?”

Sean Smith twisted the eyebrows deeply, and the noise on the ear made his face even more ugly. The man turned away the Tang Tian in his arms, and patted the dust that did not exist in his chest.

He stood by the door and let open a position, with a faint vioce: “Please, Miss Smith.”

Amber White stepped on the high heels, and as soon as she entered the door, she took advantage of Tang Tian to sit down in front of the only mirror in the room.

Her movements were not very gentle. Tang sweet’s hair was a little long. When she sat down, it was wrapped around the button on the small suit of Amber White.

Tang Tian only felt the pain of a scalp tingling. She cried with a crying: “Amber White, you a vicious woman, did you deliberately??”

“Sean, Sean?? What do you want this woman to do? Isn’t it harmful enough to me? You let her go away! I don’t want to see her!”

Sean Smith didn’t say a word, and the staff in the lounge had left. There were only three of them in the room and Tang Tian’s agent. Amber White just rescued Tang’s hair from the button, and Tang Tian Stood up and reached her hand and pushed a handful of Amber White.

Her strength is big. Amber White was not prepared for a moment, and the body inertia slammed down on the table.

The knee was covered with sharp pain in an instant. Amber White took a breath of cold air, bit her teeth, and swallowed the pain that almost blurted out.

Sean Smith’s eyebrows jumped, see there’s no difference Amber White’s face, just looked Tang Tian coldly.

At the beginning, when she

Came up, why didn’t he find out that she was so restless and unreasonable?

He twisted his eyebrows, and the next moment he saw Amber White slamming Tang Tian’s shoulder and turned the person hard. She wore a dress and Amber White’s fingertips moved and opened her back zipper.


The dress slipped down and the woman’s smooth body was exposed to the air.

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