Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 70: See You On Monday

The people in Tong city were so idle, and they liked to see a marital status that seemingly in harmony but actually at variance. It is possible that some people are waiting for him to become good to Amber. In order to make Amber White disgusting, he always chose to ignore this kind of thing.

After the media tasted the sweetness, they would be natural to take pictures of him secrectly and started a rumour, and enjoyed it!

That was not strange at all.

Upon hearing this news, Sean was not interested in that and he held cup and whispered, “Oh, what kind of young model did I date with this time? How did the photo, if it is fascinating, I will let Smith group to make a few newspapers and earn some money for shopping!”

Gu Jinyan was unable to speak for a long time because of Sean’s words.

In fact, he really admired Sean’s thought, it seemed that if he didn’t rumor with some stars, he would be ill seriously!

He was even mad, he wanted to own money from him own!

He was simply crazy!

Gu Jinyan had some unspoken criticism, but in the end he did not forget why he would come here.

“I didn’t make a joke with you, it was TINA disclosed it.” When he came to this, Gu Jinyan paused, his lips slightly rising, with a bit of gentle meaning: “Sean, you should not forget TINA, right!”

Sean’s fingers were holding of the cup tightly, Gu Jinyan was correct.

This TINA really made him impressive.

Sean picked up his eyebrows and directly hung up the phone, strode upstairs and entered the study room again.

The man sat in front of the computer and did not open his computer. His body seemed to be fixed there, and the frequency of breathing gradually faded away. He was like an inanimate sculpture.

Sean stared blankly for a while, then he reached out and opened the computer. After starting up, he hesitated for several times, and finally entered the software that had not been opened for so many years.

The top three of Weibo hot search was hanging up TINA’s name, Sean thought for a while and directly click in.

TINA did update half an hour ago.

As a news queen in the entertainment circle, this person did not update very often, and when she updated, she will cause a great stir in the entertainment circle.

And every time, before TINA updating, there will be prompts.

For example this one.

A Weibo moment with only four words: See you on Monday.

Below it was Sean’s photo.

Sean did not know where the picture was taken. The background should be in the Smith group. He stood in front of the gate of the Smith group gate. There was a neon fall behind him. The streetlights were connected to a straight line, which drove the night to shine the whole city as bright as daylight.

He was wearing a simple white shirt with a cigarette between his forefinger and leaning against his lip line. White mist rose up on his handsome face, blurring his expression but making others clear that the person in the picture was him.

Looking at this picture, Sean suddenly raised a slight desire to smoke.

He tapped at the table with his fingertips, pulled one out of the cigarette box and lit it for himself.

TINA was a strange person. She never concealed her desire to want to rumor others. Every time before updateing the news, she would update the Weibo like this to explain the person who she wanted to reveal and the time.

Many popular stars in the circle,no matter the best actor or best actress, no matter they was trophy or not, there were so many people were trapped by TINA, basically there was only one end for them, that was, lose all the standing and reputation.

Because this TINA was fierce and accurate!

Speaking of it, there was still a relationship between Sean and her.

It was already two years ago. At that time, he and Amber had been married for a year, and Sean had never given up looking for Lin Man.

He stopped all of his work, spent a lot of manpower and resources to find her, and the hard work pays off. The private detective he hired finally found Lin Man that left Tong city for more than a year in a small town in the UK.

After Sean got the news, he put down all the work, took the plane, persuaded her for three days, and finally let Lin Man agree to return back with him.

Sean was still immersed in the surprises he had regained her. There was only one thing planned every day, divorcing with Amber White, and starting to be with Lin Man again!

But all dreams were broken by a Weibo moment of TINA.

The time had passed for three years, and Sean still had a deep memory of that moment.

If he thought, three years ago, Amber White was the fuse that ruined his love between him and Lin Man, then TINA ignited the fire of this fuse, and it burst in his love with Lin Man, then except dust, no other else.

TINA’s Weobo moment was rhetoric fiercely crusades his derailment in marriage, empathized with Amber, and the words between the lines were satirizing their marriage.

TINA had real evidences, and photos were available, they can not deny it at all!

Such a realistic thing, in Tong city at that time, set off a huge storm.

TINA also predicted that Sean and Amber would undergo a marriage change within one month, and they would divorce!

She was damn correct, and Sean’s divorce agreement had been drawn up!

At that time, the comments on the Internet fell to the ground and attacked Manman. Various comments, even a great man like Sean felt a little mad.

Not to mention Lin Man.

Lin Man was a very coward girl. After Sean was with her, he was worried that he could not protect her.

Not long after TINA’s Weibo was updated, Sean was forced to return to the Smith house by his father.

He proposed to divorce Amber, and he was slapped by his father. At that time, Sean was seriously injured. He even got a fever because of the wound infection for three days. After he woke up, he rushed to Manman’s residence.

The house was already empty.

Sean looked at his mobile phone, there was no phone call, and no text messages.

Lin Man once again did not say goodbye to him, but that time she probably had the decision of leaving, no matter how Sean searched, he could not find any trace of her, a woman seemed to be evaporating in this world, he can’t find her.

After this incident, Sean deeply hated TINA.

In his heart, the dislike to TINA was more than to Amber.

Forced to recall the past, the thin and narrow eyes of Sean smashed, and the dark tides and turbulences made him feel the emotions in the twilight, which was incomparably clear, especially the contours of his handsome face.

His index finger moved, shaking off the ash on the fingertips of the smoke, the man licked the lip.

Just for this one thing, he once suspected that TINA would be Amber White. After all, if Manman was driven away. the best benefits people was Amber White.

But this was always a guess, even today, he always had this speculation.

What a coincidence, Amber White just left the house, TINA updated Weibo.

Moreover, he and Amber White had just quarreled, she was angry that he abused her daughter, Amber White may want to retaliate…

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