Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 71: Mom, Have You Also Fought With Others

However, Amber was trapped in Ye Se for so long, the mobile and the wallet were not here, Sean quickly thought of this point.

A cigarette burned to the end, and Sean felt his finger was hot, and the bottom of the eye was dark and cold. He lifted his hand and put the smoke out in the ashtray, and then lit another one.

This TINA was very weird, she was really scaring in the entertainment circle, and many people were forced to the dead end by her.

Sean wasn’t afraid of her. After all, for many years, the Smith group’s status in Tong city was according to its ability, not like the famous stars of entertainment circles, relying on various anecdotes and hype.

Moreover, on Thursday, he didn’t attend the celebration banquet with Tang Tian. He was back earlier. He was at work half a day before yesterday. Later he went to the police station to pick up Cindy White… In short, it was a mess.

Today, he had not been out yet.

Sean changed a posture.

After Lin Man left, in order to make Amber White disgusting, he became a playboy, and every day he was together with new stars and young models. He played for three years on these topics, and the media reporters were familiar with him for a long time.

Even occasionally he met with the reporters, there will be someone to talk to him to discuss whether he can put a good-looking posture and show a smile.

However, it was a rotten drama, at most, those who were boring statistics on how many stars and models he had dated with, they would tirelessly kept this heat, but in front of most people in Tong city, it should be no big problems, right?

No matter how did he think, he can’t understand what kind of old story can be exposed by TINA.

Sitting in front of the computer, Sean took a deep sip of smoke, and the white mist slowly spit out from the mouth. The nose smudged a layer of rich tobacco smell and instantly paralyzed the man’s nerves.

He sneered, and the coldness between the eyebrows turned into a sly, which was hidden slowly in his brow, it’s silent.

This queen of mudslinging, was she going to be crazy because she wanted to be famous?

She still wanted to expose him again, this time Manman was not there, he was very curious that how can TINA stir up his life.

After all, this was the first time TINA had nominated a person twice on Weibo. Will this person think that through a few news that she can make the Smith group collapse overnight?

The light in the room was dim, the curtains were closed, and a few sneers fell on the man’s face.

She was just deliberately mystifying!


After Amber took Cindy out of the Hai Wan Xiang Xie, the emotions in her heart had not been able to be suppressed.

The sun outside was very big, even if it was still in the morning, it was too hot!

Amber had not eaten for a long time, and her heart was sullen, and she was dizzy when she went out.

Amber compressed the lips and took C indy along a wide road toward the shaded place.

Hai Wan Xiang Xie was a single-family villa in the suburbs. After Amber came out, she remembered that it was so remote, there must be no taxi!

Moreover, her mobile and wallet were not here…

Amber took a deep breath and looked at Cindy’s red face which because of the hot weather. She felt a little regret in her heart, but when she thought of the attitude of Sean Smith, the woman compressed her lips again.


Regardless of whether he was deeply convinced that Cindy was his daughter or not, he should not hit her.

Amber took a deep breath, her clothes were a little dirty, so she directly gave up, sat for a while in the slightly cooler side of the road, to ease her dizziness.

Amber’s lucky. After about ten minutes, she stopped a taxi passing by.

As soon as the car stopped, the taxi driver looked at her suspiciously. After all, Amber looked too bad. Hesitantly, the taxi driver still asked: “Do you have money? I don’t want to carry you for free.”

The expression on Amber’s face was awkward. She suddenly remembered that she came out of the hospital last night. Sean Smith humiliated her and smashed the money into her face. The woman reached for her hand and touched the suit jacket, she took out several money, then she whispered: “There is the money.”

When the driver saw the money in her hand, the expression on his face eased.

He reached out and smiled, then he opened the central control lock on the car. Amber took Cindy to the car and reported the address of Xingyuewan. The taxi driver said, “Mrs., are you and your daughter in trouble? Do you need to help you to call the police?”

Amber stopped.

Call the police to catch Sean Smith?

The Smith family was powerful in Tong city. Even if the police came, he must have just entered the station and drank a cup of tea and was sent out respectful.

The woman smiled with a low voice and said, “Nothing happened, Mr. Driver, my mobile phone was lost last night. Can you let me have a call via your mobile phone?”

The taxi driver replied, unlocked the lock and handed it to Amber, saying, “Here you are.”

Amber blinked and thanked him, then she took the phone and gave Xiao Shen a call.

When the phone was connected, Amber asked: “Xiao Shen, in the night of the celebration party, do you know who took my bag and mobile phone away?”

Amber did not feel bad about money and mobile phone, but there were a lot of documents in the bag, it was really troublesome to complete the formalities.

She did not have much hope, just wanted to ask that did Xiao Shen help her take it away!

“Director White? Where did you go on Friday? Director Lu is looking for you all day long.” Xiao Shen paused and said: “Director White, your mobile phone and bag were sent to the company last night, I brought them to my home…”

Amber frowned and said: “After I hanging up later, you call the Director Lu and say that I am fine. Then call the express to send my package to my home. It’s useful.”

As Amber disappeared for a whole day, Xiao Shen had asked many details of her for care. She said a few words, then hung up the phone and returned the phone to the taxi driver.

After arriving at Xingyuewan, Amber paid the money and took Cindy from the car.

From leaving the Hai Wan Xiang Xie, Cindy’s mood was very low, even if she did not tell her, Amber can also knew that it’s because of Sean Smith.

Amber’s eyes flashed a little in confusion. Cindy liked Sean Smith so much. Can it really be attributed to blood relations?

Because the key was in the bag, Amber and Cindy waited for a while at the door station. After getting the courier sent by Xiao Shen, they took out the key from the bag and opened the door into the house.

Amber knew some knowledge about medicine skill. When she entered the door, she took a medical kit and dressing wounds for Cindy.

There were sly fingers prints on her face. Cindy stretched out her chubby little hand and whispered, “Mom, have you also fought with others?”

When Amber heard this sentence, she touched her harder subconsciously.

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