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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 72: Daddy Said That Lin Man Is His Girlfriend

Cindy screamed because of the pain, Amber was scared to take back her hand and whispered: “Sorry baby, Mommy hurts you.”

Cindy shook her head and said: “Mommy, Cindy is not painful.”

She had always been very sensible, which made Amber very distressed, especially when the little baby was injured, but after all Amber heard Cindy’s words, she lowed down the sound as much as possible, asked Cindy:

“Cindy, what is the fight you said before?”

Cindy’s small face paused, the red and bright mouth licked, the white teeth bit the lower lip tightly, and a pair of black eyes flashed a guilty conscience.

Amber’s tone was a little anxious: “Are you fighting with people at school?”

Her voice was raised a little high, Cindy thought that Amber was angry, and her eyes were covered with a smog.

Because of the tension, she stood in the same place, her little hand tightly pinched her clothes and whispered: “Mommy, I didn’t want to fight with Xiaopang, but he always told other children in the class that I was a bastard, saying that I don’t have a father. ……”

Cindy said and was with some grievance, and the voice began to choke: “And Xiaopang still pulled my hair and pushed me to the ground, that’s why I would fight with him.”

Cindy’s tears fell down. She didn’t know that every word of her words was like the needle which pinching on the heart of Amber. There’s no blood, but she’s too hurt to breathe.

She did not expect that Cindy would suffer in school.

Cindy’s voice was soft and sweet: “Mommy, don’t blame me, okay? I’ve been blamed by Xiaopang’s mother and teacher in the police station. They kept insulting me, I’m already very sad…”

As she said, she spread her small hands, and the tears in her eyes grew more and more. The palms broke a layer of skin, and the red skin looked painful.

“Mommy, I didn’t lie. This is the injury that Xiaopang who pushed me to the ground and suffered. I told the teacher that it was Xiaopang who beat me first, but they all yelled at me…” Cindy’s voice was intermittent: ” They also said that I have no support from my father. If it is not daddy, they must let the police lock me into the dark room.”

Amber stunned, listening to the meaning of Cindy’s words, it seemed that Sean Smith didn’t beat Cindy ?

“Cindy, the injuries on your body are all made by Xiaopang? Wasn’t caused by Daddy?”

Cindy’s eyes widened and shook her head. The voice was particularly loud: “Not Daddy, Daddy didn’t beat me, Daddy is good, he’s not only gave me support, but also sent me home, but I didn’t have the key, Daddy took me to the big house, I was given medicine and he also praised me that the meal I cooked is delicious…”

“Although Daddy is a bit fierce, Cindy still likes Daddy.”

Amber’s heart was nervous, and suddenly she remembered to quarrel with Sean before she left.

According to Cindy’s words, Sean not only did not beat Cindy, but also took care of her all day long.

Amber’s heart twisted, since this was the case, when she asked Sean that why would he beat Cindy, why he not only did not refute, but also default?

She reached out and hugged Cindy, then she whispered, “What did I see? He is not going to hit you?”

When she heard the words of Amber, Cindy shrank her neck and said it.

“I tore up the photos of Dad and Lin Man. He… was very angry.”

The action of Amber was stiff because of Cindy’s words.

No wonder she saw the hand of Sean’s high rise when she went downstairs. He didn’t really do it. He should also want to scare Cindy.

He loved Lin Man so dearly, Cindy tore the photo, and what was the difference to pinch his hurt point?

How did she forget that Sean did not care how she looked at him, and he would not have any other thoughts about her?

Amber sighed with relief, and she suddenly had some self-blame in her heart. After all, if it was not Sean, Cindy would definitely suffer more insulting. Moreover, he had saved her twice!

She didn’t thank him once, she stayed in his home for so long and had been arguing with him for so long, saying that there were so many unpleasant words.

As Sean Smith’s temper, he might be mad!

Amber blinked her own eyelashes. Her eyes were very big. When she was in a daze, she seemed to give people a very empty feeling. It fell into the eyes of Cindy became that she was very sad.

Cindy reached out and licked the collar of Amber, carefully said: “Mommy, Daddy said that Lin Man is his girlfriend. Is there really a mistress between you, not Tang Tian, it’s Lin Man, right?”

Amber’s chest was stagnation, looking at Cindy, she was whispering, “He said this to you?”

Cindy nodded, her eyes became gloomy, and looked a little sad.

Amber did not know how to explain the relationship between Sean and Lin Man to Cindy. After all, Lin Man always came back one day, even now she said to Cindy that there was nothing to do between Sean and Lin Man. Lies will also be punctured.

She reached out and pulled out some of her messy hair, and did not answer the question of Cindy.

Amber reached out and pulled Cindy to her side. The face was serious and she slightly transferred to the topic: “Cindy, anyway, in the school, don’t fight with other children, understand?”

“No matter what you have suffered at school, there should be no impulses, you can tell the teacher first, or go home and tell me! Fighting can’t solve the problem! Do you know?”

Cindy nodded with tears: “Mommy, I know I was wrong.”

She had an injury on her head, which looked shocking and made her expression look pitiful.

Amber looked at Cindy a few times and made sure that she saw the seriousness in the eyes of the little guy. Then she said, “If you know you are wrong, you must correct it!”

Cindy nodded heavily and promised: “Mommy, I will never fight with other children.”

When Amber heard what she said, she touched the head of Cindy and said, “Mommy will cook something delicious for you. You play here and when I finished , we can have dinner together.”

After Amber finished speaking, she took two steps in the direction of the kitchen.

When she hesitated whether she would apologize to Sean, Cindy moved her feet and followed her. A small face was twisted together and she seemed like that she wanted to say something.

Amber turned her head and whispered, “What’s wrong? Is there anything else?”

Cindy licked the lip and her voice sounded like a mosquito. “Mommy, I heard the teacher said that Xiaopang’s leg seems to be broken. The teacher is very angry. She had been unable to contact you yesterday. The teacher said that if you still did not appear on Monday, I don’t have to go to school.”

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