Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter: 74 I am willing to apologize to Xiaopang

Amber White didn’t know what happened yesterday, but she knew Sean Smith well. His temper was always not good. It would be nice for him to go to the Public Security Bureau to pick up Cindy. She didn’t hope that Sean Smith could say anything good with Xiaopang’s mother!

But… Sue Mrs. Yue?

Cindy White and Xiaopang fought, and Xiaopang got chubby fracture, although the injury on the head of Cindy looked very serious, everyone knew Xiaopang got worse injuries than Cindy White, and even if they sue, can they win?

Amber White smiled awkwardly and apologized: “Mrs. Yue, don’t be angry. I apologize to you. That… How about Xiaopang now?”

“We don’t need you to take care of us! I know you are bad! Amber White, I tell you that the master of Golden Sunshine Kindergarten is my cousin. Since you are so capable, I will guarantee that your daughter will disappear in Golden Sunshine Kindergarten on Monday, and all kindergartens in Tong City will not accept your daughter!”

“Cindy White didn’t learn well at a young age. Every day she gets into trouble at school. No kindergarten want your daughter.”

“It’s obviously that she is a bastard. And you find an actor, do you think your child have a father after that?!”

Mrs. Yue scolded: “You think that I don’t know anything. After your daughter entered the school, no one picks up Cindy White except you. You said that she is a daughter of Sean Smith. What? You really took yourself seriously?”

Amber Whiter couldn’t stand it. She explained: “Mrs. Yue, I didn’t ask for an actor. Cindy is not a bastard. The person who went to the police station yesterday to pick up Cindy was really the father of Cindy. He may have a little bad attitude. Ok, sorry, I apologize to you for him.”

Mrs. Yue was so angry and she must have be offended when Sean Smith talked to her.

Amber White touched her nose awkwardly. It was not strange that Mrs Yue said these after they said they would sue them.

And if Cindy’s legs were broken, and Mrs. Yue said that she would sue Amber, then Amber White would certainly not give up and let her go.

Although Amber White understood Mrs. Yue, in the kindergarten of Golden Sunshine, it was not the first time that Cindy White had been called “bastard” incident.

She was also very upset.

Last time, Cindy had cried for Sean Smith and Tang Tian’s news.

And the things of Sean Smith and Tang Tian were known by everyone, and some people in the school knew her identity.

She had already asked Lu Xiangxiang to help her investigated that in school, there were even children called Cindy Bastard!

Amber White thought about going to let Cindy White transfer the school, but the other kindergartens Lu Xiangxiang gave her was not very good.

Either the security situation was not strict enough, or the food was not up to standard, the only one that met the conditions which was two hours away from Smith Group! When Amber White went off work and picked up Cindy, it would be dark!

Moreover, even if let Cindy White transferred to another school, what can she do? As long as Cindy White did not come out of Tong City, and she would be affected by Sean Smith.

Rumor was dreadful, and wherever they were going, it wouldn’t change!

Even if Cindy was only three years old, she did not want Cindy White to go to a kindergarten casually. This was not responsible for her. Amber White really couldn’t do this kind of thing.

After Amber White weighed the pros and cons, she still felt that Golden Sunshine was the best.

“Not a bastard? Then she is really Sean Smith’s daughter? These three years, Sean Smith was a playboy. And it is not a secret in our Tong City. Maybe there are so many illegitimate children outside. Who knows what you said is true or false? Even if it is true, does he have time to care about Cindy White? You send your daughter to Sean Smith and he wouldn’t accept!”

“Cindy White is so ungracious. She hit my son and let my son get injury seriously!”

Amber White was a little angry, and said: “Mrs. Yue, are you serious in this? It is common that there are a few disputes between children? And every time children had troubles, and then you said that she is ungracious?”

“In addition, Won’t Xiaopang call Cindy as bastard without no reason? He must have been induced…”

“What do you mean? You mean that I and my husband taught my son call your daughter bastard, right? Should my son deserve to hit?” Mrs. Yue’s voice sharpened sharply.

Amber White almost felt that she deafened by Mrs. Yue’s voice. She just wanted to explain, but Cindy White opened the door of her room and walked to the side of Amber White.

Amber White was shocked and whispered: “What happened?”

Cindy White reached out and covered her mother’s arm and whispered, “Mom, I already know I am wrong. I am willing to apologize to Xiaopang…”

There was a trace of inconspicuous loss in her eyes. Cindy White said before, it was Xiaopang scolded her first and pushed her and then she would fight back.

Amber White knew her daughter well. Cindy White’s temper has always been good. If someone can make her so fierce, it must Xiaopang say too much, so she would start to fight back.

Amber White had some self-blame. After all, she sent Cindy White to the kindergarten, and she had already noticed that something strange with her daughter, but she was busy with Luoshenwan and failed to persuade Sean Smith to send Cindy White to school. ……

Otherwise, this would not happen.

Amber White was a little uncomfortable. She touched the head of Cindy White before she started talking on the phone.

“Mrs. Yue, I have no doubt about what you and Mr. Yue mean. I am worried that Xiaopang is induced by others. I really want to apologize.” Amber White bit her lips and whispered: “Cindy is still young, and it is definitely not good that she can’t go to school. The original intention of my call is to hope that you can give Cindy a chance! Can you?”

Mrs. Yue did not nod, her voice was still very intensive, and the tone was a bit stern: “Why should I give your daughter another chance. Let her return to school, and hit my son again?”

“Now my son is hurt. He has to take a break from school. I don’t have time to take care of the life and death of your child?”

Amber White’s brain was numb: “Cindy already knows that she is wrong, and she promised that she will not hit Xiaopang again. I will pay for Xiaopang’s medical expenses. I want you to give Cindy a chance!”

After Amber White said, Mrs. Yue was in a silence. Amber White knew that Mrs. Yue must have been shaken. When she wanted to continue, Cindy pulled her sleeve and clicked on the mobile phone screen.

Amber White was stunned a bit and opened the phone’s amplification. Cindy White’s small face was facing the mobile phone, and her eyes were full of sincerity.

“Auntie, I really know that I am wrong, I will not fight with Xiaopeng again. Can you let me go back to school?”

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