Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 76: Sean Smith abuses his wife late at night

Amber paused and touched the hair on her face, then she whispered, “This is the case. The parents of that boy who had a dispute with Cindy made a big noise, saying that let you apologize, otherwise they won ‘t let Cindy go to school…”

The air stagnated after Amber White said these and the phone was silent.

Amber White stunned and Sean Smith said: “So, what do you mean? Let me apologize?”

Amber White was a little disappointed and whispered: “They also said that if you don’t apologize, all kindergartens in Tong city will not accept Cindy, so I want you to help…”

Before the words were finished, Sean Smith’s cold voice suddenly came in: “None of my business. Can your daughter go to school, is it very relevant to me? Am I sick? For bastard, put my face over and let people slap?”

Sean Smith said: “It’s just a small matter. The White Director can be easily solved. Do you need to ask me? I am very busy. If you have nothing, don’t bother me!”

After the last word was finished, Sean Smith hung up the phone. The man’s eyes fell on the topic of the computer screen, TINA’s Weibo has been fired to the hottest, Sean Smith’s lips were slightly picking up, the arc outlined give people a feeling of gloom.

The man stretched out vigorous and powerful big hand, shut up the computer, strode out of the study.

Meanwhile, Amber White stared at the black screen for a moment.

Then she hit her dizzy head with her hand.

Amber White felt that she had been locked up in Ye Se for too long, so she would call Sean Smith with the unrealistic idea of asking him to apologize.

She was really whimsical, not only didn’t she let Sean Smith agree, but also be humiliated by him.

Amber White gave a slight breath.

Forget it, she misunderstood Sean Smith before, so being scolded by him would not let her lose anything.

This thing, Mrs. Yue’s attitude was very firm, Sean Smith was also very determined, Amber White hesitated again and again, decided to send Cindy White to school on Monday. She decided to find Cindy White’s teacher to see if she can find a breakthrough.


Time flies very quickly. On Monday morning, Amber White got up and looked in the mirror and found that the finger marks on her face had not disappeared. Amber White wiped the powder and covered it before she called Cindy White to get up.

After breakfast, Amber White called the company for a day off and drove Cindy White to school.

When Amber White arrived at Jin Yangguang, it was still early. There were not many people at the entrance of the kindergarten. She took Cindy White’s small bag with one hand and took her daughter to the kindergarten with one hand.

But when they arrived at the door, they were stopped by the security guards in the kindergarten.

“Cindy White has been dropped out. The principal has already given notice on Friday. Go back.”

There was not much shock on Amber White’s face. The principal was Mrs. Yue’s cousin. It would be normal for him to help Mrs. Yue, but Amber White had already taken the time off today to coordinate this matter.

“Can you let us go ahead, I want to see the principal…”

“No, it’s no use to see it. I have already told my cousin. Even if you kneel down and ask for me, we will not let this little hybrid hurt my son and enter this school again!”

A shrill cry came from behind Amber White. Amber White turned and saw Mrs. Yue standing behind her and Mr. Yue holding Xiao Pang.

Xiao Pang, whose leg was in a plaster cast, was held by Mr. Yue.Although his leg was hurt, he was very quiet.

Amber White saw him like this, and did not care what Mrs. Yue said, but at this time, Cindy White had already opened Amber White’s hand and ran to Xiao Pang: “Xiao Pang, have you come to school yet… ”

Without Cindy White got close to Xiao Pang, she was stopped by Mrs. Yue. She even reached out and pushed Cindy White. “Small bastard, stay away from my son, get out!”

If it weren’t for Amber White’s movements, Cindy White must have fallen to the ground.

Amber White was holding Cindy. She was not happy. She looked at Mrs. Yue’s eyes.

Amber White stayed in the Smith Group for a long time and she was the director of the design department.She still had her ability.

Mrs. Yue was stared by Amber White, and she felt cold, but when she thought of the news she saw before the morning, she couldn’t help but stand up again and screamed: “Oh, you still stare at me? What, Your daughter broke my son, and you want to break me? What the hell are you? What if you were Sean Smith’s wife? Aren’t you still badly beaten at home?”

Amber White frowned. Although she married Sean Smith, they had been separated for three years, and Sean Smith had a bad temper, but one thing was that he wouldn’t beat women.

There was no idea in her heart. Mrs. Yue looked at her and sneered a little and slammed the things in her hands to Amber White. “The palm print on your face didn’t go down.You dare to sue me. I had Read the papers.A guy who get beaten up at home, you really think Sean Smith is going to be in charge of you and your daughter?”

Amber White reached out and caught the slipping thing. The paper stuff was pinched in the palm of her hand. When the woman looked down, she found out that it was a newspaper.

She quickly passed a bad hunch in her heart, and ignored Mrs. Yue’s words, and took a look at the newspaper.

The president of Smith Group, Sean Smith’s hobby came to light by abusing his wife late at night!

The newspaper was divided into several sections, but the newspaper that Amber White opened had no original pattern. The whole page was all this news. The words in the newspaper were fierce, and there were many pictures on it.

At the door of the suburban hospital, Sean Smith threw money at her face with a gloomy face. At the same location, Sean Smith holding an injured woman showed up at the hospital .Even a picture when Amber White and Sean Smith emerged from Hai Wan Xiang Xie on Saturday morning after a fight.

The finger marks on Amber White’s face were obvious, along with a wounded Cindy White, which was a good illustration.

Though the man’s face was not very clear, as long as they had seen Sean Smith, it was not difficult to recognize.

The contents of the newspaper were even more evidence-based, and even the oral narration of the hospital doctors was clearly written.

The newspaper said that Sean Smith didn’t give Amber White a meal for a long time. When hanging the nutrient solution, Sean Smith couldn’t control his animal desire and took Amber White out.

Even with the hospital’s diagnosis certificate, the newspaper also explained that Cindy White’s injury was disputed with the classmates at school, but this explanation was even worse. It was equivalent to confirming that Sean Smith abused his wife.

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