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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 77: Mom, you’ve been lying to me

Amber White was shocked and anxious. In fact, no one knew more about the matter than her. That night, Sean Smith not only did not hit her, but if it wasn’t him, maybe she had been killed by the driver in the mountains.

The bad news would definitely had a huge impact on the stock price of Smith Group. Her hands which grabbed the newspaper unconsciously hanged down. Mrs. Yue saw her look and sneered and dismissively said: “Even though your daughter is not a bastard, but now what is the difference? Now it happens such things, I will not believe that Sean Smith has time to care about you and your daughter. Today, I must punish your daughter!”

After that, Mrs. Yue screamed at the security guard at the door and said, “Don’t let them come in. Gold Sunshine Kindergarten does not accept such misbehaving children!”

After Mrs. Yue said, she took Mr. Yue’s hand and went to the school. Since the man who appeared in the police station on Friday was really Sean Smith, and it proved that the check was true. Amber White couldn’t take out money.

Anyway, Sean Smith did not care about Amber Smith. She would do something to make herself happy.

Of course, Amber White did not care about what Mrs. Yue’s thought. She subconsciously wanted to call the company and let the public relations department clarify.

Amber White turned over in the bag, but didn’t find the phone.

Amber White remembered that when she went out this morning and she squatted in the porch position and put shoes on Cindy White, so she put the phone on the shoe rack.

Amber White’s five fingers were inserted into the hair roots, pinching the pain brain because of this matter. When she looked down, she saw Cindy White staring straight at the newspaper she was holding.

Her eyes were covered with tears, her mouth groaned, and she seemed try her best to hold back her emotions. Seeing Amber White looked over, Cindy White licked her l**s, her voice was bitter, and she was sobbing. “Mom, did dad hit you?”

Cindy White’s tears twirled in the eyes and finally they still fell. It was clear that Cindy White could not accept the truth.

The wound on her head was getting better, but the black-green around the wound was deeper and it made Cindy White looked even more pitiful.

She cried and it made Amber White feel uncomfortable, so Amber White knelt down and sighed softly: “No, Cindy, didn’t I tell you th at the things in the newspaper are written to deceive, and your dad never hits woman. Of course, he won’t hit me!”

Cindy White shook her head, and cried more fiercely: “But you were brought back to the big house by dad that night. After you came back, you were hurt… …”

Cindy White cried, and her tears liked a flood, kept falling: “Mom, you have been cheating me all the time, isn’t it? Dad doesn’t like you at all, and doesn’t like me, either.”

Amber White’s body was fiercely tightened.

In the past three years, she had been telling Cindy White that Sean Smith loved them. She wanted to give Cindy White a carefree childhood. She hoped that Cindy White’s childhood was perfect and did not leave regret.


This thing, she always failed.

Amber White was sad and almost cried out with Cindy White. She resisted and shook her head.

Said: “No, how can I deceive you? Cindy, do you still want to believe in these things,and let mother and father feel sad?”

The thin love of Sean Smith came too fast, but he had forgotten too fast, but at least it used to exist.

She didn’t deceive Cindy, and at most it was a little self-deception.

But this time, no matter how truly Amber White pretend, Cindy White still did not believe.

She cried so sadly and her small hands clung to Amber White’s clothes and cried and grievances: “Didn’t you teach me an idiom that there must be a reason when something happens? Many children in the school say… I am a bastard. In the toilet, I heard… the teacher also talked about it.”

She paused for a while and wiped her tears with her sleeves.

Amber White was so sad, and the pain made her want to cry, and she couldn’t say anything, even the limbs were soft and weak.

Cindy White sniffed and said: “Dad doesn’t like me at all. Dad also said that I am a bastard.”

This sentence was the last straw to crush Amber White defense. Amber White cried with Cindy White uncontrollably. She reached out and took Cindy White into her arms. She was sincere: “Cindy, you believe me. You are sweetie of mom and dad. I didn’t lie to you!”

Amber White only thought about how to appease Cindy White. She did not see that Mrs. Yue and Mr. Yue had already finished sending Xiaopang to school and came out from the school.

Seeing that Amber White had not left with Cindy White, Mrs. Yue snorted and took the phone and directly called the largest entertainment newspaper in Tong City. She said: “Reporter, Sean Smith’s wife, Amber White, is now at the entrance of Golden Sunshine Kindergarten,Chongyang Road. If you want a big news, hurry up, or she will leave soon!”

When Mrs. Yue finished speaking, she cut off the phone.

Called all the reporters in Tong City, and it was enough to let Amber White be in trouble. She dares to hit her baby son. This time she must give Amber White a lesson!

After Mrs. Yue finished the call for less than three minutes, a media rushed over. At this time, Amber White had just appeased Cindy White. She just stood up straight and there was a microphone in front of her: “Mr. Smith, may I ask you? Is it true that your husband abuses you?”

Amber White was stunned, a reporter? How can there be a reporter at the entrance of the kindergarten?

Smith Group had a film industry module, so Amber White naturally knew that she couldn’t answer the reporters’ questions. She subconsciously held Cindy White to leave. Just as soon as she moved, the kindergarten door suddenly stopped a few cars.

“Amber White! Amber White is there!”

After Mrs. Yue informed the first media, the rest of the newspapers received news one after another, and came quickly.

Those cars were parked at the gates of the kindergarten at random, and this time was the peak period for sending children to school. Many parents and children were unknown, so they were stuck in the entrance of the kindergarten.

The reporter blocked her up like a bee.

Smith Group was a big company that had touched countless lives and deaths. Its boss, Sean Smith, often had rumors with stars, and models. The popularity was comparable to the second-line stars in the circle!

Sean Smith was originally a public figure, and his message of wife a***e was a great news.

If they can get the first-hand news, they could make so much money.

Therefore, the major media were rushing forward, even if they were not close to Amber White. There were countless questions.

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