Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 78: Stampede events

“Mr. White, Sean Smith’s abuse of his wife is exposed. According to insiders, your marriage relationship has always been detached. Do you intend to divorce Sean Smith?”

“Mrs.Smith, how can you endure Sean Smith’s three years of abuse and insist on not divorcing?”

Amber White was overwhelmed and there were more and more people. She subconsciously took Cindy White’s hand, if it wasn’t changed, this would definitely lead to some bad things.

As soon as this idea appeared, Amber White’s body was pushed by the crowd, With a pair of high heels, Amber White stumbled when she was unprepared, and there was a sharp pain rose from her ankle!


Cindy White screamed, Amber White subconsciously looked in the direction of Cindy White, they two were a step away, Cindy White was safer, but in her place, there were several people had fallen to the ground here.

When Cindy White just finished, she took a small step: “Mom, mom, are you okay?”

“Don’t move, Cindy, you stand there…ah!”

Amber White was frightened and wanted to stop Cindy White, but her fingers hurt, Amber White’s five fingers were crushed by a foot in black sneakers.

A sharp, stinging pain rose from her finger to her heart. The pain was so intense that Amber White almost lost her voice.

And Amber White stopped Cindy too late, Cindy White had run towards Amber White, and with the advantage of height, Cindy White arrived at Amber White in three or two steps.

The little guy pushed the man who stepped on Amber White’s hand: “Uncle, you stepped on my mother! Go away!”

Her voice was soft and drowned in the crowd, Amber White was in fear, no!

It couldn’t be like that!

Amber White was holding her body and wanted to pull her fingers out. The person upon her asked “Amber White? Where is Amber White?” The voice was getting more and more.

The number of people was gradually increasing. Amber White was almost ready to stand up, but she was hit by someone else, and even Cindy was kicked to the ground.

Cindy burst into tears at once, and Amber White was scared and almost crying.

“Don’t squeeze, everyone don’t squeeze!”

Amber White shouted and reached for Cindy White. The wrist was stepped on by a high heel. Amber White only felt pain, but she bit her teeth and continued to reach out, finally holding Cindy White into her arms.

“Mom, Cindy was afraid… Cindy was in pain.”

Amber White put Cindy White under her body, it was so messy here and she didn’t have time to respond to Cindy White, only carefully protecting her. The heavy footsteps stepped on Amber White‘s body from time to time.

The pain came from all directions,causing Amber White’s eyes fill with tears.

She tried to escape, but she was surrounded by people, her body was covered in wounds, and a strong feeling of suffocation filled Amber White’s heart.

For a moment, Amber White became more and more scared, and her heart slowly began to accept her life. She might have died here.

When Lu Yi got out of the car, he only saw crowds. The weather was very hot,because there are so many people that they emited a strong smell. At a glance, he saw several people who had been trampled on by reporters.

He took a loudspeaker from the car, opened it and shouted: “Stop, police! Stop! Stand still!”

The crowd was silent for a second, and as soon as they turned back, they saw the policemen running over. The headed policeman took the megaphone in Lu Yi’s hand and shouted: “Everybody stay where you are. Watch your step! Help the wounded up when you see them! The ambulance will be here soon!”

Lu Yi directly aqueezed into the middle of the crowd: “Amber White!? Amber White?”

“Lu Yi…”

Amber White had no strength at all. She felt dizzy. As soon as Lu Yi approached, someone left him room!

Lu Yi’s eyelids jumped. He couldn’t see the original look of Amber White. Her white arms had an incomplete black sports shoe print.

“Where is Cindy?”

He crouched down, Amber White fell to the side, Cindy White’s crying face was bare in the air, Lu Yi subconsciously took Cindy White from the ground, and the other hand picked Amber White off the ground.

He looked around with a sullen look and his eyes were inexplicably cloudy.

“Are you ok?”

Amber White’s face was pale, and there was countless cold sweat on her back. The fear was still there. She felt both fearful and lucky, and the two emotions were intertwined, causing Amber White stutter.

“No, nothing…”

“I send you to the hospital, go, get on the car!”


The top floor of the Smith Group, the president’s office.

Sean Smith’s gaze looked at the newspaper in front of him. His eyes were so deep that he could almost penetrate the newspaper and tear the man who listed the manuscript into pieces!

“Fuck! I’m abusing my wife? What’s the matter?”

“I already knew that there was nothing good to be with the sly woman!”

Sean Smith tore up the newspaper in his hand. His eyes were dark and the pupils were black, as if the next second would ooze ink.

The man threw the pieces in his hand into the air, and the paper fell from the air like snowflake.

Sean Smith picked up the phone on the table, found Amber White’s mobile phone number, and did not hesitate to call her. But the phone had been hanged up automatically, no one answered.

Amber White! Did she dare not answer his phone after seeing the news this morning and was she afraid of his wrath?

She was smart, but could she escape without answering the phone?

Sean Smith laughed silently, with some irony. The man’s fingertips buckled on the table, then reached for the phone on the table, and called Xu Lin. The tone was very familiar: “Call Amber White to come to my office!”

After he finished, he hung up the phone directly.

Xu Lin paused. Many people in the company read the morning newspaper. Xu Lin was no exception. Now he heard Sean Smith call Amber White, and he raised a sympathy for Amber White.

For a long while, the door of the president’s office rang, and Sean Smith slowly said: “Come in.”

The office door was pushed open, and Xu Lin came in. He kept a distance of about three meters from Sean Smith’s desk. His voice was low: “President Smith, Director White took a day off today… she is not in the company.”

Sean Smith’s expression changed instantly, the tone was cold, and there was no temperature when it was said: “Ask for leave? Who approved it? Every department will hold a weekly summary meeting on Monday. The head of Marketing department is absent. Amber White think Smith Group is her family? !”

The man’s anger raised from heart, even if he himself was rarely absent from the work of each day.Every time he looked for Amber White, he couldn’t find her!

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