Please go away, Mr. smith – Chapter 8 Be obedient if you want to save your reputation

“Ah…..”Tang Tian screamed, “Amber White, you bitch dare to take off my clothes. I won’t let you go this lifetime!”
Sean’s eyebrows twisted. When the dress of Tang Tian was taken off, he turned his head away subconsciously.
He pressed his eyes with his fingers. It had been a stalemate as the things happened. He really wanted to know how could she act and deal with it.
It was not enough to take off Tang Tian’s clothes.
Her voice was sharp and a sense of impatience raised from Sean’s heart. Amber pulled Tang Tian and pressed her on the chair in front of the mirror. Tang Tian couldn’t struggle off because she used a lot of her power. Through the mirror, she could saw her indifferent face.
“Tang Tian, if you don’t want to lose you reputation today, be quiet now!”
Tang Tian wanted to struggle again, but her assistant came to press her and advise her, “Be quiet, my miss, nobody can save you in this condition expect Director White!”
Tang Tian paused. It was obvious that she was still annoyed. Amber pulled her lips. People in this circle who couldn’t judge the situation had already been replaced!
She stopped struggling. Then Amber took out the Tattoo pen and chose a position to draw a shape ofplum blossom.
“Press her and it will be a little pain. Don’t let her move.”
When Amber said it would be pain, Tang Tian was a little scared. So she softened the tone to Amber, “Amber, you can’t revenge for me by this matter!”
Amber ignored her and acted directly.
After half an hour, a plum blossom appeared on Tang Tian’s back. During this time, Tang Tian cried wildly.
When it ended, Amber told to Tang Tian’s assistant, “Prepare the media session.”
It was about the reputation of Tang Tian, she dared not to ignore it. “Yes, I will go now. Miss White.”
After the assistant left, Sean turned his eyes to Tang Tian. Her dress hadn’t been zipped, so he could see directly that there was a vivid plum blossom on her naked back.
Sean squeezed his eyes and a hint of coldness flashed in his eyes.
Amber White was really good!She could come up such a way to cope with the problem in a short time. She really reacted quickly. It was no wonder that she could get the position of Director in Smith Company with only three years.
He licked his dry lips lightly. However, although he knew Amber’s real nature, it was the first time to see her ability.
Not only in Tong city, but also in the whole country, there was few women could make a plum blossom on Tang Tian’s back which was like a work made years ago in half an hour.
Moreover, in this half an hour, Tang Tian was crying and struggling all the time.
Amber White’s means were so inscrutable that Man Man and Tang Tian couldn’t beat her.
If the things developed as her planned, it would be solved by Amber. However, Sean became more disgusting about Amber for her dealing method.
It was not difficult for Tang Tian’s assistant to call on some reporters and hold a news conference.moreover, there was a breaking news today, the reporters all waiting outside to block Tang Tian.
Before Amber and Tang Tian came to the stage, Tang Tian asked to fill a makeup for her.
Amber said coldly, “ It’s not necessary to make up. It would be more realistic you look now.”
Tang Tian’s makeup had been
massed up by her tears and her eyes were red. But she hated Amber so much now. This old woman stole her show since they face the media.and now, her makeup was massed up, damn it to be overshadowed by her again!
Tang Tian was so angry that her face turned to pale, but she had no idea but followed Amber to the stage.The magnesium lights were flashing wildly. Amber ordered to show the pictures again about Tang Tian.
The men were all different. There were three men in the pictures but only one woman, it was Tang Tian.
Her back was clear and could see that it was smooth as jade.
After showing them, a reporter said, “They were not PS pictures. According to the information we knew, Miss Tang was the actor of Smith company and the Luo Shen Bay was the project of Mrs Smith. May I ask you that if there is any relationship between these?”
“ Is the business model self-producing and self-marketing of Smith Group?”
Amber smiled after hearing his words as if she was pleased by the question. The reporter was so confused and asked her why did she laugh.
“Actually, three years ago, Tian Tian hurt herself for save me.”
Amber raised her head suddenly and the black eyes directly faced the camera lens. “Very serious injury and left a scar. I am so sorry to her.”
“Hum! Does Smith Group want to use the love card? Just because that she saved Mrs Smith and then you subsidized her generously? And even give your husband to her?!”
“Yes! Tang Tian had such a messy personal life. So I guess the gossip two days ago is true. Tang Tian and Sean Smith must have relationship!”
“It’s true! Tang Tian is more good at being a mistress!”
“Mrs Smith! It’s said that Mrs Smith seduced Mr Smith years ago. Otherwise, Smith Family wouldn’t marry a Madam whose family had bankrupted according to Smith’s reputation. Everyone knew the bad reputation of Amber White that year!”
Amber only said a sentence, the reporters began to ask one by one.
“I thought that you may misunderstand something.” Amber straightened up her body, still hanging a smile on her face, which was cold enough to make people afraid, “Every word I say here is concerned about Tang Tian’s reputation. So I won’t tell anything nonsense. You are all influential people in the media. So don’t talk nonsense and let me look down on you.”
The whole conference became quiet after she said these.
“What do you mean to mention the things three years ago, Mrs Smith?” A calm reporter asked.
“What I want to say is that Tian Tian has a scar on her back for saving me. In order to cover that scar, her groups did some emergency plans, so……” Amber paused and looked sideways to the big screen, “So the people in the pictures is not Tian Tian. Tian Tian has a plum blossom shape tattoo on her back. Come on Tian Tian, show them it!”
Before coming to the stage, Tang Tian had changed a backless dress and covered a scarf on her back. After hearing Amber’s words, she took off the scarf obediently.
The plum blossom showed in the public and made her back smoother and whiter.
“Gosh! It is really a tattoo on her back!”
“Yes, the legs and arms are the same as the pictures., but it is indeed a little different from the pictures.”
“ Could it have just been tattooed?”
“Yes! It must been tattooed just now!”
The media in Tong City was always sharp.

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