Please Go Away, Mr Smith! -Chapter 80: You have so many Dads!

She’s a shameless woman. When she was very close to others, she didn’t care about the occasion. There were so many people passing by in the hospital!

She had a label of Mrs. Smith, and now there was the news that he abuses his wife. The whole world was insulting him. Amber had become the object of sympathy for the whole people, and she even didn’t want to cover up her style of living!

Oh shit!

This dead woman really made him mad!

Sean felt that he had just worried about Amber, and his brain must have been kicked. The bodyguard of Mrs. Smith were so many. What can he do?

The man turned angrily and walked towards the road.

He had a wide shoulder and a narrow waist. A pair of straight long legs were wrapped in trousers. There was a slight radiance between the steps, and he walked to the stairs within two or three steps.

Just after a step, the man’s pace stopped, and Sean buckled on the stair railing with one hand and raised his hand and patted it vigorously.

There’s something wrong!

Why did he leave?

It’s not him who sneaked behind her back. It’s not him who did things that make himself feel guilty!

Even if he just went directly to Amber, he was also reasonable!

The man reached out and touched his chin, his tongue tipped against the corner of his lips, and a few ambiguous meaning in his eyelids were unclear.

Moreover, why should he be angry, it would look like that Amber was very important, if Amber knew it, he did not know what would she imagine!

After all, Amber dared to let him go back and apologize to the parents of bastard’s classmate.

The man’s lip was cold, and suddenly turned around. If he gad left, wasn’t he creating a chance for Amber and her good cousin?

The damn woman drove off his Manman. Why did she occupy the position of Mrs. Smith and be happy outside? !

Since he can’t be better, Amber didn’t want to be better too!

Sean thought about that, turning back, the pace was even bigger than when he came.

He just walked out of the stairwell of the safe exit, and had not yet reached the public’s field of vision. Cindy saw Sean in the distance.


She called in a low voice. Both Amber and Lu Yi thought that Cindy was talking to Lu Yi. Lu Yi leaned down and knelt beside Cindy, he was whispering: “Cindy, what did you say?”

“It’s my daddy!” Cindy cheered and broke away from Lu Yi’s hand and flew toward Sean who was approaching.

She pulled Sean’s sleeves, shouting and screaming proudly, “Daddy, are you looking for Cindy and Mommy?”

Sean moved his hand and wanted to get rid of her hands. Her fingers were tight. The man’s strength was not great and he couldn’t get hand back.

Sean snorted, and the corners of the lips were involuntarily brought out with a bit of ridicule: “You have so many dads!”

It’s probably that Amber herself can’t understand who the father of this bastard was, and maybe she once forced others to be this bastard’s father!

He may not be the only victim!

When Amber heard Cindy was calling Daddy, she thought that Cindy was frightened. She didn’t expect that she would walk close to Sean who came over the next second.

Sean can come to the hospital, Amber was very unexpected, in the summer, Mr. Smith can not always have a fever and come here see a doctor?

Amber was about to touch, she heard Sean’s words, the smile on the woman’s face just stagnate together, her fingertips moved, involving her injured finger, the pain of the bones was uploaded from the fingers, and Amber’s eyes narrow because of this pain.

She couldn’t care about herself and went up two steps and stretched her hand to pull Cindy. She whispered and said: “Mr. Smith, Cindy is just a child. Aren’t you think that you are too excessive?”

Sean picked up the mouth. Was he wrong?

She called Lu Yi Daddy, and he was not a deaf. Even if she didn’t know who the bastard’s father was, she shouldn’t be able to make the world’s men to be bastard’s daddy. Amber White was a really good woman!

After calling him daddy, she also called Lu Yi!


His gaze fell on the face of Amber. After a long while, he turned to Lu Yi’s face. The tone was extraordinarily ridiculed: “Why, am I wrong?”

“And, for Director White and Director Lu, you two occupy the working hours. In the hospital, and you are enjoying your dating. It is quite emotional.”

Lu Yi and Amber looked at each other. The former bite his lips and whispered: “Sean, you misunderstood us. The relationship between me and Amber is the friend except for my colleagues.”

“In addition, Amber experienced a stampede incident at the entrance of the Golden Sunshine Kindergarten. She was shocked and injured. I sent her to the hospital. If I met someone else, I wouldn’t leave directly too.”

It’s better for Lu Yi did not explain it. For an explanation, Sean felt that it was unclear between the two people!

He couldn’t help but looked at Lu Yi, and his eyes were deep and dark, with a sigh of coldness.

“Did Director Lu take time off? The personnel system of the Smith group is not a display. Because of your habitual absenteeism today, I can fire you!”

“I am not an unreasonable person. There are more people who have been wronged in this society. If Director Lu want to help everyone, is the position of the director of the public relations department of the Smith group preventing you to pay attention to people’s livelihood?” ”

Lu Yi stunned.

Amber didn’t know which sentence made Sean unhappy, but Lu Yi was the savior of her and Cindy. Amber couldn’t sit idly by. She reached out and hugged Cindy and whispered: “Mr. Smith, Director Lu was to save me before, so he would leave the company. What kind of punishment system is approved by the company? I am willing to bear it. Please don’t make him embarrassed!”

Make him embarrassed?

It’s great to use these words!

From the time he appeared to the present, he said a few words in total, and he was attacked back by Amber.

He wondered, it can be understood that Amber protected the bastard, after all, she was the daughter of Amber, but Lu Yi, he became Cindy’s father, and was protected by Amber that damn woman!

He, Sean Smith, became her enemy who had been fought by Amber White for several generations!

It seemed that he owed Amber White and Lu Yi!

Sean compressed his thin lips, and looked at Amber White coldly.

Amber shrank her neck, she did not feel that she was wrong, Sean refused to apologize, she understood!

But when she went out in the morning, she didn’t see the news. She went to the kindergarten to send Cindy. Lu Yi saved them. There was nothing wrong with it. Now, Sean wanted to use this thing to punish Lu Yi. She can’t just look at it happened!

The attitude of Amber made Sean angry, and the man sneered out again and again, and the atmosphere between the two was instantly arrogant.

Cindy pulled the collar of Sean and asked: “Daddy, do you want to punish Dad Lu? He has saved me many times, he is a good person, Daddy, can you forgive him once?”

“Just once, okay?”

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